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  1. Just watched this thanks to this thread. Honestly can't remember the last time I enjoyed a film so much. It's amazing.

  2. 1 hour ago, Vorgot said:

    Nope. Unless you make that the primary Switch. You can only share games on the primary switch. She can have her pwn profile, but will only have access to games she has bought, or free to play games she downloads. Making her switch the primary one means anyone else who currently plays games on your main switch will lose access.


    Ok that's clear. Presumibly I just create her the account on the Lite in her name and then link it to my master NNID? I assume that won't mess up my game saves on the master Switch?


    It's all a bit confusing. I am half considering just having her log on and repurchasing the handful of digital games she plays 



  3. 20 hours ago, Vorgot said:

    Have you bought all the games on your account? Here's how it works, this is how we have it set up at home.


    The main Switch has my account and my 2 sons accounts as well. We have the online Nintendo Switch Online Family and Expansion pack. That Switch is set as my primary console. All the games are bought on my account. We can all access all the games on that Switch as it is set as the primary.


    I also have a Switch Lite. On this one, only my account can play the games. We put my kids ones on there, no games show up as it's not set as my primary Switch. Also, the Lite has to connect to the internet when you start a game to check if it can be played. If anyone if playing the same game on the primary switch, it won't start.


    So your daughter won't be able to play any of the games you have downloaded and paid for on her new Switch. Free to play stuff like Fortnite should be OK, she just needs to download that on her account on the new Switch.


    It's a pretty rubbish system, the Family thing is only sharing internet access, not actual game purchases.


    My setup sounds the same as yours, So just to clarify, on the 2nd Switch I need to log in as myself as I am the one who purchases all of the digital content on the primary switch? Can my daughter still have her own profile to play games herself?

  4. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.


    Yeah all the games we have bought so far have been on my account on the existing Switch. I haven't opened the new Switch Lite yet, hence why I was wondering what to do.

  5. Apologies for asking a question I'm sure has been asked before. I've been searching for the answer but keep seeing conflicting information.


    My daughter is getting a Switch lite for her birthday. Currently we have one Switch and we all have accounts on it. I have set up a family account where she is added. She has her own Nintendo ID as she plays fortnite etc.


    So what is the best way to set up her Switch to allow her to play the games we have downloaded already? If she sets up her account on the new switch will it just work?



  6. For those who have watched the streams - can you confirm that it goes directly from the start menu to the character creation screen?


    I have a friend coming round on Friday where we will start the game for the first time together. I am sure they won't wanna watch me tinkering around on the character creation screen for hours, but don't wanna create my character if there is any content before it (like DS2 did)


    If this is considered spoilery put your response in spoiler tags  :)



  7. I have the launch edition ordered from Amazon.


    I have seen nothing apart from the original game awards trailer. It's been a real struggle to avoid watching anything else but I reckon I can keep strong until Friday. This might be the most excited I have ever been.

  8. A quick piece of advice if that's ok.


    My son is wanting Save the World for Christmas on PS5. What's the best way to get this? Just buy digital? Is there a physical version? He keeps mentioning some robot(?) pack at the moment which gives you access to Save the World, but don't know if that's permanent or anything.


    Any help is appreciated. The amount of hours we've spent playing fortnite I don't mind spending a bit on Save the World. It seems his primary goal for getting it is to get vbucks!



  9. Finally beat the final boss. Ending was lovely.


    I was getting frustrated so I took some time to think about how I was going to beat it and take out some of the random aspects. In the end I planned it like this -


    1) Deflect is a must for me, so I made sure the Athena boon was the first and got it on my dash.

    2) I wanted to be able to 'select' some boons, so I levelled up the 'replace' trait to the maximum.

    3) Picked the bow and first hammer upgrade made it autofire

    4) My preferred boons tended to be defensive (chill, weak etc) so figured I needed to do more damage. First boon choice I swapped for doom damage on the arrows

    5) Ignored cast and special and piled everything into damage output on the arrows - doom, critical etc

    6) Final problem was how to avoid the beams of a certain final boss. Decided to get a god gauge skill to become invincible. Went for Ares blade and auto fill god gauge.

    7) Was pretty much standing back and shooting everything with arrows. Didn't put anything into cast. Always chose the Pomegranate option

    8) Only slight problem was third boss where I didn't have anything to just chuck into the middle. So I ran round the edge filling my god gauge. Took ages but was never in doubt.

    9) Did final boss using arrow and blade rift. Had 2 death defiances left once done.


    So yeah I did it. What a game. Not sure I have the willpower to keep going but enjoyed everything about it. Hope it wins GOTY.



  10. Finally made it to stage 4!


    Ended up putting all my boons into the fists uppercut - something I wouldn't normally use. Was doing +700 damage with a single punch. I normally spread out the upgrades across the Y, X, Cast etc, but makes me wonder if it's viable to plough everything into one Mega-attack.


    Hades is a very good video game.

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