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  1. Anyone else find some of the Tournament dailies impossible to get gold on? I'm really struggling with the truck TT and the destruction derby one today. Update - posted that then got gold on the TT next go. I needed to brake a bit more on a couple of corners to stop over drifting.
  2. The one thing GRRM does much better than from is characters. I think he can help give a much richer cast of deeper characters than From usually put in. That's not a slight against From's character design or writing, but none of them as very fleshed out of have much dialog (particularly in comparison to open world narrative games).
  3. If you can learn to take them on its well worth it as they are a great source of weapon upgrade materials. There is a technique for battering them before they can complete their charge up move.
  4. It's an absolute shower of shit. Why can't I just preorder one and get it sent when stock comes in? What's the fucking point in this scramble each time some stock comes along?
  5. Polmon

    The Division 2

    I'm still playing this. Have been on it consistently since I started at the end of 2019. It is a fantastic game, and there is a tonne of content from the get go, and WONY gives loads more. However, once you've done all of that, while the content in there is repeatable, unless you get into the theory crafting / builds there isn't much to do beyond go for more loot, and ticking off other activities (like the hunters, exotics, collectibles). I still haven't done all the classified assignments, actually. The game needs a repayable survival style mode. Summit is OK, but it feels a bit g
  6. Polmon


    And yet they can't even be arsed translating Mother 3 for us
  7. I thought this had no value since it was added onto PS+. Is that version no longer available then? I've still got a disk version around here somewhere too.
  8. I was doing this during the Thargoid incursions a while back, it was a very intense experience docking inside a space port that felt like it was about to blow!
  9. Was that on the SGI workstations that had like 64GB of RAM? I remember playing a fair bit of Unreal Tournament there, and some Quake (Arena, maybe?).
  10. You can call the Mechanic on you phone to get a list of all your cars grouped by garage, and see if there's something g you don't recognise in the list. Other than that, you could go to each garage and see which car is unmodified. Even if you sell the car, you will only get back about 30% or its retail value, unfortunately.
  11. You can retry it, but the game has 3 endings; these depend first off on a decision prompt (with fairly obvious consequences), then whether you've consumed the three items (determines whether you fight one or two bosses). One thing to point out is that once you either make the decision or beat the boss(es) the game will automatically roll into new game plus, unlike DS2 and DS3.
  12. Yeah, there is an extra boss fight if you have all 3. Also, you need to use them all before starting the last fight.
  13. That one is so bad, every time I've done it I've grinded out all the enemies in the area first to despawn them all. Easily the worst boss run.
  14. Final Fantasy 6 Most of my top 10 has already been mentioned, so I figured I'd pick something from much further back.
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