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  1. I'm liking it. Jodie is fab and it looks fantastic.


    Only gripe is it does feel a bit simpler than before, but maybe it needs it to bring back the audience. Slightly irritating when the dialog is constantly asking questions which seems to be for the benefit of the audience.


    But hopefully as we progress the scripts will tighten up. Bradley is proving pretty good also.

  2. 1 hour ago, Calashnikov said:

    Third movement in that new track is fucking gorgeous, with visuals to match in the video. Lovely stuff.


    Yeah, the final stretch is lovely. Everything else sounds a bit same old.


    Video is excellent though.

  3. This is excellent. Just did the Mantis boss. Was almost like a Rhythm Heaven game once I got into the pattern.


    Had a few Souls type moments where I'm struggling to get out of places whilst carrying loads of cash. This is the first 2D Soulslike that has really captured that feeling.


    Bit stuck now - struggling to find my way out of an area, only option seems to be a dark route but I haven't bought the lamp. I hope I'm just missing something obvious :(

  4. Loved it. A lot happens, kept thinking it must be near the end but it just kept going.


    Some weird jokes and a strange scene near the beginning that I could have done without, but once it gets going it's pretty spectacular. So many great scenes.

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