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  1. When I was concieved: Relax, by Frankie Goes To Holywood When I was born: Freedom by Wham!
  2. It's hard to remember exactly what happened (was a while ago), but, yeah, sounds about right.
  3. Aww, I wish I actually had time to play Vagrant Story. It's fantastic, but I've not got space to put the hours in next to two Baldur's Gates and three FFs... Been having great fun with it tho, I've got Phelan's beta copy he freebied me and it's fun learning the thing with no manual, and no character biogs to spoil things...
  4. They still managed to get "blown up" by an explosion they could easily have inviso-ed away from...
  5. Unlawful combination of post and avatar their, Sancho!
  6. If you mean the rocky number, it was Orpheus by Ash, from their next album (tho it was posted for free download on their website for, well, three months or so)- not the only Ash track to feature, actually, they're also doing a colaboration with that bloke from Coldplay. I like it, Ilike it a lot!
  7. There's an uncut version? Why was I not informed? RotJ was great tho, very dark for a modern cartoon. Warner Bros. should be proud!
  8. 32! I'm almost normal!
  9. Why they made you fight a building-crushing bunch of killer robots on a tiny little platform is beyond me. Maybe they were going to have the group of RAYs attack you in the streets of NYC instead? It's Johnny Quest vs. Godzilla and Friends.
  10. My best non-rampaging bit of GTA fun is in 3- load up a car with an "explode when started" bomb, and drive around rough areas waiting for someone to 'jack me. It's a right laugh!
  11. I've been hearing their new single (gorget the name) on the radio lately (and watching the lovely video), and I remembered I love 80s synth pop. I *have* to find their Greatest Hitses. If they're any good.
  12. There are a few "issues with the films, mind...
  13. Too bad there's no "subtle" way of doing vigilante missions- I always end up tanking it.
  14. Killed Rolling Over Tensely Laughing at Mad Understandings.
  15. By the time Sony get BB distribution up and running (which they were meant to do within, what, a year or two of releasing the PS2?) we'll all be living on the moon and jacking into the latest Metal Gear game, Matrix-style. Then cursing about having to listen to someone go on about his evil third cousin Cletus Snake...
  16. And no giant robots in sight- 60s setting saves the day. Unless Astro Boy is on the warpath.
  17. Spacehost


    There'd just better be *no* aliens in it- it's working out to be a nice future-war thing without attempting to do anything excessively sci-fi. I just hope it plays as good as it sounds...
  18. Michael Winner says: "Games to the vast majority of gamers who don't yet have broadband? Don't worry, I'm really a good driver!".
  19. Calm down dear! Just becuase they'll distribute online doesn't mean Game are going to kick the bucket.
  20. Yeah, just look at the PS3 launch titles- not one thing yet I'd buy!
  21. No, y'see, I think what Mr. Sony was saying you could get a movie-and-game playing PS3 for about £200, and a movie-and-game-playing PS3 with a monster hard-drive and loads of home-hub gear for a lot more- think PS2 vs PSX.
  22. They nabbed the "virus disc" that Raiden got given to disable Arsenal and looked in it to find what it was meant to delete- funnily enough, the ages of the Patriots was written down it it! Oh, what an oversight!
  23. Bah, you and your theories! Still, it would've been nice to see a bit more stuff in New York- I can still remember the reaction of people when Konami announced the setting- "OMFG, Grand theft SOOLID111 !!" Urban stealth fun.
  24. San Andreas must have: Detatching hubcaps; Big, larey Bullitt-style cars; At least one big where you can jump a car over a helicopter; Gang members who'll climb in cars with you to go smack someone up; Gang members Leaning out of windows shooting stuff while they do the above; Some sort of swimming feature.
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