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  1. Yeah, wow, that's right, bring up *the worst part of the game ever*! It was way more fun scurrying about Black Mesa trying to solve the puzzles like some demented version of The Crystal Mase.
  2. Four pages and no-one's mentioned Half-Life: Decay? A co-op mode where you *have* to co-operate, instead of just playing through single-player with another fella helping?
  3. From Obscuro-Matic action flick Monolith- the car-park shoot-out- "LICENSE AND REGISTRATION!" "Good cop, bad cop, asshole.
  4. Loving KTLR, it's a bit of an emotional journey from start to finish, and for all it's politico-musings, it never once sounds preachy or annoying. Ten thumbs up! The frontman Dav does all the songs, cover art concepts, design, etc, so you can sort of pick out an Easyworld album/ single from the artwork alone. Which is pretty good, I have to say. Only saw them live once (at a single-signing in HMV), but they were superb.
  5. It's the first issue I've bought in about a yea-r bloody good stuff, I must say. Kojima's interview was a highlight- pretty open and eloquent for the king-of-the-complex-plots.
  6. Is that a "yes" or a "no"? I thought George Lucas moderated all the Star Wars books and cartoons so they sat correctly in his timeline...
  7. After watching Bill And Ted again, I've been induldging the inner widdler with The Electric Joe Satriani: An Anthology. Some of it is actually pretty good- Big Bad Moon, Time Machine, The Extremist and Surfing With The Alien stand out as being both good *and* widdlesome.
  8. Play more guitar, watch more TV. Oops, sorry, I mean *top myself*.
  9. Yeah, but I mean, it's more that MGS2 had pretty textures than high-res ones. Now, Shenmue, that had pretty high-res textures. Or something...
  10. Blurry Mc. Blurster! But I see you point, it's more the niceness of the textures than any lots-of-polygons-please stuff that saves it. Pretty textures, but a bit fuzzy...
  11. MGS2? Sharp textures? WHAT?!
  12. Spacehost


    Oops, and I just listened to the thing as well!
  13. Are they US-government-type picture-of-the-character cards, or just dull old KB branded ones? EDIT- just checked, they're dull old ordinary cards with the KB Logo on.
  14. At least we know what the PC fanboys will be shoving in everyone's face come next year. Very pretty!
  15. It's got more zombies per second than any other game ever released*. *Might not be true.
  16. Spacehost


    Err, could it be Reprise?
  17. I'm gonna have to pimp TimeSplitters/ TS2. Zombies galore, and loads of fun weapons to blast them with. What's that? Twin shotguns? Limpet mines? Mmm, please.
  18. Yes indeedy. All I Can Remember and the stadium-rocking Goodnight are brilliant too.
  19. Did *any* game on the PlayStation have anamorphic mode? Except perhaps Capcom's dodgy PAL conversions?
  20. Spacehost


    I still think The Last Broadcast is more consistently pleasing than Lost Souls, but that's my opinion. Both are bloody fantastic tho, I await their 3rd album (being recorded now! wooo!) like a tramp awaits some spare change, or, failing that, a fag. It's very hard to define what exactly you'd call their sort of music, all that time as Sub Sub really must've gave them an ability to look beyond standard guitar-band cliches. Wonderful, life-affirming stuff.
  21. Or How I Made Fox Rich And Can't Go Outside Without A Bodyguard.
  22. #IIIII CAAAAN'T STOOOOP LOOOOOOOOOVING YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU# Aww. Brings a tear to the eye. Big UP to Rojin-Z. It's so barmy it's not right. And can anyone ID me an anime about a killer AI tank with the woman stuck inside it, whose boyf and mates get their own tank and chase after it? It may have had a sequel featuring a bride and groom being photographed as the intro. At which point I decided to put Thundercats on.
  23. I'm still hoping for a duck hat, with realistic quack. I liked that video, gave me at least a feeling that MGS3 will play different from it's predecessors. Maybe you'll have to find the right camo and paint to progress through certain parts?
  24. I'm gonna give another vote for FF VII- after fighting Sephiroth in his varied fake forms and (in my case) barely making it, you come face to face with the guy, and you just *know* you get to crunch him. In fine style. I'll also add a vote for Gitaroo Man: "I can do it! Because..." "Because what?" "Because, because... I'm GITAROOOOO MAAAAAN!" *Lightening bolts* Enter prog-rock finale, roll credits when done.
  25. I want an Alien apocalyse, made even worse by the arrival of Predators, please. With extra guns. Where's my Marines? Has anyone seen my Smart Gun? How can they make an Aliens film and not have powerloaders? etc etc
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