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  1. I love Astro Bot but it's too slight to be much more.
  2. Looks like a friendly pub chat. “That’s the problem with Tower Knight, he always walks it in”. Been spending too long in 3-1 myself tonight with the headphones on. It’s sort of ruined bells for me. Christmas will be a challenge.
  3. After all that nonsense yesterday I’ve sat and played to the “end” of Astro and it’s injected some joy into my wizened heart. I honestly don’t think I can get rid of this thing now. Ugh. I’ll finish Demon’s Souls and see where we’re at. I’m getting the suspicion Daniel at Sony didn’t tell his supervisor to call me back though.
  4. Let’s all agree never to do this again.
  5. Yeah well, either I flip out here or the queue at the Post Office, and I like the Post Office more. Death Stranding and FFVII are my current games, they really load fast on PS5 off the internal drive. You’ll feel pretty next gen on those even if they’re not PS5 games. Although, fuck me, a PS5 port of Death Stranding would be great. Really feel every step and backpack tug with that pad.
  6. Money in general, in particular people commenting on how I use it, when and what for, is an extremely sensitive topic for me. So I appreciate Shimmy was not going to be aware of that, and from his particular position of privilege, would only interpret my behaviour as an act of greed. In which case, I apologise, and it is unfortunate that such a misunderstanding has occurred. I am not in a good place psychologically, and that resulted in some less than reasonable responses. We all respond to stress in different ways and perhaps, we should be less quick to judge- or to respond to those
  7. Yeah well, that’s on me. It wasn’t a brag, I’ve just got more or less no one to talk to about anything right now, I realised it’s a stupid thing to spend £450 in my position, and the extra money will come in handy if one of us loses our job in the next few months.
  8. Yeah, as I’ve largely been realising over the past week, stuff doesn’t seem to solve problems. Which is annoying, because material purchases usually give me something to distract me for a month or two between calamities, and now I have to attempt to actually deal with things instead. Appreciate the sentiment. Shimmy, take the self-righteous act and shove it up your arse, it’s a toy, not spare parts for someone’s broken boiler. I’ve every right to make a marginal profit off this (although not, I imagine, as much as Amazon and eBay have off the commission of all those £800 third part
  9. Yeah thanks for the cunning insight. I’ll be sure to swing by you for analysis of my personal spending habits in future. Christ you’re an arsehole.
  10. I’ve had a cunt of a year even by the generally miserable standards of 2020, so while I appreciate how I can be seen to be morally bankrupt for selling a slightly noisy toy for what I paid for it plus enough money to pay for two weeks of nursery fees, I’d suggest that perhaps your keen insight should be reserved for somewhere more appropriate, like the locked boot of a car at the bottom of a river, or the dark side of the moon.
  11. Yeah, fair. I fully expect Sony to keep pumping these out at a fair rate, I think the Christmas run-up will be the last time we'll see this selling over the odds.
  12. Fuck all. Going to give it until the weekend before I start thinking about doing a listing. Considering it now you've mentioned it, and they're open for drop-offs. I'm not going to feel much guilt to be honest, if you can pay £800 for a games console in this climate you're not exactly days away from living on the street. As much as I love taking the moral high ground it doesn't pay my credit card off.
  13. I think I’m going to take advantage of the eBay insanity and flip this machine. I LOVE Demon’s Souls and the new pad but it’s daft buying the machine just for that, especially when it’s annoying me. I’ve still not finished FFVII Remake or Death Stranding! I don’t even have a 4K or HDR TV! I know I could sell to one of you lot for cost, but that extra money could go to any number of things I’ve been putting off doing in my flat because I thought I’d buy a £450 games console in the middle of a recession in the middle of a pandemic in the middle of having a child. Let someone with mor
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