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  1. Technological innovation without equivalent gameplay improvement is why I look at the PC shelves in Game and go straight to the three-for-a-tenner section. Nothing remotely new and exciting. Nice tech-demos, shame they lack fun... Saying that, I do love UT2k3 when I can blag my mate's PC to play it. But that's due almost entirely to the fact it plays a dream.
  2. Hence why I haven't bought anything for my PC since Deus Ex...
  3. The PSone version used copious amounts of motion blur during cut-scenes and focus effects, IIRC, which are all missing from the remake I think. It just looks a lot less stylish, and far too clean as someone mentioned. Shadow Moses looked decrepid in MGS. Actually, thinking about it, isn't that something that MGS2 also lacked, the same sort of grimy real-world-ness?
  4. Ah, a Medal Of Hono(u)r style game, but from the formerly AI characters' perspective. A mass-dying simulation, if you will. It'd work better like Lemmings, really...
  5. I've still not worked out how you get that...
  6. Daily Mail, launch day of above game: "TWISTED Japs Release Game Based On Washington Sniper! Trains Children to be EVIL KILLING MACHINES with PERFECT ACCURACY!" IGN.com: "Best game evAR11!1! oneoneoen!11?!"
  7. Fox gave the game to a US company, and said "make me a Quake clone". The half-wits.
  8. I'd say that the Silent Hill series has down more for the horror genre in the past few years than any recent film has. It just *revels* in fucking you over psychologically. Everything in the game is there to do your head in.
  9. Jag AvP stood for Alien Vs. Predator, PC AvP Stood for Aliens Vs. Predator. It was sort of a sequel. Made by the same folk, Rebellion I think.
  10. It's left me in a wimpering heap since I started playing SH3 again. And, NO, I'm not going to look the answer up... Err... Maybe...
  11. And the survey said... EEEG-EEH! Runs fine on mine. Reboot after installing and set compatibility to 98. And turn off cutscenes. And remember to hit ESC while loading to skip the intro. No bother. AvP is miles better than AvP2. The aliens are like aliens, and run about jumping off walls until they catch you, unlike in the second. The human AI is fantastic in the first, and the damagable environments, and the deformable explosions, and the ultra-detatchable bodies. Turning on slo-mo and picking the bugs apart bit-by-bit is great fun. You can even shoot their double-jaw out. AvP2? Naw. It's, somehow, both technologically and design-wise, inferior to the original.
  12. None of the levels were quite as big and open and interesting as in the first game, IMO. Going Rambo with the (amasingly fun) rocket launcher and blaster rifle thing in 1 on Planet X was great fun, but in 2... well, 'twas okay... challenge mode kept me occupied for a while.
  13. Spacehost


    This shoulda gone to PM MANY posts ago.
  14. Spacehost


    SPOILER! I wonder if they'll try to explain some, uh, minor inconsistencies left over from the original... like how Master Miller changed from African-American to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle-American without Snake noticing. As for the length, I could play MGS ten times and still find it immensely fun- the new gameplay stuff and improved AI they've thrown in will make my "experiments" with the guards even more interesting... bwa ha ha...
  15. My two cents- that's an entirely invalid point. You don't need to buy any of the bad games, so the number of them is irrelevant. The number and quality of the titles people do buy, on the other hand, is.
  16. Oh, please don't start on the bit counts. They start getting silly with modern hardware. Remember, "the Pentium 4 is an 128 bit CPU sometimes" and "2,560 bit GE!11!one"?
  17. CD drives cost a feckin' bomb back then tho, you most remember...
  18. A who to the what now? Why Halo, why not a game that people *don't* already own? They sohlud do something obscure, for £5. Like, I dunno, PS2 will probably be up next, let's see Parappa 2 dirt cheap.
  19. It came with empty caddies, and you could buy more, so if they ever got damaged your mint discs could be put in a new one. Touche!
  20. The best thing about that item is the comments about it:
  21. They did software emulation for the PSone on PS2, so it makes sense that they carry it forward. It'd probably take longer to engineer backwards compatibility out, wouldn't it? If they just model a PS2 in software on PS3, that is... Why BluRay discs tho? I mean, 20-odd GB, aren't they? Will developers need that? Would bump the price up a bit.
  22. Hmm, I live in Glasgow, do I count? And what the hell would I have to do?
  23. Spacehost

    Devil May Cry

    Naw, it's useless. Eats up your DT, which is what you want to keep powered up while using another weapon (eg, the pistols, which are, frankly the only weapon the game needed). What are you talking about, I cleared DMC, you didn't get past the 2nd lava spider bit!
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