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  1. Anyone play "Rival Kingdoms" on iPad? I'm Looking for a kingdom to join

    Yes I am playing. "Cold Fury" is my alliance. What castle level are you? (we have a sister alliance for low-level guys called "Phoenix Knights")

  2. I remember reading that Goldsmith's original Alien score was unused and Scott cobbled together something from his old work. Which is a weird echo of 2001. Or I'm misremembering.

    someone told me recently that James Horner wasn't given much time to do the score, so ended up re-using a lot of stuff from the Wrath of Khan soundtrack. If you listen to the Wrath of Khans OST on Spotify you are definitely reminded of some of the Aliens music

  3. Anyone trying to buy tickets today? I've found it useful in years gone by when people have pasted up the URLs for when you make it past the buy tickets page scrum, so if anyone makes it that far, please share :)

  4. Left4Dead on Xbox 360. I had a Wii before that and after finishing Metroid Prime I was so bored of gaming I drifted away completely. Remember reading about people playing the demo of L4D on here and it sounded so amazing I literally bought a 360 just to play it. That game re-kindled my love affair with gaming and I've not really looked back since.

    Strangely I never got that in to L4D2, but I'm pretty excited about Evolve, hope it lives up to the hype.

  5. Thanks for the offer, but I've just let my Live sub expire as part of pre-wedding savings... so if I'm going to do it, it'll have to be solo or not at all. It's really gutting, because I'd been flying from Capra onwards, but I've just a hit a wall.

    Ornstein is weak against Fire damage and Smough against Lightning damage, so if you upgrade a decent weapon to fire or lightning, then kill one and save whoever you're weapon is good against for 2nd. The easiest way to kill them once in giant form is to kite them round the smashed pillars, lure them in to attack the pillar and then whack them while they are stunned. Don't get greedy and try to learn the signs for when they're winding up a big area attack (eg when smough flies in the air) - when this happens, stand well back. I found the Halberd normal attack is very good for this as you don't even have to drop your shield to prod at them and damage is good with the elemental boost.

  6. About Manus: I was playing as massive tank with a massive axe. I simply stood in front of Manus, cast Iron Flesh, and started chopping with without stopping. The fight was over before it even started.

    Manus was the easiest boss in the game for me, but Kalameet was the hardest. Well the seconded hardest after Laurel and Hardy.

    Basically how I killed Nito in my last playthrough. Felt a bit cheap, but did the trick first time.
  7. Bit of a quiet year from me on the videogaming front. I probably played Dark Souls more than any 2013 games and most of the latter half of the year I've been playing a ton of Magic: The Gathering (paper and online), which has taken up most of my spare gaming time. I bought Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us, but neither clicked with me enough to bother including. I'm pretty sure Papers Please would have made the list if I'd have had a chance to play it, but not got round to it yet.

    This year is obviously all about Dark Souls 3 :wub:

    Game of the Year

    1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    2. Rogue Legacy

    3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Most Wanted Game of 2014

    1. Dark Souls 2

    2. Dragon Age 3

    3. Witcher 3

    4. Chaos Reborn

    5. Mirrors Edge 2

  8. Dungeon Master! (although already basically exists with Grimrock)

    Would love to try a version using Wiimote or PS Move based combat (so for fighting you hack and slash, but spell casting you have to trace the runes and chant, and the spell is more powerful the more accurate you are).

    Also: Lords of Chaos (although again this is already sort of in the pipeline with Julian Gollops tablet-based Chaos re-boot)

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