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  1. 23 hours ago, Alex W. said:

    Do Metal Gear Rising as a fighting anime. For each episode, a couple of acts of warm up fights and finding out about the boss‘s particular philosophy/bollocks, then a blow-out fight with a unique metal song for the finale. Doesn’t even have to start with the game, do the MGS2-4 years first.

    There's a Metal Gear Rising tenth anniversary event coming up, hopefully all our dreams will come true. They should get the JoJo team to work on it.

  2. 55 minutes ago, Ran said:

    I want it all, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some pruning of the more outlandish elements (Salazar's statue, lava fire serpent room).

    The overall tone looks a touch less schlocky, can't wait to find out!

    If they take out the Salazar statue I will fucking riot.

  3. 32 minutes ago, macosx said:

    The amount of time the word poacher is said.

    It's just a hazard of doing a sort of Victoriana/ Edwardiana/ early 20th century story, it's going to be wall to wall poachers and strange people in wooden caravans living at the edge of town.


    I grew up with a lot of old Just William stories and Danny Champion of the World/ Famous Five/ Hardy Boys type stuff, and I greatly overestimated the amount of times poachers, tickling trout, quicksand and liquorice water would come up in later life.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Ry said:


    That's all fair. I forget at times and no harm or offensive was intended. 



    Oh like, this isn't meant as criticism or anything. I just want to give my perspective on it and why people might be reacting to it, as a man with a long and storied history of being completely fucking oblivious to how what he says comes across in real life.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Ry said:

    I don't think I was being that defensive. I was just a bit confused when I was being called a misogynist for using the word when I was in your words "specific colloquial potentially non-misogynistic way you have decided"

    I guess my point is, you're not in Scotland, talking to Scottish people, who you expect will know that you will mean it a specific way with a specific intent. You're on the internet speaking to people from wherever, and part of navigating that is knowing and understanding that perhaps most people will take a word the way it's mostly used- as an extremely misogynistic insult.

  6. Just now, Delargey said:


    Oh I thought it was directed at him as a way to persuade him rather than a general discussion.

    No, more pointing out the trap people tend to fall into of getting defensive when what they say is taken otherwise than they thought it would be. I've done it myself.


    So one time I had to leave a party in Glasgow once a minute after arriving, because an exhausting friend of mine had taken to calling everyone a cunt as a supposed term of endearment, and thusly set the birthday girl, who we had never met, into floods of tears by yelling "so you're the cunt whose birthday it is" at her, then proceeded to argue the particulars of the use of the word "cunt" as a term of endearment to the increasingly large mob of irate friends.

  7. 1 minute ago, Delargey said:


    Weirdly selective quoting when the top of the post he says that he's going to stop using the word.



    What's weird about it? I wanted to talk about how we don't have to use language with intentional malice to cause harm, it's admirable he's not using it any more but I don't think it's relevant to the point I was making.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Ry said:

    I never once in my life have used it in a misogynist way.

    Maybe not misogynist to you and intentionally meant that way, but how it could be received and perceived and the effects it has on others is outside of your control. You know and appreciate that it's also one of the single most misogynistic insults to be used against a woman, and language is only meaningful inasmuch as the person you're talking to interprets it right?


    You can't just go around on the internet saying whatever whenever and get defensive because you expect everyone else to have somehow understood that you mean something in a specific colloquial potentially non-misogynistic way you have decided. You wouldn't walk up to someone in a pub in London and start talking about how much of a cunt a woman is, right?

  9. I'm Scottish and don't call women a cunt. I don't think Scotland's long and noble history of generalising a very course word for a woman's genitalia to the point of meaninglessness means you get to use it uncritically.


    Let's get back to something less controversial though, like the transphobic bigot's cash-in game designed by a misogynist white supremacist in which you go to an exclusive Victorian boarding school where you enjoy the slave race handling all the dirty jobs and collect the heads of members of the race of hook-nosed financially savvy types who are trying to take over the world.

  10. This film is a total ladder. You start off relatively grounded and by the end you’re entirely okay with the spectacular silliness at the end. This is a movie I look forward to enjoying in the future with beers and popcorn, possibly outside somewhere with other people around to clap and holler.

  11. Forgive my memory, some of this may be slightly inaccurate...


    Back in the glory days of shit microcomputer ports, a side-on exploration shooter called S.H.A.R.K. was due to come out on Commodore 64 and several other platforms.


    Unfortunately due to whatever reason, the Commodore 64 port wasn't finished in time for release and they needed to get it out, so the manual tells you that if you're on C64, on the third and final level "the autopilot and combat computers kick in, so sit back and watch [boss] get the kicking they deserve".


    ZX Spectrum owners have to defeat him themselves.

  12. 15 hours ago, Nick R said:

    The original PS1 version of THPS2's School 2 had a gap called "Are You Serious?!!"



    That gap was removed from the Dreamcast version of THPS2 (I'm not sure if it was in the PC and N64 versions of the game), and also from the recent THPS1+2.



    Presumably it was removed they thought it was too difficult to get without enabling cheats? However, it was kept in the Tony Hawk's Underground version of the level, even though that game's changes to the game physics made it even more difficult to get than it had been originally!

    Another THPS fact: the various PS1 THPS games and the Spider-Man game the studio made are all built on the engine of their first big PS1 title: commercial disaster Bruce Willis vehicle “Apocalypse”. Cheats for that game work with mixed success in the others.


    In fact the first tech demo for their then-unlicensed skateboarding game used the Bruce Willis character model on a skateboard.

  13. There’s two versions of the game Aliens vs Predator on PC, the original and the “Gold”/ “2000” versions. For some ungodly reason Rebellion never properly licensed the live-action video they had made to be streamed onto TV screens in-game from commanding officers etc giving you orders and backstory, either due to the contract with the actors or the production company who filmed it, I forget which, to allow for additional releases of the game post-launch.


    So for the “Gold” edition that came out later, they redid all the stuff. With Rebellion staff. In the office.


    If you’ve played Aliens vs Predator at some point since 1999 it’s likely you’ve never seen the original video footage, only the am-dram version the Rebellion staff put together.


    Also the original had John Woo mode which was fucking sick, but the Gold and future versions didn’t, fuck you Rebellion put it back in.

  14. That was, indeed, a most bizarre adventure. Would recommend.


    The descent into "yes and" madness will  infuriate you if you're into anime for the rich characters and complex narratives but that's your problem Poindexter. This is a golden experience.


    Your heart would need to be a stone ocean not to appreciate the battle tendency on display. A real bunch of stardust crusaders on this show.


    The diamond at the heart of the show is really unbreakable.


    Phantom blood.


  15. Hideo Kojima was going to title Metal Gear Solid 2 "Metal Gear Solid 3", so fans would ask, "what happened to Metal Gear Solid 2?". This was a working title for the project well into early production.

  16. 6 hours ago, Stoppy2000 said:

    I say watch it. It's better than Prometheus. It also looks nice and has Fassbender doing some bizarre stuff. I think/hope that it is eventually classed as non-canon though. 

    The reason to watch either movie is Michael Fassbender. When I feel up to it I might edit both films into one reasonably-coherent movie about an incel robot who terrorises women because his dad was mean.

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