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  1. The amount of nonsense surrounding the end of MGSV is staggering. There’s a couple of deleted cutscenes and an extremely early (maybe 20% complete before it was canned) concept for a few final missions in an entirely new environment that was canned AFAIK before the game was even officially released. None of the missions or environments for it were even implemented, only some cutscenes and concept art, even PC version deep divers couldn’t find anything too juicy. You want to talk cut stuff in an MGS game, what about where it fades to white near the end of MGS2, where there was an entire sequence where you’re riding on top of Arsenal Gear as it ploughs through the Lower East Side, tossing the Statue of Liberty onto First Avenue in the process? Restore that and I’ll pay you some money.
  2. Let's see, Frozen, Frozen 2, Everything Everywhere..., Terminator 2, The Batman. I want to watch Prey, so that's indomitable masked weirdo hunting people (The Batman) X Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise (Terminator 2). This is a good game.
  3. The correct ending is that the Reapers leave but say, “robots and biologicals? fuck about and find out lol, eat shit” and blow up all the relays. Then everyone looks at each other awkwardly since the entire military of the galaxy is stuck outside Planet Mon-Kai without enough food, everyone already borderline hates each other, and you’ve got a setting ripe for absolute chaos.
  4. I used it for that for about two hours then remembered YouTube exists.
  5. Yes yes, we all know the Cookie Monster is an absolute sex machine.
  6. I don’t see how Thane could die in ME2, unless you sent him down the vents.
  7. Thank God, I can maybe get some games again in the run up to the new DLC.
  8. Ah, funny to look back at Kojima’s more subtle era. If he made MGS2 today he’d be called Father Constitutionman or something.
  9. The genetically engineered perfect soldier and strategic genius armed with dual katanas, zooming about in a power suit with two extra arms and jet boots? Yeah, 100%.
  10. Yeah, the good Senator loves to throw you lemons. You know what? Take those lemons and shove them down his throat. Make him eat them all, every last yellow one. Punch them down his neck until he pisses lemonade and shits peel.
  11. 4 is part of this early-next-gen wave of games where they evidently had a rough time in development. You can tell they wanted do a lot more with the later chapters but didn't quite have the opportunity.
  12. It's a bit of both, he lifted it from an RPG he bought which he threw the packaging of in the trash when he got home, and wound up digging through his bin at 2 in the morning to find some vital piece of information that was on the box.
  13. Yes, I think that was about Chapter 4 or whatever.
  14. Oh yeah and if the next season doesn’t include
  15. I feel this season tried a lot of stuff that it didn’t completely nail, like keeping the gang apart and the long episode runtimes, but the fact they landed it at all is a testament to the craft involved. Doesn’t hurt that it had two absolute moment-of-the-year musical bits either. How the fuck they wrap this up I dunno, but I’m a bit disappointed that we are once again having to deal with
  16. The Munsters and The Munsters Today were really pretty bog standard multi camera sitcoms, from what I remember from when I watched them. It feels a bit like Zombie liked The Munsters as a concept but given he's never done anything approximating a comedy before I can see why this feels kinda naive and amateurish.
  17. It looks absolutely nothing like The Munsters. I'm not sure how someone could look at this and go, "yes, this is what The Munsters looked like". It doesn't even look like The Munsters Today, which I'd sort of give a pass to on account of it being temporally adjacent to the sort of 80s grindhouse Zombie sometimes draws on, but no, it looks like an early 2000s film-scool-cum-straight-to-video horror movie.
  18. Or until (book spoiler)
  19. Blame Jeff Bezos. I do.
  20. This has extremely powerful "I found this at Blockbuster in the bargain bin next to the Horror section circa 2003, let's watch it while stoned and laugh" energy. I'm not sure if that's a style he's trying to replicate with ironic detachment or he slipped on an empty Jack Daniels bottle and bonked his head on a countertop on the way down.
  21. It's essentially the setup for (not a book spoiler)
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