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  1. If it _is_ possible to use a code when you weren't the original recipient, _and_ someone doesn't need theirs, I'd like it please!
  2. The Moira change is great, I hope it's retained because she's been far too underpowered since the original nerf.
  3. Chaos Walking (2021) Takes Patrick Ness' brilliant novel, The Knife of Never Letting Go, and utterly mangles it. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to take out Manchee's noise - the most unforgivable of many significant and unnecessary changes - and add a sequence where Daisy Ridley (who cannot act) escapes on an electric space bike? 1/5 Spoilers for anyone who's read the book and doesn't care about spoiling the film:
  4. Personally I think they're awesome. Comparisons to Shadow of the Beast are unreasonable I feel - those really were glorified tech demos, whereas Turrican is tough but fair, rewards exploration, and has an amazing soundtrack. Out of interest, what games in similar genres would you rate above them?
  5. I believe it's the original SNES release version. The Directors cut from the Analogue Super NT is on one of the Limited Run carts. I was a little disappointed when I first read about it, but saw some reviews on a forum (can't remember where) saying that the restored content is a bit unfinished and doesn't really flow very well?
  6. Turrican is amazing. I got the cart version from Amazon yesterday (£25) - Turrican (Amiga), Turrican 2 (Amiga), Super Turrican (SNES), Mega Turrican (Megadrive), which are the best Turrican games. The soundtracks are genuinely awesome and my son is already humming along to them. I've not played them for nearly 25 years but they look and play exactly as I remember them. You can stick the HUD on a dynamic setting, which means the gameplay window effectively fills a 16:9 screen in the 4:3 pixel mapping mode.
  7. Absolutely. How the details got there is irrelevant, as is ownership of the account in which they are contained. Sony are (now) aware that the details in the account do not belong to gooner4life so they should have removed them, not disclosed them.
  8. This is just something you do while exploring the world; it's not a quest/task you need to set out to complete in isolation. As you travel around the world you'll repeatedly encounter a character who can tell you more about the places in the photos and point you in the right direction.
  9. @ImmaculateClump No worries! I lurk in here from time to time and have been meaning to pick up ESP for a while, based on how much people rate it. I don't play shmups a lot, but fancied getting my teeth into one over the Christmas break (in the absence of a PS5 and Demon's Souls). I did consider the emu route but would prefer to give it a go on the TV rather than my laptop. Edit, SeaGM + 5 minutes fooling with the eShop means I'm now the permanent owner of ESP
  10. I usually prefer physical as an insurance policy against me not liking something It's tempting to go digital because then I can just get on and play it without waiting for weeks/months. It's my own fault - I left it too late to get a copy imported before Christmas, should have done it earlier in the year.
  11. Can anyone recommend somewhere reliable to get the physical Switch version of Esp.Ra.De, or am I better just getting the digital version? It seems to be out of print/stock most places, and will likely be in shipping hell for weeks, but I would prefer physical if possible, however, I'm not paying £80+ quid for a UK-based copy on eBay, so might have to bite the bullet on digital, so to speak.
  12. Bloodborne is hard-coded all over the place to 30fps. Quite recently someone heavily edited the BB code, splicing in code from the PS4 DS3 engine and demoed it running on a hacked PS4 Pro in boost mode, reaching up to 60fps - so it can certainly be done. However I doubt FROM would do it - they never cared enough to fix their frame-pacing - so it would need Sony to sort it out.
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