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  1. It takes a lot of points to get them to encrypt your password at rest.
  2. I believe there was a Gameboy game where you played as Barry, set on a cruise ship or something.
  3. I had to have two showers after that filth!
  4. Polmon

    SNES Mini

    Not sure if this question is allowed, but just wondering, is it possible to get the translated version of Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 working on the SNES Mini?
  5. How do you get the 7 day trial of premium? I have an existing essential sub that goes until sometime next year, but can't see any option to sign up without paying full whack straight away (checked on the ps5 and the mobile app).
  6. Thanks for the reminder about this. I was halfway through sorting it out at the start of the year but held off as I wanted to finish something else before starting to binge Apple TV stuff, but subsequently forgot all about it. Halfway through Severence at the moment, and it's been great so far.
  7. I just can't believe that they are actually nerfing the mk2!
  8. Should have been a 6 today for me too, but in my haste I failed to notice that one of the other answers had given me an off position letter for SE, so guessed the wrong word for my penultimate entry Daily Quordle 171 quordle.com
  9. Just scraped through today. Very messy as made some hasty guesses, and only just managed to get the last two in with a single guess each. Daily Quordle 166 quordle.com
  10. I just got stung in the same exact way, even knowing that I had two guesses and should sacrifice one guess to dismiss two options, I didn't do that and instead just guessed twice and was wrong both times. I can only blame myself.
  11. Got another 6 today. A couple of lucky guesses, but the first two guesses gave me NW on a plate, which led me to NE and SE, then I could only see one word that fit in SW, which landed Daily Quordle 157 quordle.com
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