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  1. I just used a big shield (Eagle?) which can soak up a couple of whacks as you run towards the jump-off point. The rolling technique does sound a lot more effective though
  2. Wow looks awesome, hope it lives up to the hype
  3. the Moonlight Butterfly sword is meant to be good, but it's a bit tricky to get Seath's tail off (you'll want to summon someone to distract him while you hack away at his tail)
  4. just thought of one thing I missed out- backstabbing is very effective if you're one-on-one with some of the slower moving enemies (knights for example). It's a bit fiddly to do, but the knack is to be not moving and not blocking when you hit R1 (and it works even if you're not exactly behind, anywhere from about 5pm to 7pm should work). It is best done with weapons with good critical like the Uchi, Rapier etc. You'll also find that PvP generally revolves around backstabs, eg http://i.imgur.com/FmIPr.jpg
  5. I'd definitely read one of the "beginners guide" things. Something like http://www.nowgamer.com/features/1080956/dark_souls_guide_how_to_get_past_the_first_three_hours.html The combat is just a matter of practice, you'll learn when the different techniques are important. Off the top of my head: - Get a decent shield, then most of the "standard" enemies you can block their attack and then whack them, rinse and repeat. In any new area, always walk and always have your shield up - For bigger enemies you'll want to roll a lot. This is where being two handed might make sense (basically if the enemy is hitting too hard to block easily, then you might as well go two-handed for the extra damage) - Two-handing certain weapons (Zweihander especially) gives you amazing stun-lock/guard-break capabilities. Two-handing also allows you to wield weapons that have a high STR requirement (so to wield a STR 24 requirement weapon, I think you can do at STR 16 two-handed) - For rolling to be effective, your total load must be less than 50% of your max, I can't stress enough how important this is. If you are running out of stamina a lot then increase your END stat. This increases you carry capacity AND gives you more stamina for rolling, blocking, attacking etc. Basically END is king and you should increase it every other SL in the early stages of the game - Parry I'd simply not bother with. If you're having problems with a guy with a shield, simply kick him to break his guard (forward and R1). Kicking is very useful in general, you should practice it until you can do it at will. Will come in handy against regenerating enemies, as you can simply kick them off a cliff Tips in general: - Start with the undead burg (head towards the aquaduct you can see from Firelink). It's the easiest of the early locations and you should be able to source good armour, weapons and shields there (the undead merchant there has some decent stuff for sale) - Pyromancer is a good starting class, the fireball spell is really handy for the early part of the game. May be worth restarting, may feel like you're giving up a lot of progress, but you'll be amazed how quickly you can get back to where you were. Progress on your first run is really measured by how good you have got at the controls, rather than levels or equipment gained - If you're having problems with a specific area, then grind some humanity from the rats in the undead burg and kindle the bonfire - If you're having problems with a specific boss, then grind some humanity from the rats in the undead burg and summon help It's really worth persevering with, genuinely my favourite game of all-time. It will click eventually and is amazing when it does
  6. Yeah I'm with Yaswas; parrying is a dangerous thing, as you feel like a boss when you pull it off, but easy to screw it up, it's the equivalent of the hook shot in Cricket. If you have a sword with a fast swing like the Uchi, then you can generally get the first hit in and then hammer them. The thrust attack you get if you attack while sprinting is good for that. Note for shields, that the smaller the shield, the more stamina you lose from blocking, so if you find your guard getting broken a lot, then try using a bigger shield (you can get a good heavy shield quite early on in the Undead Burg)
  7. poppa_f

    Mass Effect 3

    This! I was expecting to have a super-duper version of the ending of ME2; so from the pool of races you have schmoozed, you choose who fights the epic space battle; then same for the ground mission, but for individuals; and you can also choose which race is the overall helper for the ground mission (so you could choose to storm the last section with a horde of Rachni backing you up for example); some key characters will die and some survive, depending on who you picked for what and how well you do on the final mission. I agonized over decisions like whether to save the Rachni, whether to cure the genophage etc etc, but then all they actually do is affect some abstract number, rather than having a truly visible and meaningful impact on how the end-game plays out (and I felt massively short-changed when I found out that you get the Rachni as an ally anyway, even if you didn't save them, WTF?) I've not actually played the reduxed ending yet, is it worth bothering with?
