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  1. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    3 years and counting on my Pro controller. How much more time should I allow?
  2. Based on my experience with the Elite pad build quality and associated customer service, I think even Sony would be hard-pressed to do a worse job.
  3. if halo was released with 120fps while killzone was at 60, I suspect the internet would suddenly care a lot!
  4. As one of the people who've used an Xbox controller on my PS4 via an adapter, I'm happy that the controller is that bit larger. Looks really promising.
  5. That would be bad; gating online play solely behind a Gamepass Ultimate sub is something that the average user who only plays CoD or Fifa and buys 6 games a generation (or whatever the stats are) is not going to like - it'll be more expensive for those users despite the value of Gamepass. I think they should ditch Gold, take the revenue hit and roll existing Gold subs into Gamepass subs. Give people experience of the service while creating a level playing field between their PC services (online is currently free) and their Xbox services (online is currently paid-for). Or maybe they'll resurrect Games for Windows Live and try charging PC users for online, and rebrand the Xbox Gold service to match
  6. The 14th. The game's released on the 17th.
  7. Phil

    Nintendo Switch

    You definitely don't want to use standard WD40 on electronics. It's designed to lubricate and to repell water. By contrast, contact cleaner evaporates almost immediately after washing the gunk away.
  8. Probably. But that doesn't mean we should encourage them No facebook option > facebook option
  9. Hopefully no option at all.
  10. That’s the real secret Sega news. Not fog gaming, Mega CD games on PS5!
  11. Stop talking sense. They should promise the moon on a stick so people can get mad if something doesn’t work quite right.
  12. Isn't this because historically Sony have allowed devs lower level access to the hardware than Microsoft who require all hardware access to be via their APIs? So there may be PS4 titles that are adversely impacted by the massive increase in power. The alternative was for Cerny to lie and say "every PS4 game will work flawlessly on the PS5".
  13. Is that a Panasonic plasma? I have a 50" one which picks up IR quite easily. The 5 year older 42" Pioneer model it replaced was bullet-proof, never picked up anything. Pioneer plasma tech was way ahead of the competition, even after Panasonic picked up some of their tech and engineers.
  14. By all accounts Boost Mode makes relatively little difference to BB and unfortunately it never received a Pro patch. There are rumours of a PC release (a la Horizon Zero Dawn) and of a potential PS5 patch to accompany it.
  15. Phil

    Xbox Series X

    Alternatively, MS think that partnering with Facebook helps them tap into the broader gaming market of however many billion players Phil Spencer's previously referred to. If it gets them the subscriber numbers MS want, maybe they're happy to accept the loss of some of their current user base for a net increase in users and revenue. I'd be surprised if there was a mandatory signup for Facebook gaming (yikes if there was however). I don't know if the current terms of service enable MS to share user data with their partners unless you're playing one of their games or linking accounts (like EA or Epic accounts).
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