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  1. Ahem https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7DE6YhLtRdERhONrn7z1RA?si=t6ZieBLdT9G5AHReuZZ9gQ&utm_source=copy-link
  2. On man, the giant at the Gatehouse near the start respawns? Am I meant to just get on my horse and run through his legs like in Empire Strikes Back? Oh hang on. That sounds fuckin' sweet. I gave the starting "biome" a good explore and oh my God, there's so much stuff to see. Stuff that looks like it'll fuck me up, but I don't think I've reached anything like an edge yet.
  3. Going for gold on the licence tests is very much like I remember just passing the licence tests in GT1- seemingly so straightforward but the car is a LYING PIECE OF SHIT and the track is a CHEATING CUNT But I got that Mitsubishi GTO last night. Felt great. I really love this game. I mean, Elden Ring is superb, but this is a racing game that has embraced the fact everyone who liked the first three are now tired dads who want to be slowly massaged from car race to car race by smooth jazz and gentle user-input tones.
  4. I know Elden Ring is of course the superior piece of videogame artistry but I’m putting far more time into GT7 and this is 100% on the same level of sheer authorial precision as any Metal Gear Solid game. Yamauchi feels about cars and music and driving in that period between the sun just going down and it being completely dark in just this particular way. And it’s delightful. I apparently don’t need 900 cars and 50 tracks to be happy. I think the career mode lacks the deliberate, “this is my one car and I will tune it to buggery so I can win all the races” focus that made the first Gran Turismo such a singular work of videogame perfection but it’s definitely pushing all my buttons.
  5. There's some oversteer correction thing in the driver aids I had to disable to really get the cars feeling right, worth digging in the Assist Settings.
  6. I can't find the fucker now! I'm quite sure I didn't imagine it... Will update if I find it.
  7. I’ve made a collaborative Spotify playlist of what I think are the core GT1-3 songs and am adding some more appropriate material. Don’t take the piss with it, we all know what a Gran Turismo song is. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7DE6YhLtRdERhONrn7z1RA?si=sExl2iEQRxyB8kRgKtheKQ
  8. Maybe I missed it, but do we have a playlist for this on Spotify yet? Obviously, it needs to be GT appropriate; nothing but late 90s/ early 00s power pop and euro dance music and Japanese smooth jazz.
  9. Sometimes this feels like hanging about a train station in Easterhouse or something. Oh aye hen, your pals all got dismembered and grafted piece by piece to the giant spider? You're still working up the courage aye but you fancy it too? I didn't really ask but. Excuse me while I try to both walk away and absolutely not let you out of my line of sight.
  10. I'm enjoying this. Like, a lot. But not in a "I'm being thrilled all the time non-stop" needy sort of a way that, say, Driveclub felt I had to be. Yes, I was exploring the limits of grip in this souped up '65 Mini, but now I'm considering which gearbox upgrade to fit, and a nice old man and a young woman have stopped at the café to say how nice my car is. I'll take it for a wash. Oh look, I can photograph a DB5 in a bamboo forest. Once that's done I might take this Integra for an intense drive around Suzuka. Then I'll have a cup of tea and adjust my gear ratios, and maybe make a nice logo for my helmet. It's total Gran Turismo.
  11. This is going to sound a bit daft maybe, two and a half hours into an 80-odd hour Souls adventure, but I was wandering around near First Step, panning up over the castle in the distance when a sudden, staggering sense of vertigo came over me. I knew I’d go up to that castle. I’d fight extra ordinary battles and fight bosses that would probably be mentioned in the same breath as S&O, stuff that would be part of the gaming lexicon. I panned the camera over what I could see and walked here and there. An island covered in ruins and caves. A distant, glowing tree. I expect I’ll reach it alI. I walked down to a beach, cowering as the ruined form of what was perhaps once a giant stamped past, and saw a ball of writhing tentacles roll on the sand, and a white glow carve its way between the dunes. Souls games have always been about fallen beauty and vast scale, but the beauty has never been THIS easy for me to walk up to and explore, the vast scale never THIS apparent to me in such a sudden instant. I suspect that unless they’ve shit the bed somewhere in here, in ten years it won’t be an “open world Souls game” we’ll think of when we discuss Elden Ring, but rather talk nostalgically about those “linear Elden Ring games” that preceded it. Anyway, I’m off for a lie down.
  12. Nice, I've wanted to play 2 and 3 for a while.
  13. Dear diary, today some weird slag in a cape appeared at my campfire and said she’d make me hench as fuck if I led her to a magic ring or whatever. Then I drew a weird shape in the dirt and this guy got me to help him beat up some giants and also some dogs. Then he told me to go home. It was the best day ever.
  14. I was going to skip this but that Eurogamer review says the early 90s flip-headlights Toyota Supra is in it so I need to buy the fucking thing and play enough to get it. Anyone got a definitive tracklist for the soundtrack? There's usually some bangers.
  15. I caved to the fact this is clearly the only thing anyone in videogames is going to talk about for the next five years and got it on PS5. Beside it feeling weirdly last gen after the glossy Souls remake and all its pad feedback shenanigans I’m enjoying it quite a bit. How I’ve played it for two hours and only died once, I don’t know.
  16. I still have my Raiden figure from the special edition. Solid gold game.
  17. Never happened to either of mine. Get it replaced.
  18. I've only ever used Fast Travel in Fallout/ Skyrim to move loads of crap I've accumulated between homes. Everything else is in-world walking or diagetic shortcuts.
  19. That's actually not bad for a remaster, I seem to remember Mass Effect 2 only had about a 20% clear rate back in the day.
  20. Only the Cola form sadly, although I believe the powder variety is the only reason we got a Wing Commander movie.
  21. And let’s get down to brass tacks here, there’s never going to be a finished Star Citizen. Roberts doesn’t know how to finish a videogame, none of his senior management know how to finish a videogame, none of the intermediary levels of producers know how to finish a videogame. They’ll have entered the “let’s keep trying to improve our Jira momentum metrics” stage of project death-spiral and are desperately hoping that they can build a house by putting one brick on top of another one faster than people can pay your new bricks.
  22. I heard RSI is a meat-grinder crunch machine where you get dirty looks and a talking down from the N layers of middle management if you leave the office at the “official” end of the day and it’s about as fun as doing your own vivisection.
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