  8. Love stories like this. Amazing how quickly you go from a perfect run, where you're already composing your victory speech, to your dreams being shattered in a million flaming pieces
  9. Yeah the BKS is an amazing weapon to have that early on. If you have pyro, then you can sort of cheese him with fireball. Real men face him with melee though
  10. Gutted I didn't play Dark Souls in 2011, feels weird omitting it from my 2012 GotY list now, as probably my favourite game of all-time now, but I was a fool and left it a year after release to play it! Game of the Year FTL Was completely addicted for a couple of weeks. Brutally difficult (I've only managed to complete it once on Normal, with the Kestrel), but all the better for it. Amazing how quickly you could go from having a perfect run, to complete disaster, in a matter of minutes. Personal low-lights: Forgetting to turn the O2 back on and whole crew dying, having a whole 4-man away team killed on a boarding action, because the enemy ship blew up from flame-damage, having the final boss almost killed, but then auto-losing as didn't realise how close he was to the base Mass Effect 3 Single-player campaign wasn't as fun as ME2, despite having better combat, but sections of the story were amazing (Thane's Cameo probably my fav). Multi-player was unexpectedly brilliant. I'd have a sunk a lot more hours in to this game if it wasn't for discovering Dark Souls Legend of Grimrock Was very late to the party on this (purchased at launch, but only started playing a week ago), but have already seen enough for it to make my GotY list. It's Dungeon Master, but with HD graphics, what more could you want? Dishonored The stealth element felt fiddly and frustrating in places, but once I'd settled in to a rhythm of "attempt stealth/mess it up/ah fuck it, kill them all", it was good fun. Blinking around one-shotting people with the insta-kills and adrenalin perk never grew old Candy Crush Saga Feels odd putting a casual game on this list, but I've been addicted to the Android version for the past couple of weeks and it really is an excellent little puzzle game; reminiscent of Clash of Heroes, in that it takes a "match 3" mechanic and riffs on it. Some levels are annoyingly grindy, but in most cases you can work out an optimum strategy, even if it then takes several attempts to successfully execute Most Wanted Game of 2013 Dark Souls 2 please don't fuck it up, From Left4Dead 3 L4D #1 was the first game I played on 360 and one of my most-loved. Would love to get the old crew together for one last big job Bioshock Infinite I wasn't a huge fan of the original, but have read and seen enough to have high hopes for this Dragon Age 3 I was in the tiny minority that liked DA2. I think if they can combine the combat of #2 with the epic-ness of #1, then it could be pretty special Chaos Reborn The tablet market is crying out for a proper PvP A-sync turn-based-strategy game, hoping this can be the one
  11. quite tempted to make a conan/Slaine build = naked + biggest axe you can find
  12. I played a Sorcerer all the way to the DLC area / lvl 72, but re-rolled as a Pyro, as the game feels almost too easy with Sorcery. Once you get homing crystal soul mass and crystal soul spear (plus Dusk Crown and Bellowing Dragoncrest ring), then it all gets a bit too easy. At least with Pyro you need to get vaguely close to enemies to explode them. Dark Souls felt kinda wrong when I could just breeze through areas raining magical death down around me
  13. for pyro, you need to rescue the brummie guy from the depths. He's trapped in a room near the huge cannibal cleaver guys. if you go back to firelink afterwards and rest, then he should appear sat down nearby. He'll sell you a pyro glove and spells. Attune spells at the bonfire and equip glove to cast. To make the pyro spells do more damage, simply level up the glove with the guy.
  14. It's the cheeky goblins that keep doing for me. I think it may be partly hangover related, as I had my xmas do on Wed and was trying to play yesterday, but failing horribly
  15. Man I forget how difficult Blighttown is. I had the BKS on my last playthrough, but didn't drop this time, so using the Uchi. Not even managed to make it to the bonfire yet
  16. There's another pretty major limiting factor, which is the actual cost of developing games for next-gen consoles. Even for current gen, the cost of games has become pretty ludicrous, THQ announce bankruptcy today, EA saying that they need to shift 5m copies of Dead Space 3 just to break even. If studios and publishers are struggling now, god knows how they will afford to develop assets to stretch Durango/PS4 hardware. Nice article from earlier this year about how ridiculous/doomed the current AAA console game business model is: http://www.notenough...fall-of-gaming/
  17. wow nice, I'll definitely pick up Mark of the Ninja, thanks for the heads up
  18. also: an enemy that appears if you're taking too long to complete a level and he's a complete bastard. Once he appears, you basically have no choice but to try and sprint the rest of the level while he sprints after you with a ball and chain weapon the size of a bus
  19. there should be an enemy that can destroy your weapons and armour permanently also: PvP guys can loot each other's corpses, but people can invade and backstab you while you are rifling through their stuff (cue people loading their inventory with broken sword hilts, to obstruct looters)
  20. if you can grind some humanity (the three rats under the dragon probably easiest way), then you can normally summon help at the first bonfire in the depths. I'd only do this if you're really struggling though, as it's a bit too easy with help
  21. This Wielded two-handed it has ridiculous guard-break / stunlock, there's very few enemies in the game that aren't staggered/flattened by it. It's also got quite a fast attack animation for an ultra-great sword, so easier to land blows (although be aware that PvP'ers will dodge it with ease). For one-handed, I'm using a BKS+5 at the moment, but might swap it for an enchanted something-or-other as I have quite high INT for this run. It's got a nice wide swing arc and does decent damage. The heavy attack is pretty useless though because of wind-up time (although is satisfying when you catch someone with it)
  23. oh whoops! Mods please delete.
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