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  1. How spoilery is it? Trying to resist watching it. Do they say if it's a starting area they are showing or anything like that? Is it snippets or full uninterrupted gameplay?
  2. Ah thanks. Is that forever or just that particular match? Will be a big help when the kids wanna play.
  3. Destruction Allstars seems like fun, but the decision to have voice chat on by default and no way to globally switch it off is completely bewildering.
  4. Just bought this and wanted to play it in 'mirror' mode as I've played the original to death. It looks as though you have to pay souls to unlock it? Is there an easy way to get to it without playing much of the base game?
  5. Finally beat the final boss. Ending was lovely. I was getting frustrated so I took some time to think about how I was going to beat it and take out some of the random aspects. In the end I planned it like this - 1) Deflect is a must for me, so I made sure the Athena boon was the first and got it on my dash. 2) I wanted to be able to 'select' some boons, so I levelled up the 'replace' trait to the maximum. 3) Picked the bow and first hammer upgrade made it autofire 4) My preferred boons tended to be defensive (chill, weak etc) so figured I needed to do more damage. First boon choice I swapped for doom damage on the arrows 5) Ignored cast and special and piled everything into damage output on the arrows - doom, critical etc 6) Final problem was how to avoid the beams of a certain final boss. Decided to get a god gauge skill to become invincible. Went for Ares blade and auto fill god gauge. 7) Was pretty much standing back and shooting everything with arrows. Didn't put anything into cast. Always chose the Pomegranate option 8) Only slight problem was third boss where I didn't have anything to just chuck into the middle. So I ran round the edge filling my god gauge. Took ages but was never in doubt. 9) Did final boss using arrow and blade rift. Had 2 death defiances left once done. So yeah I did it. What a game. Not sure I have the willpower to keep going but enjoyed everything about it. Hope it wins GOTY.
  6. Finally made it to stage 4! Ended up putting all my boons into the fists uppercut - something I wouldn't normally use. Was doing +700 damage with a single punch. I normally spread out the upgrades across the Y, X, Cast etc, but makes me wonder if it's viable to plough everything into one Mega-attack. Hades is a very good video game.
  7. Game have also just sent me a special 'next gen discount code. For current gen games.
  8. Game still haven't taken my payment. Don't know if this means anything but starting to get a little nervous.
  9. Yeah I did it as a guest. Just got the email so looks like it has gone through Maybe more stock is available today at is was only 10 mins or so of refreshing.
  10. It just appeared to work for me. Had the dual sense charging station bundle in my basket. Took about 10 mins of going back and retrying to pay before it went through. Have got an email from Paypal but not Game yet, so fingers crossed.
  11. I just watched it with the kids and it was fine. Very similar tone to the first season, can't think of anything specific that might upset them.
  12. So I now have an email from Klana confirming my direct debit, and a second one saying my application has been declined. What a mess.
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