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  1. You know what I love about mobile games? Unskippable hours-long tutorials.
  2. I’m on this as Hyperspacey. No fucking idea what’s happening.
  3. It's not even that, even if they'd remained completely silent about their project until it was revealed, it just looks ugly, like it was thrown together without much of a thought on making it look good. There are technologically less advanced games that look far better than this does, whereas this looks like some 12-year-old's hand painted Warhammer 40K collection.
  4. Revisiting another old bottle from 2014 and it tastes a lot like my last bottle from 2013- that is, tons of sherry and not much else, so oxidised to fuck. I’ll complete my trifecta of old bottles with a 2015 saison and hide the last bottle of each three down in the close store cupboard to confuse/ poison someone in the distant future.
  5. My secret favourite bit is the labels
  6. Next batch bottled- I'm not a complete lobster handed idiot so I know the beer isn't going on the floor, but I'm still only getting about 3.4L out of a 4.5L batch, probably mostly lost to trub. Think I need to reconsider how still I keep my carboys. Next batch will probably be a big 10L load in my plastic bucket, we'll see if my ratios improve.
  7. You’re probably doing something wrong- a lot of this is catching the beat the environment and enemy types are setting and locking onto it so you can take control of the fight. Hard fights for me went from 10 minute slogs I kept losing due to attrition to devastating three-minute smashes where I came out the other side completely exhilarated. Find the beat then take control.
  8. Pale ale bottled. Left a bit too much in the fermenter so I only got 10 bottles instead of 13-14, so my priming syrup was probably too strong and it'll be a bit fizzy, but I'm happy overall. Two weeks and I'll crack one open.
  9. Where can I plug my Amiga mouse in Carrion is LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE without an era correct input device
  10. My SMASH that tasted like bad tea has completely smooth out after a week in the fermenter. There's a tiny bit of astringency but it in no way detracts from the flavour, if anything I want to have another mouthful to check it out again. Glad I didn't chuck it. Gonna maybe dry hop it to give it a wee boost but it's EXTREMELY drinkable.
  11. Worst case, use it to make stew.
  12. I remember it turned all the water in BG&E into a spinning hellscape of grey daggers.
  13. Do a couple bottles with puree and see what it's like. You could invent some hot new trend or have a nice story about how you knocked back a bottle, and the lump of puree from the bottom launched down your neck like you were being deep-throated by The Blob.
  14. If you're doing BIAB, could you transfer it all into your bottling bucket with your brew bag inside, and pull out the bag to take away the pulp? Might be an oxygenation risk though if you're not gentle about it.
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