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  1. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    That's just plain poppycock.
  2. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    All good points, but MS can't magically resolve licensing issues, ownership disputes, and certainly aren't going to pay through the nose to relicense cars and music for games like PGR, JSRF, Blur etc. when current-get Forza games gets delisted because the car licensing expires after a few years.
  3. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    I imagine they'll add further 360 titles, but not necessarily in any great quantity and even less so with original Xbox games. I think the practicality and cost of resolving licensing issues (and some publishers wanting to keep the option of remasters in play) means that the chances of many games reaching BC are gradually dwindling as time passes - it seems reasonable to conclude that if licensing and publisher willingness weren't the sticking points we'd have seen many missing games by now. I've given up hope of games like JSRF hitting the service. If they do, fantastic, but it doesn't seem likely. I think it's more probable that MS will continue to build upon the solution (as they've indicated) and further significant improvements to games already on the service will become the main selling point.
  4. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    It would depend on how processor-heavy the CPU-based elements are (including geometry, simulations, physics, AI etc.) as to whether running some or all of those at a faster rate is viable. If a game is maxing your CPU at 30fps, then you've no overhead to support a faster frame rate. This is why comparatively old PC's can significantly outstrip an Xbox One X in terms of frame rate - the PC has something like an i5 quad-core and the Xbox One X has a Jaguar mobile CPU that was bad in 2013. The GPU in the One X could presumably do RDR2 at 1080/60 but the CPU cannot manage its workload at 60fps. See also, Sekiro which renders at 1800p but runs at 40fps; dropping the res to 1080p wouldn't get the game to 60fps. Next gen games probably won't max out the PS5 and Series X CPUs because the jump in capability compared to the Jaguar is massive. So in theory the restricting factor becomes the GPU frame rate and shinies. The new problem then is that shinies sell games, not frame rate...
  5. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    No, because the CPU's ripped from a toaster. If it had a decent CPU, sure, because the GPU would be rendering just one quarter of the pixels it does at 4K, and only twice as often.
  6. Team names should be present in Pro too. They appear depending on equipment synergies between the team members. So a team of 4 female Octolings might be called the "Octo Lady Squad". Teams wearing certain gear or using certain weapons get the same sort of thing (e.g. "The shooter squad") and they can be combined.
  7. Ellie knows Joel's lying; she chooses to believe the lie because it's preferable to the truth.
  8. The creative director has given a new interview which has been translated and posted on resetera. There's a lot of additional information in there, some highlights being: https://www.resetera.com/threads/ghost-of-tsushima-info-difficult-combat-multiple-weapons-and-gadgets-huge-map-packed-with-people-items-and-stories-to-explore.208302/#post-34411194
  9. Has there been any word on a DLSS-a-like for the Series X and PS5? It's certainly the way to be heading because chasing 'true' 4K is pointless when you see the results DLSS can achieve at substantially lower resolutions.
  10. Not sure if serious? It's the main criticism of both Elite models and has been discussed pretty extensively here.
  11. Is that a port of the Bloober team game, the one that runs terribly even on the Xbox One X? Edit: Yup.
  12. Phil

    Titanfall 2

    Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring recently left Respawn to form Gravity Well. https://gravitywell.games Both were part of IW before Respawn, and Shirling was apparently responsible for "launch, net code, servers, and online services for Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Titanfall, and Apex Legends".
  13. I don't think you have to use the wind. So while it performs the function of a GPS in the sense that it can tell you in which direction to travel to get *somewhere* it's not like a permanent HUD marker screaming "this way". It seems like it could be a happy medium between allowing people to find places by following the other cues (smoke on the horizon, landmarks) and helping people to get there if they get disoriented or don't care to bother, without having to resort to a hard-toggle in the menu. I'd prefer it if places don't automatically show up on the map as question marks, hopefully not, I don't think it was clear either way from the demo.
  14. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    Assuming you've bought decent 2.1 spec certified cables from a reputable brand you'll be fine. If not... might be worth re-doing the plastering again in anticipation
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