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  1. My latest comedy mishap.

    I've been working my way through Blighttown. Not sure if enjoyed is the right word for it but an incredible experience all the same - a great sense of scale and hopelessness combined. The swamp especially brought back painful memories of 5-2, and for a while I just stood staring at it - wondering if it had finally got the better of me, if I was in too deep, whether to turn back or not.

    Turned out it wasn't so bad and after a bit of wiki-help I beat the boss first time. (NB I now have no shame in summoning help for the bosses).

    Getting out of Blighttown was much more problematic. The route back up the waterwheel seemed simple enough but it was consistently causing me problems - the blow-dart things, the spider-hitting-me-through-a-wall things,the respawning mosquito things,the falling of ledge things, the things that I didn't even know had killed me things. All night I persisted, losing count of how many deaths I racked up in those three painful hours, before finally making it to the top. I was elated, singing aloud as I ran to what I knew was a lift back to Firelink shrine.

    In my euphoria I ran straight into the lift tower without checking, falling to my death down the lift shaft. :facepalm: I put my controller down on the floor and went to bed in silence.

    Death is the best thing about Dark Souls. People talk about it and instantly equate it to how hard the game supposedly is. It's somewhat of a myth - Dark Souls isn't hard in the traditional sense of the word, but it does require long-forgotten skills that aren't often required in modern day gaming. Patience, dedication, and most importantly self-discipline. The death mechanic is the best trap the game has to offer, tempting you to forgo these skills with a one-shot chance to restore your souls and restore parity, to make sense of the time that you've seemingly just wasted. It lures you back, once-huge areas that you inched through first time now seem more familiar and managable. You forget that your souls are out there because you failed previously. It lures you into a sense of over-confidence, the feeling of needing to breeeze back through the level, but unless much later in the game you can never, ever, just breeze through a level.

    That's when you are at your most vunurable. That's when it will fuck you over the most. That's when you'll fall of a ledge.

    Sen's fotress next.

  2. Tonight's disaster.

    Finally made it through the Depths and defeated the boss at the first attempt. Decided to quickly explore the arena before using the bone to return as I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

    Promptly ran off the ledge at the back of the arena, losing 25k souls. I'm now back at the bonfire and I didn't unlock a shortcut.

    On the bright side I've got Blighttown next. Sounds like it might be a nice.

  3. Tonight's progress -

    Bell Tower boss done (with the help of 2 NPCs) and Capra Demon done, although I feel really cheap. I summoned another player to help who was clearly much better than me. He pretty much finished off the Capra demon single handedly within seconds, only to witness me still slugging it out with a dog in the corner.

    Finished for the night by fleeing from the Depths in terror. Combination of rats, falling down holes, bug eyed things, disorientation, getting cursed, genuine panic that I couldn't find a way out. Never have I been so glad to see the sky in a game. I think that's all I can take until tomorrow

  4. You need to rest at the bonfire for it to trigger as a 'checkpoint'.

    Yeah, I found that out the hard way. After two hours repeating the same section my brain melted with the excitement and relief of finally reaching the bonfire.

    Imagine my reaction when I respawned at the previous one. I think I actually came close to crying.

  5. I have just encountered the Taurus Demon, two hits and I'm dead. Have I taken a wrong turn and encountered him too early? I've yet to see a merchant.

    I found the best way was to run back and climb the first tower as soon as he appears. You can then use the falling attack - a couple of those did the trick.

    There's a merchant further back, From the bonfire head out down the steps and to your left there is an open space with a couple of enemies waiting. You'll find a staircase behind the boxes.

  6. Hmm, I have a decision to make before I get too far in.

    My character is a knight as that's what I used in Demon's Souls, but in this the knight feels much more cumbersome with the starting equipment. Since item burden now only seems to apply to equipped items(?) I've less options to play with - I either find some lighter armour pretty sharpish or try to defeat the next boss with the turning speed of a small planet.

    So do I start again with a new character or continue with my slow moving tank? God this game. When I'm not playing it I'm thinking about it.

  7. Cheers for the advice, reassuring to know that it nudges you in the right direction. Leant that the hard way by heading straight into the underground ruins.

    Just got to the first boss in the Undead Burg so I am comforted to know that I'm on the right track, even though I'm getting mauled every time.

  8. Finished Demon's Souls late last year, and enjoyed it so much I've started this today with very little background reading. So far seems just as good, maybe even a little tougher, some harsh boss encounters very early on. Maybe I'm a bit over confident from the previous game.

    I'd forgotten how enjoyable and terrifying it is to explore an area for the first time. Finding the prospect of open world exploration a bit daunting when compared to the structure of Demon's but hope to get used to it. Framerate feels a bit off at times but it does look stunning.

    It won't be long I'm sure before I'm trawling through this thread and the wiki for help. Is there any route I should be taking as a general guide, or can I pretty much wander anywhere?

  9. Spoilers just in case

    Hmm. That was a little disappointing in all. Pretty much what lordcookie has already said.

    It definitely missed the emotional attachment that the the first season had. Season 1 was all about the victim, and the devastating impact her death had on those around her. You could feel her presence in every scene, the investigation unraveling her life to the point where we at least felt that we knew something about her. It was measured, took its time to build on the characters and delivered momentum when needed.

    Season 2 had no such thing - in fact at times I had to step back and remind myself what exactly it was we were investigating. Very much more a conventional serial killer chase. As for the finale it came across as all a bit muddled, with too many new angles being thrown around at the last minute. The kidnap seemed completely unnecessary and just added to the general confusion. By that point in the show we should have been focusing towards catching a killer, not still being thrown wild red herrings. The killer being a police office never really seems convincing as a twist, and is was disappointing to see the cliched bullet proof vest reveal at the end. Surely an ex-Special Forces agent wouldn't have fallen for that?

    Ultimately the best things about it were Buch succumbing to the political system (very similar to season one), and the character of Raben. With the final few revelations it left him as a morally ambiguous character and provided some thought as to what might happen next with him and his family. Oh and Sarah got to wear a dress which was nice

  10. Er, honestly? You cared? You actually felt like you invested genuine emotion in two made up people in a sitcom, rather than noting the plot devices they represented as part of the humorous whole?

    Tim and Dawn? Like, really honestly?

    Of course people cared. It's that character investment which is often quoted as the reason many people remember The Office (and to a much lesser extent Extras) with such fondness. Life's Too Short so far doesn't seem to have any of it.

    I came in to post what Comrade has basically already said. It's very funny, but it might as well be a sketch show. Characters seems to vary in approach depending on the need to get a joke across. The wedding speech was funny, but at the same time it felt odd that Warwick was so insensitive to the situation, mainly because as a character I know very little about him.

    Still very funny though.

  11. Finished 4-3, 1-3 and 3-3 in one sitting. Difficulty curve seems to have smoothed out, although 5-2 is still giving me grief (esp those giant club wielding things.)

    1-3 was a fantastic level - amazing sense of scale and some real meaty combat, probably my favourite so far.

    Not much more to go now I reckon, feel like putting it on my cv if I ever manage to finish it. Made the mistake of reading the Dark Souls thread and now tempted....

  12. Maneater and Dragon God done!

    Maneater was pretty straightforward once I'd killed the first one before entering the fog. Yeah it's cheap, but in a game like this I'll gladly take anything I can get.

    Thought the odds were slowly tipping in my favour but now getting spammed by respawns on 4-2. Might have a strategic rethink as my slow and steady approach isn't working at all.

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