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  1. I don't understand how the treadmill can be multi-directional, is there a video anywhere with the feet zoomed in? In related news, that video really reminded me of this:
  2. You'd probably like The Red Knight, by Miles Cameron, similar feel to the Prince of Thorns stuff, but written in the GRRM "each chapter from a different character" mode. I'd also recommend Chris Wooding. He's a bit more lightweight than the stuff you listed, but he's another of the Gollancz modern fantasy authors. "The Fade" is a good one-off, or try the Ketty Jay series, which is basically a steampunk Firefly.
  3. The weird tall skeleton things at the end of Time Bandits:
  4. The scene at the end of Twin Peaks, when Agent Cooper looks in the mirror and sees Bob scared the crap out of me as a kid. Also: the scene in poltergeist when the dad swallows some kind of demonic maggot thing. ...and most of Ghostwatch, obviously
  5. Just watched the first episode, got a real Robot Wars vibe to it: socially awkward competitors, ridiculous strengths/weaknesses comparisons of the robots, comical geek trash talk. I love it
  6. Play it on the harder mode and it comes alive, things can head south incredibly quickly if you get unlucky with the explosions. I'd also recommend not allowing the fire hose specialist guy as I think he unbalances the game a bit. I actually think it's my favourite out of that family of games (Forbidden Island, Pandemic etc)
  7. there's a POTS thread in there, awesome
  8. Oh wow Kings N' Things, I used to play that with my Dad and Sister in the 80s, memories
  9. My classic ironman run was going really well, until I had a rescue mission where I started so far away from the chrysalids, that by the time I made contact I got swarmed and within two rounds half my squad had turned in to more chrysalids. With hindsight bringing two snipers wasn't the greatest move Back to the drawing board
  10. I say we grease the rat-fat son-of-a-gun right now!
  11. not looking good for Frank Gibeau's "it needs to sell 5m units to break even" claim
  12. Dark Souls has perfected the action RPG mechanics, couldn't go far wrong just copying their template, at least for PvE
  13. 6/10 for Antichamber! My friend was raving about this game, interested to see what they didn't like about it
  14. poppa_f


    the monkeys in this scare the bejesus out of me
  15. I'd like backwards compatibility, although saying that, I'd be happy to pay for emulated game from previous gen, if they priced it reasonably (eg they do it like Playstation Plus where you get a ton of them for a monthly fee) and the emulation was decent.
  16. The opening scene in Dead Space 1 terrified me (the bit where the marines all die and the Necromorph chases you down a corridor), reminded me of doing Alien War in the 90s
  17. this looks great, thanks for the tip-off Zok
  18. Just saw this on a mate's FB feed, blog post about hacked up pirate games for sale in Nairobi, including the likes of San Andreas: Kirk Douglas edition (I kid you not): http://gameological.com/2013/02/the-pirate-hacks-of-africa/
  19. In related news, Brian Reynolds of Firaxis fame has left Zynga, where he was working as their design director. Wheel is definitely turning, good to see guys like that moving on, guys like him were wasted on Zynga-style games
  20. I bought one for Mass Effect 2, because I wanted to play the DLC. Annoyingly this worked out more expensive than buying the game new, but didn't realise I'd need a pass a the time that I bought the second-hand copy from ebay
  21. Had a pretty epic board game session today: Game of Thrones, followed by BSG, then a quick blast of Munchkin as an aperitif
  22. Maybe it is Left4Aliens after all! In which case...pre-order uncancelled
  23. Jack Reacher drinking game: - You are told how much Reacher weighs, or how tall he is (1 sip, if he weighs more than 229 pounds, down your drink) - Reacher kills someone with his bare hands (1 sip) - Reacher guesses what time it is and gets it completely right, to the nearest milliscecond (2 sips) - Reacher says that he likes drinking coffee (1 sip) - Reacher drives for more than 10 hours non-stop (2 sips) - Main bad guy is disfigured somehow (drink half of your drink) - Reacher does not have sex with the main female character (down your drink)
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