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  1. I quite liked the early stages, loving the Citadel self destructing, the alien architecture, that desperate run across the walkway with that strong force blowing across it, the core's centre, managing to take out a load of Combine using the Gravity Gun and a metal panel etc...

    My disappointment wasn't with the quality of the Citadel levels as such, but more that out of all the potential areas to choose from the original (and the possibility of new areas), the Citadel was given such focus in what was a relatively short episode. I think in the original it worked as a final chapter, especially when given the new weapon as reward, but here it felt a little out of context, like I was always itching to get back to the street levels.

    But agreed, the levels were indeed enjoyable stuff. Glad you liked the review, cheers for the feedback. :)

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