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  1. You _can_ find cheaper ones, and I'm sure some of them work as advertised, but I couldn't advise which because they're mostly a singular mass of no-name brands seemingly recycling the same models, most of which are sold by businesses I've never heard of I'm sure some additional research would turn up some more competitively priced alternatives. And if you do swap connections, make sure both the TV and source devices are switched off. Hot-swapping works until it fries your HDMI board!
  2. You need a switch, rather than a splitter. If you've got a 4K TV (or plan to get one) then, yes, it will need to support 4K @60hz (at least), and should be powered by a separate PSU or USB - 'self-powered' models steal their power from the source device, which can cause signal-drop-out etc.. The rebranded stuff sold by numerous sellers on Amazon will vary wildly in quality (and there's little way to be sure exactly what model you'll receive) so it's often better to stick to a known brand. I've not needed one for years, so can't recommend a 4K model, but I've previously used one from Aten which was fantastic and worked flawlessly. They make a 2-in 1-out 4K @60hz switch, but it's ~£60 so might be pricier than you were looking for.
  3. Meanwhile, in the version of the internet not inhabited by @deKay… Well done Nintendo!
  4. @PaulandoI've just updated my post with an additional note on how to add the remote Mac location to Dolphin's 'Places'.
  5. I had this problem, does your Mac have a local host name? This is what I did, using Dolphin: Select 'Network', then click 'Shared Folders (SMB)', then select your Mac, then in the address bar delete '.local' from the Mac name. This caused Dolphin to prompt for the Share username and password (which I then told Dolphin to save). Then, right-click on your chosen Mac folder, and you can select 'Add to Places' which gives you a permanent shortcut in the Dolphin sidebar.
  6. No, just put the Xbox HDD image in the bios folder. I guess it could be a problem with the HDD image file, unless a config has been messed up somewhere. I used emudeck to set it up and didn't do anything apart from chuck the bios and HDD files into the bios folder.
  7. Unfortunately it's been a problem (apparently) for a long time, so when it'll get resolved is anyone's guess. The bug also renders the game unplayable because you can't control your character during the wonky boost animation, something that MVG doesn't mention.
  8. Note: JSRF runs horribly. Boosting is broken. I am cry.
  9. You don’t need to boot Xemu. Just use Steam rom manager to add the xiso to Steam and then boot the required game from the NonSteam or Emulator tabs in SteamOS.
  10. Just place the Xbox bios files in Emudeck's 'bios' folder. If Xemu won't load after that then you've got a file missing/bad dump. If you see the XB start-up animation followed by a 'Please insert a disc' message, then you're good. XB roms need to be in the XISO format.
  11. Sorry, that bit is a reply from the dev to someone asking when the first patch would release.
  12. This is the changelog for the first upcoming patch, posted by one of the devs on resetera:
  13. One of the Nightdive devs has been responding to questions on resetera as Edward850. They posted this in relation to Nightdive's own tweet about being "aware of known bugs..." GOG bundled both versions of the game (ScummVM and Enhanced Edition). While Steam never had the ScummVM version, Nightdive have now arranged for it to be added to Steam as a launch option. And they are actively working on patching the game:
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