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  1. Dark Souls 2 announced at the VGA awards: http://www.forbes.co...360-ps3-and-pc/ Trailer: http://kotaku.com/59...s-debut-trailer
  2. Finally killed seath, took three of us to take him down in the end! Going to try and upgrade my fire zwei to +10 and then head in to DLC land...
  3. The Resistance is good. Easy to learn, games last about 30 mins, it's basically Werewolf, but with no power roles, but also no-one gets killed, which is pretty important if you're playing with a big group (eg it can be a bit boring in Werewolf if you get killed early doors). I think the max players is 10 for the vanilla set. Dixit is a great party game, again it's v. quick to explain, max players is only 6 though IIRC. It's quite simple, but stretches the imagination part of your brain. Good for playing with "non-gamers". On the Forbidden Island tip, Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a similar type of game (co-op, race against time), but has a bit more depth than Forbidden Island imo. It can also go wrong hilariously quickly, if you get very unlucky with rolls etc. NB- I'd suggest not playing with the fire hose character, as he makes it a bit too easy.
  4. thanks for the seath tips guys, will have a crack at him tonight
  5. Yeah take black knight guy outside, wait for his attack, dodge, attack. Rinse and repeat. I'm stuck on Seath at the moment. Beat him first time on my first run, but this time I'm trying to hack his tail off and keep getting killed by the tail thump attack
  6. Playing Dark Souls for the first time. Battling through Undead Burg for hours, finally making it to the bell-tower Gargoyle. A titanic battle breaks out, down to my last dregs of energy but manage to land a huge blow. The game switches to a cut scene, "bloody hell, I've only gone and done it!" I think ...only for a second Gargoyle to appear. And this one can breath fire that one-hit kills you. And you have to fight both at once. Such an awesome game (yes, I know technically it was 2011). The feeling when the game is stacking the odds so heavily against you, but you overcome it, is amazing.
  7. Yeah I've heard the Moonlight stuff is good, will check it out
  8. questions on DLC, is there a "recommended minimum SL" to be at before attempting it? I'm playing a sorcerer / warrior build, currently about SL 50. I've not bothered upgrading much kit, currently wearing RoFaP + BDR, Ornstein's armour + Crimson skirt, Grass Crest Shield, Ivory Catalyst, Fire Zweihander +4 / BKS +2 / Halberd +10, depending on situation. Stats are something like VIT 16 / END 16 / STR 20 / DEX 20 / INT 38. Also, what is a good INT scaling weapon to use? I like having the knock-down effect of the Zwei wielded 2H, but figure I'll need something a bit more powerful for the DLC area (or will I get away with using Zwei / BKS ?) Should I be getting something like a Greatsword to +15 and use CMW for boss fights?
  9. RE the asylum: You'll have a hard time in the Valley, I reckon you should get a better weapon before trying blight town though, you've outgrown your starting weapon by now
  10. I had this problem yesterday, but then I farmed some souls in Dark Root and then came back with a +2 Black Knight Sword and rinsed it. Basically you want a 1H weapon that can 2-hit the goblins and has a nice wide swing arc. If you don't have BKS, the gravelord sword or a powered up Uchi should do a job. There's some good anti-poison gear right at the start, I can't quite remember the location, but basically the very first section before the first bonfire, you should find a corpse with a full set of Shadow gear, which is super-poison resistant Also load up on purple moss from the merchant at the entrance to the Depths, you'll need it when you get to the swamp. Oh yeah, you'll want the rusted ring for the swamp as well. If you don't have it, then worth quickly going back to the Asylum to grab it
  11. Ah Crap, was going to suggest you buy some curse cures from the merchant you meet just before the depths. Getting out of the depths while cursed will be tricky
  12. burst laser mark III is a beast
  13. If you kill the merchant in Undead Burg, then you get a pretty sweet pointy sword NB- quite easy to miss him, you'll see two spear guys on the right in the very first section, if you kill them and smash all the boxes, then it reveals a hidden stair case
  14. exactly this I'd actually done the same, as in gone to darkroot to get the wolf ring first. At Capra, bear left and roll under the first attack, run up the stairs, and with a bit of luck you can kill both dogs on the stairs. Once the dogs are dead, then should be relatively straightforward
  15. Took care of Capra In the end I farmed enough souls to get my strength high enough to use the Zwei 2-handed, then used that with magic weapon. Was actually really easy once I'd dealt with the 2 dogs, as you can just agro him in to attacking, dodge back, whack him with the zwei and just repeat that about 4 times. Next stop Catacombs.
  16. Bioware Montreal studio head (Yanick Roy) has blogged about the next Mass Effect game. No details yet, apart from it using the Frostbite engine, but good news is that is the same studio responsible for large chunks of ME2, including most of the DLC + the Multi-player for ME3: http://blog.bioware....oware-montreal/
  17. so I've fired this back up to try out the DLC. Trying sorcery out this time instead of Pyromancy, managed to ring the first bell in about 90 minutes this time, compared to weeks of RL on my first run Was feeling pretty pleased with myself until I ran in to the Capra Demon and got my ass handed to me. Decided discretion was the better part of valour, so retreated and went to the Catacombs instead, will return to Capra later when I've got some better gear and few more SLs under my belt.
  18. slightly niche reference, but I'm getting a real "Mistborn" vibe with this game:
  19. I've been an Edge reader since around PS2 / GC days, was introduced to it and RLLMUK by hashampersand of this parish (don't think he still visits here though). I fell out of love with Edge during Mugla's second stint as editor, but like the current Tony Mott incarnation. My attention span is awful, so it normally takes me a few weeks to get through it all, but the articles are often pretty good. For some reason I'm physically incapable of reading Leigh Alexander's column though, my brain just shuts down if I try to read it, like the scene in Robocop when robo is trying to kill Dick Jones, but the prime directive won't let him.
  20. poppa_f

    Mass Effect 3

    I played through as a Vanguard and Banshees were my Kryptonite. Recipe for most enemies: Charge in, Shot gun to the Face, Heavy Melee. Repeat until dead Recipe for Banshees: Charge in, Shot gun to the Face, Banshee pats you on the head, before grabbing you and sucking your soul out Ended up having to try and pick them off from range with squad powers
  21. +1 for Ross Noble also: Bill Bailey I saw Tim Key at the Chapel last year and he was pretty funny too
  22. reminiscent of the start of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
  23. poppa_f

    Mass Effect 3

    wow sounds amazing, tempted to come back to it for the first time in a few months
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