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  1. Good session today. I was struggling with PS and read that he was easy to parry. I hadn't learnt to parry all game but equipped one of the parrying shields and practiced on him. Got him on the 3rd attempt :)


    Did A relatively easily after that and then YtG once I worked out how to do it.


    Seems like a relatively easy boss run...just reached DotBV and I reckon it's doable also.

  2. Hmm. Stuck on PS. Feels like I'm nowhere near beating him. Having memories of a DaS2 boss that I had similar struggles with. Not sure whether to continue with him or go further into my new area PC.

  3. 36 minutes ago, Uzi Temp said:

    I just wanted into ID - first of all those enemies - you know which ones. But the part that just made me shit myself was walking into the first 

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    cell on the left after the bonfire and hearing a scream that nearly made my headphones and heart explode. Fucking hell. Was anyone else caught off guard by that?



    Speaking of demons that area is 100% inspired by 

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    Tower of Latria of the five minutes I managed to stand of it



     That first bit made me jump out of my skin also. And yeah the Demons reference is pretty obvious, but all the better for it.

  4. Oh my.  It wasn't that long ago I was in here complaining about a lack of dread. Well I just spend an evening playing through ID in the dark with headphones one. It's big and creepy and amazing. I'm out of Estus and without a bonfire in sight. It's like I'm playing Demons for the first time all over again.

  5. 18 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    To be fair, that was equally true of Dark Souls. It just didn't feel like it, because it was the first. The first bonfire you reach in Undead Burg is no distance at all from Firelink, and nor is the next one in Undead Parish, or indeed the one under the Dragon. You could totally have run through the level and found the next bonfire, in fact I'm sure I did exactly that a few times in Dark Souls 1, clearing the area in reverse.


    Yeah. I've been thinking about this and why those bonfires in DaS1 felt more earned. The more I play this the bonfire issue only seems to exist during a transition between areas which is where most of the redundant bonfires seem to exist. E.g I just did the Coc boss and made my way through IotBV to the ID and I reckon at least two of those bonfires are completely redundant.  I wonder if it's a technical thing to help load times or something, otherwise it makes no sense.


    Anyway, in ID now which seems much better. Maybe I just hit a rough patch early on.

  6. Yeah, I'm sure that some of is true. It was the first and I'm simply better at these games now, but just going through the next area IotBV and there seems to be checkpoints everywhere. I think it's more the mental thing of knowing that you'll not have to revisit a stretch once through it because of the warping. It takes away the fear for me at least.

  7. Hmm. Admittedly it's early days but I'm blowing a bit hot and cold with this. Probably doesn't help that I recently finished the FK and CoC stretch - two areas that seem relatively uninspired.


    I've been thinking about what my problem is with this and once again I think it's the abundance of bonfires and the ability to warp between them. With this has come the realisation that we're potentially never again going to have the same experience as the first half of DaS1. I loved the fear and dread of moving further and further away from the original firelink, the context of the world and the knowledge that you couldn't just warp back to safety. I remember planning and making epic journeys across the world, fearful of every enemy that I'd once faced previously.


    DaS3 feels different. It's a hard game but I don't feel the same sense of dread now. Dying has little consequence, I just charge back into the level again from the relatively safety of the most recent bonfire. Many times I've been surprised to find a bonfire or shortcut so soon.  Only once have I ran out of Estus and been desperate for a checkpoint, that was in the CotD which seems to be a high point so far. Otherwise it's now a pure yardage game, to the point where it's a viable strategy to rush through and reach the next bonfire before then mopping up in reverse.

  8. CotD and it's really kicking into gear now. I was a little bit worried that souls fatigue was setting in during the first few levels but all that changed last night.


    The huge interior section of CotD had me quivering with fear so I ran into a room to face a knight who seemed to buff himself and I couldn't get the measure of him at all and so I ran onwards into the next room and faced a new kind of fresh hell.

  9. CotD is amazing but tough. Esp the interior section.


    Seeing people mention another area after RoS so might go back and explore to check I haven't missed anything 

  10. 47 minutes ago, ann coulter said:


    It is. It's the weakest part of the game imo. Pretty short area compared to the rest, and everything else is exceptional from there.


    Ah great, that's good to know. It feels a little under developed imo.

  11. Hmm..thought I'd done US but I can see an area from above that I don't think I've reached yet. Will go back and investigate some more.


    Now on RoS which isn't really grabbing me as much..hope it's just a temporary blip.

  12. 20 minutes ago, Cosmic_Guru said:

    Found a different route to troublesome US boss which might be easier.  Also, a whole new area to explore....



    Yeah..depending on how much you've explored US you can make the run to the boss much easier. It's quite clever the way the alternate routes work together at the end.

  13. Just reached what I assume is the second main area and yep this is great. Only complaints so far are the seemingly high number of bonfires and the general cluttered look of some areas, but otherwise it's great to be back.

  14. 12 minutes ago, John0 said:


    Ah right, I started as a Knight (ironically because I'm a wuss!). That's probably the difference. I had enough stamina just to block him, pretty much, all through the fight. Dark Souls!


    Yeah I'm a knight also and had no problems with the tutorial boss as I could pretty much block everything.

  15. What's going to be the situation with spoilers in this thread after tomorrow?


    I'd quite like to be reading initial impressions as I play but wouldn't want anything ruined. Am I best staying out?

  16. I know this goes against the Souls philosophy but I really think this needs a map. It's easy to remember routes in a coherent 3D landscape but I have absolutely no context of where anything is in this, which means spending lots of time wandering around until I find some place new to go.

  17. 1 hour ago, Andy XC said:

    Oh and I think I mentioned, but the comment seems to have been lost, that there will be a HUD scale option in the next patch to help with people sitting further away from their TVs. :D


    That's great news if they can do it. I don't normally have a problem with my relatively small TV but have really struggled with this.


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