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  1. Good looking screenies, seems the same art team who did TS2 are doing the design of it.
  2. Most missile-guidance systems have all the complexity of a Game Boy and the CPU power to match, that way they are absurdly reliable. So, in theory, I guess you could guide many, many missiles with a PS2. I like the looks of all those PS3 rumblings, I'll have to pay attention in Computer Architecture and read up on parallel processing in my final years if I ever want to program well for one I reckon... IBMs involvment is also very heartening, I mean, they are experts in the field of parallel architecture, and this new Cell architecture stuff is most likely going to be useful for them in working out how to develop far faster CPUs that should hopefully give them a head start on their rivals... As for the "oh no, more hype a la PS2" blahing- the old feller face that was shown off proir to PS2 release looked about as complex as the facial anims in SH3's cutscenes, the media and certain old biddies with no game experience to speak of (George Lucas, for example) spun the system specs wildly out of proportion, not Sony, as far as I'm aware (find me some quotes to prove me wrong, tho).
  3. Well, yeah, but I dunno if devcos still do "roll a 5, Trogg the Invader uses his Space Arrow, 6, his Lightning Lance" etc to decide what the AI characters do sometimes... Anyway, where were we? Oh, yeah. GT4! t3h boobmb!11!1onenoeoeeo1!
  4. I could be wrong, but do game developers still use random-number generators to make the AI a bit less predictable?
  5. There's no way that's a genuine screenshot... I mean, it's out-shinying PGR2 almost, isn't it? My two cents Re: Replays. You can't always just save the controller inputs. Anyone who'd played Dropship knows what happens if you do that and just run the game with the recorded inputs- somewhere along the line, the AI or physics will do something a little different to what happened last time, and boom! Thing Fall Apart. And Ape Escape came out years after GT, but was the first to *need* analogue controls (tho try playing GT with a D-pad!).
  6. Well, he woke up and the village was burning, so he may have escaped unharmed... But he is totally bald anyway, I'd guess...
  7. It was bloody good fun, too. Hard Mode was the only way to go of course, and fighting Nemesis for his bonus items was always dead rewarding. Spin-shotgun? Lovely. Silent Hill 4, tho... hmph. How to improve on the last three without ruining the balance... how about Co-Op play, perhaps?
  8. To be fair, after all this TTS bashing, the video I saw of the heliport in-game looked fookin' spectacular. It's not MGS2-taker-in-the-rain amasing, but it's very promising. And I think the colouration issues on all the screenies could just be down to the fact IGN screenshots are often pretty washed-out on GC games... aren't they? Could be wrong.
  9. Ah. Well stick <quote> before and </quote> after a quote then, but replace the <>s with []s.
  10. Stupid as this sounds, it doesn't look like a cold frosty dawn to me. Which is the big pay-off at the end of MGS after all those corridors, really.
  11. Thry game balance better be spot-on, if they've just put you in the same ol' environments with the same ol' guard patterns and just thrown better AI and new moves in, I don't see it working properly... :/
  12. A few years ago? It looks like it's all mode of cubes and oblongs. Are we looking at a bit of a rush-job here?
  13. Technological innovation without equivalent gameplay improvement is why I look at the PC shelves in Game and go straight to the three-for-a-tenner section. Nothing remotely new and exciting. Nice tech-demos, shame they lack fun... Saying that, I do love UT2k3 when I can blag my mate's PC to play it. But that's due almost entirely to the fact it plays a dream.
  14. Hence why I haven't bought anything for my PC since Deus Ex...
  15. The PSone version used copious amounts of motion blur during cut-scenes and focus effects, IIRC, which are all missing from the remake I think. It just looks a lot less stylish, and far too clean as someone mentioned. Shadow Moses looked decrepid in MGS. Actually, thinking about it, isn't that something that MGS2 also lacked, the same sort of grimy real-world-ness?
  16. Ah, a Medal Of Hono(u)r style game, but from the formerly AI characters' perspective. A mass-dying simulation, if you will. It'd work better like Lemmings, really...
  17. I've still not worked out how you get that...
  18. Daily Mail, launch day of above game: "TWISTED Japs Release Game Based On Washington Sniper! Trains Children to be EVIL KILLING MACHINES with PERFECT ACCURACY!" IGN.com: "Best game evAR11!1! oneoneoen!11?!"
  19. Fox gave the game to a US company, and said "make me a Quake clone". The half-wits.
  20. I'd say that the Silent Hill series has down more for the horror genre in the past few years than any recent film has. It just *revels* in fucking you over psychologically. Everything in the game is there to do your head in.
  21. Jag AvP stood for Alien Vs. Predator, PC AvP Stood for Aliens Vs. Predator. It was sort of a sequel. Made by the same folk, Rebellion I think.
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