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  1. Dear diary, today some weird slag in a cape appeared at my campfire and said she’d make me hench as fuck if I led her to a magic ring or whatever. Then I drew a weird shape in the dirt and this guy got me to help him beat up some giants and also some dogs. Then he told me to go home. It was the best day ever.
  2. I was going to skip this but that Eurogamer review says the early 90s flip-headlights Toyota Supra is in it so I need to buy the fucking thing and play enough to get it. Anyone got a definitive tracklist for the soundtrack? There's usually some bangers.
  3. I caved to the fact this is clearly the only thing anyone in videogames is going to talk about for the next five years and got it on PS5. Beside it feeling weirdly last gen after the glossy Souls remake and all its pad feedback shenanigans I’m enjoying it quite a bit. How I’ve played it for two hours and only died once, I don’t know.
  4. I still have my Raiden figure from the special edition. Solid gold game.
  5. Never happened to either of mine. Get it replaced.
  6. I've only ever used Fast Travel in Fallout/ Skyrim to move loads of crap I've accumulated between homes. Everything else is in-world walking or diagetic shortcuts.
  7. That's actually not bad for a remaster, I seem to remember Mass Effect 2 only had about a 20% clear rate back in the day.
  8. Only the Cola form sadly, although I believe the powder variety is the only reason we got a Wing Commander movie.
  9. And let’s get down to brass tacks here, there’s never going to be a finished Star Citizen. Roberts doesn’t know how to finish a videogame, none of his senior management know how to finish a videogame, none of the intermediary levels of producers know how to finish a videogame. They’ll have entered the “let’s keep trying to improve our Jira momentum metrics” stage of project death-spiral and are desperately hoping that they can build a house by putting one brick on top of another one faster than people can pay your new bricks.
  10. I heard RSI is a meat-grinder crunch machine where you get dirty looks and a talking down from the N layers of middle management if you leave the office at the “official” end of the day and it’s about as fun as doing your own vivisection.
  11. Launch is love Launch is life. Don’t stand still, and keep hitting things as any damage produces health tokens for you, even bosses. Don’t get too frustrated on bosses and don’t try to get into a war of attrition, deliver the pain! Keep going and build up your skills. There is a crouch button. It only exists as a joke to trick people into thinking it’s a cover shooter.
  12. Uh, no? Gran Turismo 1 had about 180 cars. GT2 had about 600.
  13. You boring fucks. This is the most Gran Turismo Gran Turismo in decades.
  14. I'm a big dumb idiot who likes shiny objects so... £40 from Eaglemoss.
  15. If it can’t play the original Timesplitters it isn’t back compatible with PS2 games and will be launched out of my window.
  16. Yes. Blu-Ray, DVD and CD require either distinct laser assemblies or special multi-frequency lasers and the PS5 one can only play DVDs and BD discs.
  17. This is close to the runtime of a fucking Lord of the Rings movie. Is it going to come out as a lavish, two disc special extended edition?
  18. It's the combination of the fact someone's going to walk in on the worst part of the game, and that non-gamers assume the entire game is the bit they've seen, right? So you're not playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you're playing Pripyat Dog Stabber 3000.
  19. I like that despite the show officially ending, we're all just sitting here quietly confident that we'll get some sort of news about a continuation. Yep. Any time now.
  20. Can’t be a problem if you never have to do it :tap forehead:.
  21. I think they very deliberately planned that, if they got another run after SyFy quit, that they’d adapt up to this point. So it’s not like Amazon has killed the show; they’ve made all the show they had plans to do. They’ve had core cast signed on this for eight or nine years, they’ll be wanting to go do some more stuff. I think they deserve a break. Maybe not 30 years but…
  22. I fucking told you all!
  23. Well, they stuck the landing.
  24. Usually if you make it to the end of S1E4 and still don't like it, you're not going to change your mind. A few people on here who found it slow and plodding became superfans after S1E4 though.
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