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  1. Man so true. I started playing Dragon's Dogma, but the combat feels lame compared to Dark Souls, I couldn't play it. Hopefully Dark Souls will be like Halo was to FPS' and become the paradigm for 3rd person combat mechanics
  2. My default character choice used to be Male, but then because of all the femshep love on here, I played Mass Effect 2 as a female. For me it made the moments of jeopardy more meaningful and emotional than having a big butch Space Marines type, as it felt more like a vulnerable character taking risks and overcoming them, rather than being an indestructible action hero, ploughing through a well-furrowed path; similar to the Claire Danes character in Homeland say. I've generally stuck with female characters since (both Dragon Ages, Dark Souls, Skyrim, X-com). I do feel faintly embarrassed about playing a female character, not 100% sure why, so for a non-anonymous multiplayer game, I'd almost definitely play a male character.
  3. Is there a good source to get historical data from? (sorry if this is a really dumb question, I don't follow the box office stuff too closely)
  4. ...and leave a summon sign down so you can help people kill Little and Large, you get a decent number of souls for assisting and humanity to boot. It's normally pretty easy to kill them when it's 3v2 or 4v2 (most people will summon Solaire as well). If you keep a pillar between you and whoever you are fighting, then should be fine (just watch out for the two splash attacks they do, especially "big" Ornstein)
  5. Top of my most wanted list for this year. Could be the first time in my life that I book a day off work for a game launch, so I can sit there and mainline it on day 1
  6. poppa_f

    Mass Effect 3

    this times a million
  7. I'm very late to the party on this, but started watching season 1 about a week ago; saw the batman episode (7?) last night, amazing, most I've laughed at a comedy program since Flight of the Conchords
  8. Kevin Smith was bigging up Dredd on twitter the other day and calling for sequel:
  9. Still battling through X-Com on 360, playing on Classic Ironman, keep getting relatively far, but then either screwing up or getting unlucky and losing my whole A team, which nomally means a restart by that stage. Going to keep plugging away, I think I have the strategy pretty much worked out now, just need to execute it and hope my luck holds out for the critical missions
  10. wow, someone's managed to rig it so you can play the game directly from a browser, no strings attached! http://tholman.com/playable-simcity-2013/
  11. this already exists and is called Candy Crush
  12. Bizarrely the EA share price is at a 12-month high: http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=EA#symbol=ea;range=1y;
  13. I'll raise you 585 1-star reviews out of 683: http://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Arts-41018ted-Edition2-SimCity/product-reviews/B007VTVRFA/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1
  14. this has always been my favourite out of the older ones:
  15. Yeah I know what you mean, power can shift abruptly and arbitrarily, it's more about very short-term tactical choices, whereas Race is a bit more considered (or at least a mix of short term tactics and longer-term strategy). The difference between race allowing you to fish for the power cards, vs Innovation random luck of the draw maybe
  16. Wow, played Innovation for the first time today, it's like Race for the Galaxy on steroids. My brain hurts now, but was good fun
  17. I've not seen that, can you post a link! Yes, you're totally right, Shark Energy is the guy I was thinking of
  18. Finally got round to playing this, *really* like it! Love how the game mechanics and flavour complement each other, in the same way as say BSG, eg the hacker can hack into pretty much anything they want. The corps are secretive and driven by money. I've only played one game, in which I was the hacker. After a very shaky start, I managed to dodge some fairly clumsy traps and ended up winning 7-0! Really want to try playing as the corp side now
  19. This is basically the great-great-grandson of an old VR game called Legend Quest http://www.arcade-history.com/?n=legend-quest&page=detail&id=12501
  20. off the top of my head: the "Doctor Shark's wife is having an affair" thread, Clippa's trackball post and the RickyDVT car scratching thread
  21. Ahhhh, that would explain it. Quite an ingenious solution for a 360° directional treadmill, must wear through a lot of socks though
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