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  1. Just read a couple of reviews of Ender's Game. Sounds good! Reckon I'll try and track that down then. Cheers for the advice
  2. Hi, I'm going on holiday in a week's time and I'd like to take a couple of books with me to read on the beach / by the pool etc. I generally read (fairly trashy) sci-fi / fantasy books. Stuff I've enjoyed in the past: Ian M Banks sci-fi novels, some of the David Gemmel fantasy books, Weiss & Hickmann - Deathgate series, Dragonlance series, the Stephan King Dark Tower series. Could anyone recommend me a good book(s) to take on holiday with me? Cheers, PF
  3. Poker Champs has quite a nice interface for multitabling. If you have a big monitor you can get 8 tables on screen at once with no overlaps. I've got a 17" TFT which allows 4 tables max.
  4. Oh boy. Will have a look for that. Thanks.
  5. Was thinking the other day that it would be great to have Dungeon Master on my mobile phone. If I have a windows OS mobile with a big screen (say a T-Mobile MDA Vario for example), can I get Dungeon Master somehow?
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