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  1. Rockstar North used one of the VUs to do the DTS processing in Vice City, IIRC. I'm hoping we'll see some trully stunning work out of the PS2 before it joins it's grey father in the back cupboard. I think the system's Alien: Ressurection and Vagrant Story-age titles will be quite something to behold, even in comparision to the likes of GC and XBox titles.
  2. At the mo, I'm sipping neat Jack whilst eating cheese toasties, and considering various Vagrant Story problems. Hah! I laugh at your so called "pint".
  3. It's a lot closer to the first from those shots, nice and close-range, with big packs of monsters. Lovely.
  4. In other news, NO ONE CARES ANY MORE!
  5. Ah, but Nintendo is going on the record to say that "Revolution [the new console] isn't a successor to GameCube, more like another direction". So, yeah, cut off GC support about a week after the Rev comes out. I can hardly see them supporting two home consoles at once...
  6. Hang on, is this meant to be "100 most middlecore music videos"? Not a great selection.
  7. The official, edited-out-of-shooting-script way the Aliens got to the colony is that after Jordan got whacked, the terraformers sent a pretty big rescue party out to the rover, and then they went down into the ship to see what was going on- so dozens of colonists get attacked en mass in the egg-chamber. Which'd've been cool on film, if expensive to do in the 80s. Aaaanyway- after the farce of Res and the uber-arse-up that AvP will be, I'm just praying Scott does what he's been mumbling about for a few years and makes a new, good Alien film. One that visits the actual Alien homeworld, maybe- the work-load of designing a whole planet would probably kill Giger, but it'd be the wierdest thing, like, EVAR.
  8. Yep. I do love Aliens, but there's just something about Alien... That, and judging from the material on the Making Of documentary for Alien, it's a wonder it didn't end up like one of those pulpy rubber-monster flicks of the 70s. By some bizzare magical accident, it turned into something utterly timeless and unique.
  9. Escort mode in Arcade Mode is great fun, especially on the darker maps...
  10. I don't get it. Are you sayingyou're a wanker? Or what? Do you mean him? Eh? Anyway, to the stabbing.
  11. I know he's right, but that doesn't mean it's not boring...
  12. Review: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK. If I see Cack or Alex posting anything more about mechs when they could be boring each other quite happily in PM, I'll stab the first one that does.
  13. Attention everyone barking on about Sony hype: Are you *honestly* saying you *FELL* for all that stuff?! They posted up about the same amount of calp-trap as everyone else does when new hardware comes out- anyone remember those utterly implausible GeForce 3 videos?- and you, for some reason that escapes me, assume it to be genuine? It seems that most people are simply jumping over Sony because certain imbecilic buzz-word jornalists (to be fair, I'm impressed Metro spelled "PC" correctly) take one look at a hardware demo and a spec sheet and start vomiting absolute tripe.
  14. Chronicles Of Riddick, which is yet-another prequel I believe.
  15. I've really got to start playing Uplink again. Support idie game development and all that.
  16. Some of the stuff was edited out because the special effects budget ran out in post-production (I believe) and Fox didn't want to spend any more time or money on it. The dog/ ox thing is a mystery- it was meant to be filmed with a live ox mooing about and wobbling over the place until an ox-burster jumped out of it, but the ox wouldn't do anything on stage, and by the time they'd finished filming a dead ox exploding, someone must've decided that a dog would've been a better idea.
  17. After playing Desert Strike non-stop for five months, it died on me, completely. I *did* cry. I was about 10 at the time, mind, so it's not that bad...
  18. Ching ching ching! We have a winner! Great soundtrack. See also Cybernetix, great theme tune. More recently, FFVII's soundtrack is superb- you don't notice it until about the 2nd play-through, but the little main melody from Cid's Airship Theme runs right back to the very first scenes of the game. And everything else manages to be on a constant loop but never seem repitative. Looovely. TimeSplitters and TS2 have great soundtracks, I have to add. Always appropriate, but you never seem to notice them, as the best backing music should be.
  19. The Alien 3 documentary is pretty intriguing stuff- all that Tales From The Wooden Planet blabbery. I'd have loved it if the original script was on the DVD somewhere, but no... ah well, nevermind. The SE cut is lovely, it makes lots more sense than the original.
  20. Same happened with me, I'd been playing HL until about 15 minutes before work for two weeks solid, then I'd arrive, and I'd think stuff like "well, it's okay if I drop those pricey melons there, I can quicklo... hang on, what the fuck?!" Playing too much GT one day, I got in my driving instructor's car and started driving about, and it took a lot of concentration to remember that you upshift *well before* the redline in a family saloon... The worst recent one was when I got really into Cid Meier's Alpha Centauri, and started dreaming of world domination, etc.
  21. Spacehost


    I presume it's something to do with using very efficient RISC CPUs? Anyway, I guess it's *possible* to design a very powerful handheld with decent battery life, tho I'd imagine it's rather difficult (as Sega found out to their peril when they made the Game Gear).
  22. Meanwhile, on planet Earth... Megalomania. Rockin'. Disturbing.
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