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  1. Could be wrong, but I thought they'd said it was. At least to start with, then it'd get a DVD release.
  2. Yep, it's a PSP exclusive movie. Why oh why... More interestingly, that page shows the Dino Crisis 5th anniversary boxset. Me want!
  3. And jump into little jet-planes, cackling at the grunts left behind you like the hairy-chested MAN-GOD you are.
  4. Seems about right, means we'll get PS3 in Autumn '06- 6 years after the PS2 launch, and 11 after the PS1 launch. Not that I'll be buying one at launch, too many PS2 games to buy/ finish. Unless my PS2 dies, that is.
  5. From Gamesradar.com: Between this and Nintendo's apparent descision to reveal the N5 at next year's E3, it seems the next gen could be arriving sooner than perhaps some of us had banked on.
  6. This was around the time I was playing Resident Evil 1. It seemed Shakespearean in comparison!
  7. Sweetness and light, that must be pretty!
  8. I was meaning, y'know, 1st-party stuff. Nintendo HQ seems to be all franchises nowadays. Still, RTS pinball is interesting, and a ghostly FPS? If it wasn't by the makers of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill and Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 I'd almost be curious!
  9. That was pretty good, y'know. Utterly unplayable without dual-stick controller, but pretty good.
  10. She can strum my guitar anytime she wants. Fwaaar. Ahem, anyway, she said in an interview it'd be more like Ash "used to be". I think it might actually be okay...
  11. Diorama by Silverchair. The Greatest View- good. The rest... "Burn the fishplate, erase ill memories"?! "Like a styrofoam hat"?!! No, no, it's bad. Very, very bad. What did I ever see in it? I need to burn it, post-haste.
  12. Ah, yes, trying to shoot a lot of puple-coloured things while the camera spins wildly and show-off graphic effects fill the screen. MMM. Nice!
  13. Hmm? I thought they were Resi-identical, y'know, hold R1 and hit X. Actually, Resi's controls are a bit suspect too, but you can walk in SH with a weapon preped.
  14. Alex W. finally catches up with D-side at the meet.
  15. 2000: Microsoft scream from the rafters, "XBOX IS NOT A PC!". 2004: Microsoft say, "err, we might make the next XBox a PC". How times change, eh?
  16. It's pretty tollerable after the first half-hour is done, then you start getting wound up in it. Now, I've got to play 2 and 3 before 4 comes out. Puzzles on Hard, I think...
  17. The Trailer for SH4 looks might promising, IMO. Freaky-as-hell. Things crawling through the walls? Anyhoo, Mr. Nintendo, please give me something that isn't a franchise in the coming year. If possible. And shoot the FF series dead, NOW. I wanna see a Vagrant Story sequel for PS2, as good as XII looks, VS2 would simply be a lot more interesting to me.
  18. Now, don't get me wrong, I know it's been almost five years since this was released, so maybe I'm a bit behind the times. Finally ogt round to playing SH through again the other day, and it's not quite as good as I remember. The dialogue is painful- genuinely, soul-scrapingly awful- and for all the attempts at some sort of deep, thought-provoking story seem to get mushed up along the way. The ambiguity of what's actually happening to Harry is good tho, I enjoyed it. Very Jacob's Ladder Lite. But it's still as scary as I remember, for the most part. The puzzles are still pretty clever- the zodiac one had me again, until I spotted the wonderful little lateral thinking-ness going on, the enemies are still a bit spooky (especially at night, when it's not just skinned dogs and bad-things). The sewers- boy, I'd forgotten about them. Clickers round every corner, you'd can't tell when something's out there... And when you end up out in the open near the end, just running endlessly, not knowing where to, chased by what seems like the entire massed armies of hell... Well, anyway, can't wait for number four, the first seems like it'll be positively baskets-of-kittens in comparison.
  19. Net total: £700. "Ma, can a have a len' o' some cash?"
  20. Emm, but it's all in FMV-o-vision. Looks blatantly pre-rendered to me.
  21. What he said. That's never in-game!
  22. New amp... PSP... new amp... PSP... it's a bastard. If it launches in blue with at least three games I want, the carry case, and cheap memory sticks, then I'll have it. Oh, and the wrist-strap, so if I drop the thing while playing it doesn't land on the hard, hard ground below, smashing my investment as if the Earth itself were a Nintendo fanboy...
  23. I wrote a "Flimbo's Quest" Player's Guide when I was about 9. Should've sold it to Prima, would've made a mint. I bought MGS2: Substance for PS2, despite owning the original version. And I almost never play it. Or watch the Document thingy.
  24. Brilliant car-chase music. Hit a ramp, trying to make that jump over a river, and then... "I'm still alive..." Hang on, you can swim in this one, can't you? No more car-in-water deaths! Woohoo!
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