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  1. They haven't really though, unless your game plan for levelling up revolves around unlocking mod slots for the Weapon Forms or upgrading the mod gatcha machine you're not really losing anything, all of the Jesse buffs improvements are earned through gameplay alone. I stopped caring about the currency loss at all when I realised it was just a number going down to make you feel bad.
  2. 100GB? How much of this is actually on the disc, or is it a multi disc release? Edit- two discs, it turns out.
  3. Second Tommasi? Isn’t that an optional endgame boss?
  4. Yes, way more control points. The Anchor is much less of a fucker now. No, no save transfer. You need to replay it again. Which, I mean. Not exactly terrible.
  5. It's weird but if there isn't at least one set of bolt cutters in the project the game won't compile.
  6. Also, Plus stacks, so I've got myself subbed up until 2025 for £30/yr.
  7. 10-15 hours is the perfect length for a single player game that's not a sprawling RPG, and it's as true now as it was in 1998. I will die on that hill.
  8. Super Bloodborne Turbo, there, done. It's not a bug it's a feature.
  9. I think we’ll start seeing Microsoft going all-in on GamePass this gen, with games launching as GamePass exclusives for the first 6-12 months in a few years. Some titles will probably only ever be GamePass exclusives I reckon. Microsoft’s got to be considering shifting towards the sort of, Disney+, people will pay us £150 a year forever model, because that’s immensely profitable, people buying things outright is anathema to all their other software offerings and I don’t see games staying an exception. Software ownership is really on the way out.
  10. Why did I put this on at 11pm. It's 1.40 in the morning and I'm sobbing. 90/100 and an "It's a Corker!" Award, Commodore Format style. Gregory. Christ on a bike.
  11. Just to go off on a tangent, but I’ve never seen a game sold at a “premium but budget” price do especially well. It just doesn’t seem to work. At best they get culty enough to earn a sequel that does do decent numbers, at worst they tank, and people in Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts will enthusiastically talk about how it’s such a forgotten classic in a sweaty function room in Bath. I suspect it’s either margins related (retailers are making less on the box in a finite space, why would I waste my time with 30% of £30 when I can put a game here that’ll get me 30% of £40) or the discount
  12. I expect the first of the DLC expansions will drop around Halloween, along with any PSVR2 announcements.
  13. From about '98 onwards I think? Platinum ones were £20?
  14. RRP was £39.99-£44.99 at launch and it never really dropped below that. I remember paying £40 each for ZOE1, The Thing, and LotR: The Two Towers early on, and £40 for FFXII and MGS3:S towards the end of the product life. Not to say there weren't budget releases, GDF was £25 I think, which is about £35 today.
  15. The Vita can play PS1 and PSP games fine. I’ve never felt the urge to put Adrenaline on mine.
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