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  1. It’ll have reached the Sony distribution centre but not the actual repair centre. Once it gets to Received you’ll have it back in a day or two.
  2. There is no moment playing Hollow Knight where I am not enjoying, on some basic level, playing Hollow Knight.
  3. I always bounce off Souls games and Metroidvanias. Imagine my surprise when I just lived this game for a few months. It’s superb.
  4. It does mean it's now impossible to earn the "A personal friend of mine" trophy, making the game impossible to Platinum. Edit- oh, only CURRENT weapons. I got a new one and it started at zero. I quite like Technician in this, babysitting an auto sentry.
  5. It ran infamously shit on (then widespread) single-core PCs. It’s that old.
  6. Would that mean the DVD Region X maybe provided its own decoder? I remember it gave you RGB over SCART.
  7. This is really a lot of fun, isn’t it? It’s mostly recreating bits of Aliens (mostly) but that’s exact what I want from an Aliens game. Had a good three runs with some randoms.
  8. Yeah, Rebellion made great Aliens games. I almost got banned from GameSpy for playing co-op on AvP 2000 back in the day. "Hackerrrr!!!"
  9. I'm glad they're bringing this back as a complete reboot, how anyone could follow up becoming the ruler of the galaxy with actual superpowers with a direct sequel I dunno. The first two were very... edgelordy early 2000s douche I guess? Like the Crank movies.
  10. This game is not a great Aliens game. But it's a perfectly serviceable £35 Aliens game that is gleefully happy to make Isolation as much part of the canon as any of the movies, so it's getting a nod of approval. What is absolutely bollocks is that there is no way to mute Fireteam members so I had to spend 20 minutes in the company of a very shit gamer and his hyperactive 8 year old, and their very loud TV. Boooooo.
  11. I'll probably pick it up in the next couple weeks.
  12. 17 days? I hate to rain on your parade but Hermes are going to lose that in 17 hours! They're going to come into your garden- they're gonna come into your garden and they're gonna put it in the recycling bin on bin day!
  13. How long until it's declared overdue?
  14. I've wanted one since I was 9, I don't think I could forgive myself if I didn't. So I've bought it. Totally repainting it though.
  15. I'm not going to say I think the new Vs mode is going to be a good replacement for Campaign Vs from L4D- it just won't be nearly as fun, and honestly playing whole campaigns in Vs was always the best way to play L4D- but I'm still up for getting this at launch. It just scratches a particular itch.
  16. I've only been watching the dub, and it's been some real strong stuff. They do a really good job, I think. Everything is some sort of weird reference and I love it.
  17. I don't think Game would do anything that involves physically opening a console. They're not going to redirect their tiny store headcount off the till to start plugging parts together and testing consoles afterwards, deal with customers coming back a year later, "the console stopped working and you're the only one who opened it honest", etc etc. Too much faff. My local Currys don't even really sell gamer stuff any more, they're the only people I would see doing it otherwise.
  18. It’s a plastic panel and two Phillips screws, it’s more work to change the light bulb in my fireplace. Dismantle indeed.
  19. I’ve only just started Stardust Crusaders. I will say, if you’ve never seen it, it is even more extra than you can imagine. It is entirely earnest in its intense weirdness. It is indeed a most bizarre adventure.
  20. I don't get what's particularly difficult about it; if anything it looks less difficult than fitting a new drive to a PS4, which required backing up everything for hours first. The Microsoft solution is a fine one too, but you're beholden to them for the next ten years to decide how much storage costs are. At least with the PS5 you can take advantage of whatever competition in the M.2 drive space is happening; the cheapest drives are already £20-30 less than Microsoft's cards and it's not even out of beta yet.
  21. Same with the toilets right? A starship needs to have net zero mass change.
  22. Sony aren't greenlighting drives. If Crucial says it meets the specs that's as good as it gets.
  23. See thing with that is, it's explicitly intended for actual speakers at the TV, not headphones, so I dunno if it'll work if the audio is actually coming out of some headphones.
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