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  1. I think the show had an inevitable hiatus added into it by the huge time jump they chose to do between books 6 and 7. That hadn't been decided when the show was greenlit. I'd rather they waited to be honest. They could probably get away with a bit of grey hair dye and make-up wrinkles on Steven Strait in ten years' time to make him look like he's in his magic-future-healthcare 70s but it'd be fairly ridiculous rolling into S7 right now claiming that Dominique Tipper's character was the same age as Helen Mirren.
  2. Yes, the only exception to this is if the disc version and the digital version are a different region (this affects Fallout 4 in the UK, where the version on the store is the pan-EU version and the physical UK version is a UK-specific version so the saves don't work together).
  3. The game I've been working away on for the past six months got featured today as it drops its first new season of content. Probably not going to win a lot of gamer cred but I'm pretty proud. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/dead-mans-phone/id1389763112 Oh yeah, and a trailer:
  4. Incidentally a lot of the merch is a bit meh, but this shirt is 1000% being bought
  5. Silent Hill Respects looks interesting at least.
  6. Who the fuck is this, Darth Vader?
  7. This is the real exciting reveal, I am hype.
  8. Ah good, they’ve been sent to the hell dimension, AKA Glasgow.
  9. He’s not very good at his job if he’s only finding out about this now is he.
  10. Thank God we’re getting this and not Silent Hills.
  11. Yamaoka needs to shut his fucking mouth with that “21 years ago” stuff no matter how true it is.
  12. Ah, I think they’ve fucked it. It’s too melodramatic. James is meant to be almost perversely calm during a lot of it, because he knows the truth behind it all. He’s not meant to be sweating bullets when he arrives and going whenever he runs into anything sad.
  13. No Code! So glad they’re back.
  14. There’s a load of SH music and fog on the stream now if people of taste want to warm up. God I love this stuff. The intro to Theme of Laura is still the first thing I’ll play when I pick up an acoustic guitar.
  15. I think SH2 was a game where everything aligned perfectly; the cast, the script, the engine, the music. I honestly think it’s a bad idea remaking it. I’ll still buy it obviously.
  16. It’s about as classic a Google move as you could have, they’re always setting their teams against each other.
  17. It was phones that got smart, I always thought. When the PS3 was being planned the iPhone and ubiquitous fast mobile internet were just a dream, the idea that you'd have all your movies and photos and music in a device in your pocket hadn't made much inroads. It made sense you'd have all that in your living room in a "hub", hooked up to a broadband connection. By the time you get to the PS4 it didn't make sense that your games console would be your primary media consumption device, it was clear that in five years that'd be your phone as smartphone sales were on a meteoric rise. Sony bet hard on the next PlayStation only needing to be a games console, but Microsoft wanted to "own the living room" with the Xbox One since that was Bill Gates' vision for the Xbox, but that ship had sailed, by the time the Xbox One was at a massmarket price the big TV in the living room was for your Dad to watch NFL on.
  18. I love how Tim Rogers put it; the Remake in the title isn't a noun, it's a verb.
  19. GamerGate and the ensuing never ending chudsplosion that followed didn’t happen until over a year after GTA5 came out. Fuck that game is old.
  20. I’m gonna earn myself a beating from me circa 2008, but Metal Gear Solid 4. There’s a lot of glorious systems design, top notch production values, series defining set pieces… but you can tell it had a fraught development, and they had to turn two entire Acts, 3 and 5, into more-or-less a few set pieces and bosses punctuated with a lot of cutscenes. People who hate Metal Gear games, or Kojima games in general, have an idea of what they are, and MGS4 is the crystallisation of the idea of that idea. It’s no wonder they went off, and reinvented the whole idea of an MGS game in Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and ultimately MGSV.
  21. Was so glad to hear it’s coming to Switch, this was one of those games that got straight 8s back in the day in the press and I wound up buying, like, Hogs of War or something instead.
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