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  1. Ok, looks like it's me. Well done to everyone who entered. I'll try and get the new comp posted up today.
  2. Some very different entries to last month. Voting seems to get tougher every month - are we collectively improving? Who knows. Some thoughts - johnjwaters - Enjoyed it, but the tense seemed to change at the last minute, which I found a bit jarring. Argh - Considering I'm not really a fan of sci-fi I quite liked this. Interestingly I found the botched teleport and the reaction to it quite comical, which put the rest of the story in a different light. Wonder if this was the intention? Danster - You always manage to capture the human side, it always feels like a real story belonging to real people. Excellent Jolly - What an ending! Horrific yet tragic. Campfire - Lovely in a nasty way. The rewrite seems much better for the short story format, as it focuses more on the core of the tale. Plus the intro links the past to the present nicely, which I think is a key part of it. CrispinG - Lots of talk recently about the Ultra-short story, and this was a perfect example of how to leave a lasting impression with so few words. Narcissus - Brave and well written. Overall I think it worked, had a real integrity to it. Bastion - I'll admit now - I'm a bit of a fan. Your style of writing really sits well with me - intelligent, ambiguous and relevant. This was excellent as always Concrete - well written, but didn't really get it. Wonder if I've missed something. MankeyMan - again well written, and would have liked to have read more. So overall....... I'm giving it to Jolly, for a shocking ending that ultimately gives way to something deeper
  3. With potentially so many people left to vote (including myself), it's far from decided. Voting technically closes at midnight tomorrow, so it's only fair to wait until then.
  4. This month's word is: Lift Rules: 1. One thousand words or less. More barely any. 2. The deadline for posting your stories and poems is the end of the month. 3. The deadline for your votes is the end of the fifth of March. 4. Criticisms are welcome, but please keep it in the nature of the corner. 5. Have a go;you don't have to use the word; it's just a guideline, and we all like eye food. 6. Good luck!
  5. A great month all round. Special mentions to Bastion and Barkbat who came very close, but my vote goes to The Emporer's Foot It wasn't the most obvious choice as I found it a difficult read, especially the first half. I'm not sure if thats a criticism or just a personal preference - it's so very different to my own style of writing. But first and foremost I enjoyed the tale - part Portal, part Poe, part A-Level Physics, and out of all the entries this month, it's the one that stayed with me the most.
  6. Cheers Just read some of the entries - voting is going to be very tough this month.
  7. I really enjoy the corner also. It's been a positive experience for me and I'm glad I finally plucked up the courage to enter, after being a nervous lurker for months. I'm sure my writing is slowly improving because of it. And every month I'm amazed at the high standard. Criticism is always a bit uncomfortable, but I might try and start leaving some feeback. Just not sure I'm any good at it.
  8. Strong month this one. Really enjoyed entries by Campfire and Danster. The imagery Campfire created was fantastic, with some really creative use of language. Lovely stuff. And Danster summed up the feelings of a workplace perfectly. But after lots of thought, my vote goes to Concrete Donkey, purely on the strength of the story.
  9. Something shorter this month due to time constraints.
  10. Wow. Gusty Garden is amazing. First thing I did after getting the first star was to go back and replay it. I can't remember ever doing that before.
  11. Wow. Really strong month. Couple of honorable mentions- Rob Rule - Loved it, and as others have said would like to read more. Not just for the character, but also for the fact that it's written with such style. Danster - At first glance it didn't do much for me, but after reading the explanation, it reveals a certain cleverness to it that I really like. But my vote goes to Campfire_Burning. Strange one this, as I'm not sure I entirely get it. But it's been floating around in my head all day, with a fuzzy sort of warmth, so it must have done something right. Well done to everyone who entered. I enjoyed reading all of them.
  12. Struggled for time this month, so needs an edit. Not sure about the tense either.
  13. Close call, but my vote goes to bastion. Ambiguous, yet somehow strangely powerful.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback, much apprieciated Enjoyed the pieces by campfire and bastion, but my vote goes to Jolly
  15. Long time lurker, nervous first time entrant.
  16. Count me in also. One thing I'm finding as I get less time to play is that I'm craving games to be more linear. Saves me worrying about all those other alternative routes that I'll never have time to explore..
  17. My disappointment wasn't with the quality of the Citadel levels as such, but more that out of all the potential areas to choose from the original (and the possibility of new areas), the Citadel was given such focus in what was a relatively short episode. I think in the original it worked as a final chapter, especially when given the new weapon as reward, but here it felt a little out of context, like I was always itching to get back to the street levels. But agreed, the levels were indeed enjoyable stuff. Glad you liked the review, cheers for the feedback.
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    Long time lurker. How could I resist a thread like this?
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    Resident Evil: Wiimake
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