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  1. The complete "I beat the scalpers and bots, now I have this first-generation product" experience:
  2. It's not illegal to believe certain classes of people are inherently inferior at their jobs than others, for example, but I'd absolutely fire anyone in a leadership position who believed it, because they can't do their job properly.
  3. It's a 40-hour game, that would probably explain it, yes.
  4. Finished it (well, I've done the 15 hour tutorial). Kinda leaned into just winging in and using Gold Orbs by the end, but it was so much fun, I don't mind. I'd love to come back to this and become excellent at it but I've got Hitman 1-3 waiting for me and Demon's Souls, so maybe another time. Until next time, Jackpot!
  5. So to summarise, he's not got some very unpleasant views unless he does, in which case we shouldn't care because no one will, but if people do, it doesn't matter, because this product will generate revenue for the corporation?
  6. They swapped mine for loud coil whine, told me not to power it on in case it's an electrical fault.
  7. There’s this constant push-pull dynamic where the level design and enemy deployment lets you achieve then lose dominance. Loved it.
  8. Seriously, how far are you into it? All the chapters have big nameplates, like Seattle Day 1 or whatever. One consistent criticism I had throughout the game was it’s refusal to get out of its own way and cut down some of the fat; you could easily get frustrated doing “TLOU1 stuff” for a while until it really opens up and kicks into gear.
  9. It's definitely up there. How you could play or or and think it's the exact same gameplay as the first game... I just don't understand.
  10. One that isn't this game? You'd think you were playing the first ten hours of Persona 4. How far did you get, incidentally?
  11. That was my feeling for much of Ellie's story.
  12. I'm guessing Dumpster didn't put nearly all of the 40-ish hours needed to complete this in.
  13. I'm not a cheerleader for this game by any means but, "this is a movie with a few brief bits of game and it is otherwise identical to the first game" is the shittest hot take I've heard about it, and I'm on Reddit.
  14. That’s two years for salary only, really it should be about £4mil.
  15. Not really. If I want to play something I don't need to justify it to myself as a value proposition; I'm not a spotty teen in the local indie store spending a fortnight's keep money on some potential shitshow. If it comes to PS+ or whatever, that's cool, but I'm not going to avoid playing a game because it might be free later. That's a double bonus, as it also applies to game sales. I don't do Steam or Epic sales unless it's something I was half thinking of buying anyway. I no longer wind up browsing the big game sales except to see if something I wanted to play in the next few mon
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