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  1. Is there a free "Starter Pack" for this like there was with 2, so I can play all of 1&2s content on PS5 in Hitman 3's engine? I'm running a grift where I play the last game cheap in the latest game's engine.
  2. I’ve played a bunch of the PS3 version for a laugh, and it’s amazing just how much more readable the game is at 60fps with better lighting, even if it really is almost the same.
  3. I do think there were some dramatic moments that could've been built up to a bit more- it was a bit, "I will tell you about important thing, because in 34 minutes it will be important"- but not bad.
  4. I certainly found that playing defensively almost always resulted in fights dragging on for minutes on end and dying due to some unseen shotgun blast or whatever. Whereas if I was aggressive things were over in a fraction of the time with tons of health. Especially bosses, the only way to heal is by damaging them. It's got a rhythm to it you've got to adapt to.
  5. I've just always wanted to pummel him to death with a big spanner.
  6. Should've recast them with Martin Freeman.
  7. Everyone reprised their role except Ian Holm IIRC, as he was very ill by that point.
  8. Massive DLC spoiler
  9. Finally watched this. It's magnificent and I'm glad I came in with little more information than, "this is a really good film". Truly affecting, I'll need a while to unpack it.
  10. It's all a bit rote and familiar until you start unlocking the better powers and guns, and work out how to enemy manage correctly. After a while you'll be dancing the Finnish Tango.
  11. Sainsbury's usually have it in jars alongside the sushi stuff and what have you, but you might manage better in a specialist store.
  12. I got this for Christmas on PS5. Only booted it up and watched the "summary" movie to remember the plot. DMC2 got mentioned the way you mention a horrible family wedding.
  13. Well, that was a fucking wild ride.
  14. I’ve just got the PS5 update of Destiny 2 and those fast transitions are astounding. It’s so much less stressful hopping between worlds now.
  15. Got my replacement PS5 from Sony. It’s so quiet I have to assume it’s faulty.
  16. One special effect I didn't even notice- Cara Gee was heavily pregnant during most of the shoot. Well hidden.
  17. Minor PSA, the US Blu Ray set of Season 4 is Region A locked, unlike the previous three sets. Wait for a UK distributor to release it.
  18. Even without the celebs for performance capture (and I refuse to believe Roberts will settle for less than the original cast at this point) they'll still need to get voices done. I think it'll be a huge mess.
  19. I'm quite confident they had an alpha build that ran from start to finish, with unfinished cutscenes, animatics, partial mission flows, etc. Just nothing remotely near shippable state. If the last game you made was in the 90s I can see someone looking at it and going "wow, we're only six to eight months away". I suspect the big blocker on SQ42 right now is rehiring talent to account for whatever changes have happened to the story and missions. They won't do an Apocalypse and rework what they've got, they'll need to do reshoots and get Mark Hamill and co back into the booth. That co
  20. That's fine for things where you have a sound you can base things off, but the sensation of skating on ice, or a wheel bouncing into a pothole, isn't something you can just derive from the sound. It's just a voice coil though, a tiny subwoofer. I suspect a lot of less adventurous devs will just run a low pass filter over the audio channel for weapon fire, or whatever, and feed that to the pad.
  21. There's no chance you were holding the stick at an angle when the pad powered on? Dunno if it's still a thing these days, but PS1 controllers calibrated on startup. You could totally fuck your mate's Tekken combos by holding the analogue stick a little to the side when you turned the console on.
  22. If it could be a Daily Express headline about a cabinet member having a disagreement it's too dull to be a game title.
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