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  1. Backed. Can't wait. Any excuse to go back to the world of Alien: Isolation without the soul crushing terror of playing it.
  2. My ID is about if you want to add me (or post/ DM yours).
  3. Wait, people are playing this again? I'll be on some time this weekend if there's folk about.
  4. Don’t make me get out the chart again.
  5. I beat the first boss- whatever his fucking name was, Hinkle Dinkle Jim- with some help last night, then got to the castle and it Fucking Dark Souls Elden Ring!
  6. It's that day again, when brands misunderstood the concept of a joke to anger and confuse the credulous. Here's the first I've spotted: https://www.razer.com/hypersense-suit?utm_source=social
  7. The lack of a Mr Fusion or Flux Capacitor is pretty egregious. I want a refund on my PS5.
  8. “Don’t blow all that free credit on something stupid”, I said. “Novelty cars are for suckers” I said…
  9. I forgot they even sold those! Despite owning about ten.
  10. PS1 makes sense though, there's not been a CD drive in a PlayStation since the PS3.
  11. It’s the sort of argument that’s meant to make me uncomfortable with going around with my daughter without my other half present; the presumption that if I’m taking her to the bathroom or whatever it’s to assault her.
  12. This is a spectacularly dense non-argument that has been used against pretty much every minority group for pretty much every possible attempt to reach some sort of equity. Using victims of sex crimes as a stick to beat the transgender community with helps no one, and is not going to stop a single sexual assault. It isn't going to make women any safer or sexual predators any less dangerous.
  13. Or even any merchandising, all the models, board games and comics are Alcon branded, not a Syfy logo in sight.
  14. I need to save this money for something useful and not, like, blow it all on mods for this '92 Supra.
  15. Trying to play videogames with kids is the real Dark Souls.
  16. I went completely off course and stopped trying to beat the first boss. So I fought some skeletons but I got tired of that because I’m not very good at skeletons. Then I fought a dragon and got tired of being cooked by that. Then I found some tunnels and I’m spelunking along with a flail trying to beat a sub boss. I am yet to be remotely bored or feel stuck.
  17. I almost defeated the first boss a few times last night, but I've submitted to the idea that I need to just wallow in the summoning pool for a while, learning the patterns and when I can counter/ shield stun him for massive damage.
  18. Spacehost

    Edge 370

    Is there any way I can pay to have the magazine injected into my brain instead of using my eyes to absorb it? I've got a teetering stack of them that implies I've not actually read an issue since 2020.
  19. That Gran Turismo score is going to cause a mass riot.
  20. I went for a wander in this and found I was thrilled. Completely thrilled. Could I avoid combat entirely and just shortcut by way to the end of the game?
  21. Oh, it's not racing game fans they're targeting. It's people who own these sorts of cars in real life and leave them parked in immaculately polished garages.
  22. Roy Kent is the best character on TV. I want him to turn up in Better Call Saul. I want him to show up floating about in The Expanse. Just give us more Roy Kent.
  23. In less dire news, I finally won the used car ad lottery and found near enough my car from Gran Turismo 1.
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