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  1. On ‎14‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 15:00, angel said:


    Its entirely your own choice, that's the beauty of it.


    Yeah, I guess I'm wondering if it should be possible to play in purely a linear fashion. For example I'm now on mission 23 (Giant Robots) on Normal, having played through all the Normal levels sequentially, and I'm really struggling. Most of my weapons are in low single digits. So I am doing it wrong and should I be farming for better weapons, or do I just need to get better?


    Still loving it though. Screenshots really don't do it justice.

  2. I should probably elaborate a bit more..


    I've played through up to mission 15 now, and it's really ramped up since the introduction of the mothership things. I love the clean simplicity of it all - I find many current gen games have a rather cluttered look to them where this has a pure arcadey look about it, especially as it's an older game converted into HD. But that isn't to say it isn't impressive - far from it. The scale and number of enemies on screen produces more onscreen spectacle than I have ever seen. And more importantly it's fun....I am grinning all the way through it. I am so used to a rocket launcher being a limited ammo luxury in games but here it causes mayhem. I destroyed a skyscraper that I was convinced was skybox. And it's funny - the dialog, the chanting, the over the top nature of it all. And it keeps ramping up, I just finished a level that felt part Starship Troopers, part Space Harrier. And that's fine with me. People say it's so bad it's good, but judged within the context of what it's trying to achieve, I'd say it's pretty good.


    Apologies for the rambling and excitable nature of this post...It's kinda how I feel whilst playing.


    Oh, and....EDF! EDF! EDF! etc






  3. ..although found a really strange shortcut design. A room with a bonfire in it had a typical door that does not open from this side. ran out the room, ran round the corner and opened the door from the other side. sure I must be missing something here.

  4. I think because we know DLC is coming we tend to bear that in mind before starting NG etc. This wasn't the case with DS1 - I remember purchasing the DLC and then having to play a massive portion of the game again just to be able to access it.

  5. I'm cautiously optimistic.


    I think Nintendo over estimate the demand for playing games outside on the move though, but around the house is ideal for someone like me with a busy family etc.


    It needs to be well pitched. Is it replacing my DS or my home console? or is it both? In which case it will need the specs to back it up and get 3rd parties on board.


    It's intriguing and as a pitch it's a million times more coherent than the WiiU ever was.

  6. Just finished it. Loved it. The final section is incredible. Perfect puzzles in the way that there are only ever a few variables to play with but the solution can still be tricky to work out. Nowhere near as fiddly as Limbo and so tactile. Sound design is wonderful..esp the approach to the final section. So many great moments. Horrific in places, one part in particular I found pretty creepy.


    Ending theories make perfect sense and just add another layer.  GOTY so far for me.

  7. Yeah I just worked it out. You have to get his heath bar down to invoke the close combat phase. It's interesting that if you lose a life his heath bar is refilled. Means you have to fairly beat him within one 'round'.


    Loving it so far but it's pretty brutal. Really struggling with the parry timings so am reliant on dodging the arena attacks. Think I'm also trying to get in a charged attack when there isn't time for it. Each round definitely supports a specific approach. Really satisfying when you get a parry combo though :)

  8. Really struggling to defeat CS as a sorcerer. It's obviously fairly magic resistant and I'm not doing enough damage with melee. Can do the first phase no problem but the second phase is wrecking me.

  9. 4 hours ago, dood said:

    Nope! Move your wand over to offhand, what are you worried about?! (or buy a second wand) 



    It's a problem because I'm still reliant on having a shield in the left...even when casting with the right. Guess I need either two staffs or to get better at dodging 

  10. Really daft question this. I'm using spells for the first time and have just bought the spell that applies magic to my right hand weapon. Problem is I have the staff in the same hand and I tend to alternate between the two.


    Is there any other way to cast the apply magic spell without having to have the staff in my left hand?

  11. I'm struggling on my second playthrough as a sorcerer. Managed to get through US ok but now I'm in RoS/FK and I'm finding the spell casting too slow and my weapon is barely doing any damage.


    Any tips as to what weapon is best for early game sorcerer.  Don't want another strength weapon and I can't find anything that scales with INT right  now. Do I just pick a dex weapon for now until the sorcery becomes viable?

  12. Really enjoying this second time round. Spent some time tonight at the first bonfire in US taking in the scenery. Even though the areas don't interconnect in perhaps the same way as DaS there is still a real sense of geography to the way you progress through them. I could trace the route across the landscape for much of the game, very impressive.

  13. And finished. Last few areas were a little anti-climatic but overall I've enjoyed the experience. Definitely has the feel of a greatest hits and therefore has the pros and cons that come with that. I think people generally are always going to favour the Soulsborne title that they played first, so whilst this it's not my personal favourite I can imagine new players will still be blown away in the same way that I was with DeS and Das. Strangely enough I found regular enemies much more tougher than bosses in this - esp during the second half.


    I've started a second run (something I've never done before) so thought I'd try a different experience. I always play as a tanking knight and to try something different I've picked a sorcerer but am having some trouble with the concept. I seem to use up my FP pretty quickly and then revert to melee, at which point wishing I had a better weapon. Is there an INT weapon I should be using? Should I have started a new character or should I re-spec my old one and go into NG+ ? Want to make a go of this but struggling to see how it's going to play out during the early stages - feels like a challenge mode where I'm playing with less stats/decent weapon than before but not reallly benefit from having the spells



  14. 3 minutes ago, Goemon said:


    At the top of the stairs on the right hand side there is a lift that takes you down to near where the DA bonfire is.

    The run is probably about the same length but it's completely quiet


    Ah thanks I found it. Can't believe I didn't check there first.

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