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  1. Couple more from me

    1EE5-0000-019F-6E6E One where you play each section the right way up and then upside down.

    502B-0000-019A-E837 One based on a forest fire..but I think it might be top tough based on current stats.

  2. Edit- Glad to see the Super Meat Boy level had a checkpoint! However, I'm sorry to say hombre, but I cheesed the fuck out of that level. Got a pretty impressive world record because of it though. :D

    Gah is it possible to cheese? Some of the earlier stuff I can perhaps imagine but the final section that relied on wall jumps seemed fairly tight. Looks like I might be back to the drawing board..

  3. I think that's a problem with how the game spawns objects, it can make things on rails go wierd because they only load when they scroll onto the screen. You can sometimes get around it by putting them not quite where you want them and they end up spawning where you do want them, but the only way to test it is to start further back in the level and see how they behave when you get there. The only sure-fire way to get rail items to do what you want is to have them on or near the screen when you start, leave a door or exit a pipe.

    Ah ok thanks, that makes sense even if it seems a bit of an oversight.

    My first two levels

    890E-0000-018F-2DB1 - a horizontal shooter

    8DD2-0000-0197-354A - a super meat boy style grinder

  4. Just started designing some levels. Finished a SHUMP inspired one and now onto a sawmill style platformer but have hit a problem.

    Whenever I have multiple objects designed to go round on a rail they seem to move at different speeds and catch up with each other. It never happens when testing the section in isolation but when playing the full level quite often I'll reach the same point and objects are overlapping.

    Am I missing something obvious?

  5. Yeah, when you first step out into Yharnam if you look down you can see old Yharnam and the BSB arena. Amazing how much more I'm noticing second time round knowing some context. You can also see upper cathedral ward relatively early on also.

  6. Loving this so far. The setting is what really does it for me, I've heard some complaints that there isn't much to do but for me just walking around and soaking it up is gameplay enough. I'm taking screen grabs constantly, it looks like the kind of tech demo I used to dream about becoming a full game. Special mention to the sound also - it sounds fantastic through headphones and on a couple of occasions I don't mind admitting that I've been overwhelmed by the score fading in at particular moments.

    Also a bit overwhelmed by how open it all appears. It's proving difficult to map out everywhere in my mind and at times I find I have several routes to explore. It's not really clear on this at times..I think I figured out that following the main road is the general route to follow, but initially I managed to cut across the map and ended up somewhere that seems for later in the game. Not sure yet.

    The whole thing has a certain atmosphere that I can't quite describe - poking around the empty buildings and spying on the lives of others feels quite intrusive and unsettling. Really hope it maintains this level for the rest of the game - if so a real game of the year candidate for me.

  7. ..and the Pursuer is done! He cried all the way like the slow moving predictable big baby that he really is.

    Frustrated that I can only play this in small doses. When I'm not playing I'm thinking about the game or reading this excellent thread. When I do get to play I'm worried that I'm not making the most of the time, and that every bit of progress that I make is one step closer to finishing a game that I don't want to end.

    New area looks very pretty.

  8. Yeah might trying helping some others first with the Pursuer before trying it again. I summoned help for many of the bosses in Dark Souls, and it was only on subsequent runs I realised I could solo them if I put in the effort. Trying to solo as many as I can this time, even if it means some painful evenings ahead.

  9. Early impressions. Definitely tough, mainly due to the number of times that you have to take on multiple enemies, something that was always best avoided previously. Haven't found a 100% shield yet so my melee style is taking a bit of a battering right now. Lovely Demon's feel to the first area, although just got one shotted by the 2nd (?) boss.

    Re the performance the graphics are very uneven, worse in the interior areas that were clearly designed to be darker before all the lighting changes were made. Gives them a slightly washed out look until you get the torch out, but overall nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Had a few lag issues with the in game menu, and I'm not sold on the walking animation as yet. My knight in Dark had a real weight to his trudge, this feels a bit more floaty.

    One question re the torch mechanic - once lit the beacons seem to stay lit which is helpful, but where do you get more torches from? Am I right that once the 5 mins is up it can't be reused?

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