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  1. There’s a load of SH music and fog on the stream now if people of taste want to warm up. God I love this stuff. The intro to Theme of Laura is still the first thing I’ll play when I pick up an acoustic guitar.
  2. I think SH2 was a game where everything aligned perfectly; the cast, the script, the engine, the music. I honestly think it’s a bad idea remaking it. I’ll still buy it obviously.
  3. It’s about as classic a Google move as you could have, they’re always setting their teams against each other.
  4. It was phones that got smart, I always thought. When the PS3 was being planned the iPhone and ubiquitous fast mobile internet were just a dream, the idea that you'd have all your movies and photos and music in a device in your pocket hadn't made much inroads. It made sense you'd have all that in your living room in a "hub", hooked up to a broadband connection. By the time you get to the PS4 it didn't make sense that your games console would be your primary media consumption device, it was clear that in five years that'd be your phone as smartphone sales were on a meteoric rise. Sony bet hard on the next PlayStation only needing to be a games console, but Microsoft wanted to "own the living room" with the Xbox One since that was Bill Gates' vision for the Xbox, but that ship had sailed, by the time the Xbox One was at a massmarket price the big TV in the living room was for your Dad to watch NFL on.
  5. I love how Tim Rogers put it; the Remake in the title isn't a noun, it's a verb.
  6. GamerGate and the ensuing never ending chudsplosion that followed didn’t happen until over a year after GTA5 came out. Fuck that game is old.
  7. I’m gonna earn myself a beating from me circa 2008, but Metal Gear Solid 4. There’s a lot of glorious systems design, top notch production values, series defining set pieces… but you can tell it had a fraught development, and they had to turn two entire Acts, 3 and 5, into more-or-less a few set pieces and bosses punctuated with a lot of cutscenes. People who hate Metal Gear games, or Kojima games in general, have an idea of what they are, and MGS4 is the crystallisation of the idea of that idea. It’s no wonder they went off, and reinvented the whole idea of an MGS game in Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and ultimately MGSV.
  8. Was so glad to hear it’s coming to Switch, this was one of those games that got straight 8s back in the day in the press and I wound up buying, like, Hogs of War or something instead.
  9. It'll be interesting finding out how this was done. I don't think Slack will be compromised, or they'd have a lot more juicer stuff, but maybe some sort of man-in-the-middle thing where they've managed to capture any media being uploaded to a specific channel from one user's machine.
  10. This all looks legit. If not, it's the most elaborate, realistic faked debug footage I've ever seen.
  11. I didn’t know anything about this coming to Switch. That’s Apple Arcade fucked off then.
  12. I’m gonna say almost every AAA single player game I played between 2010 and 2018. There’s been a lot of good stuff, and some games I genuinely consider classics, but by god there’s a lot of tedious repetitive gameplay to pad things out, and press-forward-to-trigger-cutscene-or-prestige-tour bullshit this decade. I look at the PS3 and PS4 games I have and bar a few of them I wouldn’t replay them if I got paid. It’s a shite state of affairs to be in, and all the pretty skyboxes in the world won’t make any fucking difference. I blame creative directors becoming completely obsessed with Hollywood, and Halo convincing everyone that gameplay doesn't need to do something besides the same “30 seconds of fun” over and over with slightly different weapons forever.
  13. WD-40 Contact Cleaner is something everyone should have a can of. Even removes stubborn glue and such. I'd check whatever you're spraying it on doesn't mind isopropyl alcohol though, if you blast it all over a vintage guitar it'll fuck the finish up.
  14. I heard 1-3 were all being remade by different studios. I'm not entirely sure of the point given Silent Hill is ripe for endless standalone stories and they just need a competent studio with good ideas like Shattered Memories, but hey ho.
  15. First time something I've worked on has been at a show since the 2012 iPod Touch announcement. So proud of the guys, even if I'm off on something else right now.
  16. I think they should continue the ramping insanity thing, but do a reset every three games. I want to be playing this game’s sequel’s sequel in ten years and I’m punching God while dressed as a chibi polar bear.
  17. That was a near-perfect six seasons of television.
  18. It's not a game you want to play as a cover shooter, the only way to survive fights is to get in, kill stuff, and hoover up the health chits that drop.
  19. The amount of nonsense surrounding the end of MGSV is staggering. There’s a couple of deleted cutscenes and an extremely early (maybe 20% complete before it was canned) concept for a few final missions in an entirely new environment that was canned AFAIK before the game was even officially released. None of the missions or environments for it were even implemented, only some cutscenes and concept art, even PC version deep divers couldn’t find anything too juicy. You want to talk cut stuff in an MGS game, what about where it fades to white near the end of MGS2, where there was an entire sequence where you’re riding on top of Arsenal Gear as it ploughs through the Lower East Side, tossing the Statue of Liberty onto First Avenue in the process? Restore that and I’ll pay you some money.
  20. Let's see, Frozen, Frozen 2, Everything Everywhere..., Terminator 2, The Batman. I want to watch Prey, so that's indomitable masked weirdo hunting people (The Batman) X Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise (Terminator 2). This is a good game.
  21. The correct ending is that the Reapers leave but say, “robots and biologicals? fuck about and find out lol, eat shit” and blow up all the relays. Then everyone looks at each other awkwardly since the entire military of the galaxy is stuck outside Planet Mon-Kai without enough food, everyone already borderline hates each other, and you’ve got a setting ripe for absolute chaos.
  22. I used it for that for about two hours then remembered YouTube exists.
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