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  1. Absolutely, one of my favourite records from that period! Edit - always reassuring/worrying how quickly I can lay my hands on particular records in my collection!
  2. Dr Slotter

    UK Garage

    EZ's Nuvolve Radio episode via Resident Advisor https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/72918
  3. Dr Slotter

    UK Garage

    Zinc is live on Twitch at the moment: https://www.twitch.tv/dj_zinc?fbclid=IwAR02TKv0dg1njfeFh5JhmwaCb3PmASCbeGtd4EGNWkftWA38xgQ0ZpOQA9U Gratuitous video from when I last saw him, nice bloke too! https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gcpxd8q8rd3357/IMG_0451.m4v?raw=1
  4. My two favourite stats for today: 1) If Philander finishes this test with figures of 0-24 , his test career will be 222 wickets @ 22.22. 2)
  5. Good thing I didn't specify which Monday... https://www.dropbox.com/s/o4ox34gxp62zssf/Club Nintendo Vol 1 - Issue 3.pdf?dl=0
  6. Righto, cheers. Will post a link when I've done it (probably Monday).
  7. During the clear out that led me to find those AU scans, I also have found one of the issues of Club Nintendo that I think is missing from those done by @Lorfarius and hosted by @deKay. I'll get it scanned, it's in 'well thumbed' condition though! @Lorfarius what settings etc. did you typically use?
  8. Discovered this archive of Acorn User earlier this week http://8bs.com/aumags.htm
  9. I reckon Race Car Engineering has enough subscribers from within the industry, plus from loads of engineering students because of the Formula Student coverage, to keep going. AFAIK it has pretty decent distribution in the main overseas motorsport markets (USA, Japan, Australia etc.) too I guess the sales to enthusiasts make it even more viable. Certainly most motorsport offices I go into for work have RCE and Motorsport Magazine knocking around, and occasionally Autosport. I've not read Autosport for years and mostly used to get it for the 'news' aspect which now can be sourced from multiple sources, if my case following the teams, circuits, series promoters of the racing I'm interested in. I still subscribe to Motorsport Magazine, because I enjoying the longform writing, along with RCE and also for ultra-nerd purposes Race Engine Technology.
  10. @mexos - that looks great! I've done Paddock Club on a Friday practice before (in 2015 as a guest of Lotus F1) but none of the other stuff you did with Merc. I have done the heli into the circuit thing though before, many years ago. Funnily enough, the wallpaper that loaded when I turned my work PC on this morning was a photo I took that day;
  11. Ultimately a budget thing, and the regulations define how many sets of tyres each car can have. There are also other regulations about how many different specifications of tyre to be used and which subset of tyres from the batch supplied by the manufacturer(s) are selected by the officials to be used on which car (to prevent collusion of tyre manufacturer and team).
  12. I outsourced quite a lot of it to some youngsters! Fortunately, a few of said youngsters are pretty handy (SuperOne etc.) to offset the less experienced youngsters and the experienced but old fat lads (i.e. me!) to mean we were not not last. Still struggled to put our two year old in her cotbed just now with achy muscles. Some of the more slimline members of the team have some impressive bruises etc., I'll take that in exchange for being 3-4 seconds a lap slower! Here's some random footage I found on YT from a previous version of the event to give you a flavour.
  13. Not the Nurburgring, but I'm currently doing the end of season British Universities 24hr kart race. Survived my first stint but I'm much slower than all these 20 year olds who have 25kg and 20 years less then me!
  14. Sorry, I particularly meant in IMSA. Outside of IMSA the quality of the AM drivers is much better (as you infer about a Sunday drive!).
  15. This is because the GTLM cars have two Pro drivers whereas the LMP2 cars are Pro/Am. The quickest laps of the Pro drivers in the LMP2 cars are significantly quicker than the Pro drivers in GTLM but the overall distance covered by them is usually less because of the Am drivers. It exists as a separate class in IMSA because of the IMSA/ACO politics!
  16. Dr Slotter


    Perhaps because it is a Acura NSX in the US (and China) rather than Honda? Slightly odd as you suggest.
  17. In case this isn't obvious, this means they are a supplier rather a sponsor. AIUI they share machining data and DMG use the Red Bull factory as a kind of showroom/physical case study in return for discounted hardware, higher level of engagement with the DMG engineers etc. (I assume, because my employer has similar deals).
  18. Many of the Indian players on the plane already here.
  19. Dr Slotter


    Just spotted/remembered we have an IndyCar thread, and I went to the 500 this year, so I thought I'd cross-post something I wrote on Pistonheads in the equivalent thread over there: And then someone asked for a write up:
  20. Spend the money doing some track days or similar. The only point of doing an ARDS course is to get the bit of paper. There is no value in doing it for 'fun'.
  21. Initial technical analysis of the new cars (scroll down and click on the tabs)
  22. Had the Bryon Holy Cheesemas a couple of weeks ago, was very cheesy!
  23. Thanks for this suggestion, went on Sunday and thought it was very good.
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