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  1. I'm liking it. Jodie is fab and it looks fantastic. Only gripe is it does feel a bit simpler than before, but maybe it needs it to bring back the audience. Slightly irritating when the dialog is constantly asking questions which seems to be for the benefit of the audience. But hopefully as we progress the scripts will tighten up. Bradley is proving pretty good also.
  2. Yep, I am also enjoying it more than Odyssey.
  3. This continues to be amazing. Just finished 5-1 which was incredible.
  4. This is amazing. I think the Mario comparison is apt when it comes to the level of polish and charm on show. So many wow moments so far. And just when I thought I'd seen it all, it pulls out an incredible underwater level.
  5. £26 pre-order on Amazon. Sold on that launch trailer - it looks fab.
  6. Yep. They've been the toughest so far.
  7. Dunno if we're still spoilering boss names, but I just beat the WK after a week of trying. Feels pretty good.
  8. Ordered it today, gonna pick it up tomorrow!
  9. Cheers, think at that price I'm gonna go for it.
  10. It's the VR worlds pack so I'm assuming that's V2?
  11. Many places in the UK are currently listing PS VR as £199. Is this a permanent price drop? Any reason for it? Thinking of taking the plunge at some point.
  12. Yeah, the final stretch is lovely. Everything else sounds a bit same old. Video is excellent though.
  13. This is excellent. Just did the Mantis boss. Was almost like a Rhythm Heaven game once I got into the pattern. Had a few Souls type moments where I'm struggling to get out of places whilst carrying loads of cash. This is the first 2D Soulslike that has really captured that feeling. Bit stuck now - struggling to find my way out of an area, only option seems to be a dark route but I haven't bought the lamp. I hope I'm just missing something obvious
  14. This is lovely. Only complaint so far is the map, think it could do with a more flexible zoom level. Or I need a bigger tv.
  15. This looks amazing. Showed my boy the video and of course he's immediately drawn to the robot one. Can't stop talking about it.
  16. That was wonderful. Wonder why only 3 episodes, feels like they had enough new ideas for a full series.
  17. Loved it. A lot happens, kept thinking it must be near the end but it just kept going. Some weird jokes and a strange scene near the beginning that I could have done without, but once it gets going it's pretty spectacular. So many great scenes.
  18. Midnight showing tonight. Currently by the window watching the snow.
  19. I'm not complaining that it's too hard. I'm complaining that it's tedious. With every new section you will inevitably face some deaths, and having to go through the early sections every time is no fun at all.
  20. Hmm. For me difficulty comes from the skill required to complete a section, not from the consequence of failure. As I say, I don't mind having to replay sections, but in a game so well balanced this is the one occasion when it feels the balance is slightly off.
  21. Yeah, to be clear I'm talking about the +500 moons one I'd agree with everyone that the individual sections are challenging and brilliantly designed. I just don't think the experience would be diminished any by having a checkpoint.
  22. I wouldn't mind if it was just that. But a full 8 minutes to get back to a section that potentially is instant death if you get it wrong? Just seems overly harsh to me.
  23. That final level is far too long. It's ridiculous that it doesn't have any checkpoints, esp as some of it is insta death if you fall. I'm getting near the end but replaying those early sections every time is beyond tedious.
  24. Just did the final stage in the city. It's perfect. Just absolutely perfect.
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