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  1. It's not got the lovely cardboard box, sticker and Making Of DVD tho...
  2. Why are they releasing Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge rather than Metal Gear and MG: Solid Snake? Seems a bizzare move, given that Snake's Revenge is about as popular with MG fans as kick in the arse...
  3. Spacehost

    PSP Specs

    Yes, 'cause Pro Evo Soccer is *crap*. I'm not too bothered about a 4hr battery life, I never play on a handheld for more than about 2 hours anyway... now chartging £200 for it, *that* puts me off. Those specs are old, BTW, it now has 32MB of main RAM...
  4. The toilet bit is right at the start. As for the train in SH3, I never had any bother with it. Only got hit by the train once. Maybe that's just 'cause I'm a bit paranoid about traintracks and stayed away from them until I'd checked everywhere else...
  5. "I am Solidus Snake, your older identical twin brother!" Oh, Kojima, you really are a fucking numpty.
  6. Bah! I was gonna leave him all surprised when he found it on the 2nd play-through...
  7. It's not much of a spoiler, as you'll see. A bit of a red herring actually. Seeing as you don't *actually* get it.
  8. I thought the chainsaw was better... 'Groovy...'
  9. Anyone ran out of ammo on the harder difficulty levels, and had to try sneaking down a long corridor full of monsters, with the flashlight off, can't see anything, listening for what's out there, you even start holding your breath at points... Then... THEY HEA YOU ON THE METAL GRATE YOU DIDN'T SEE! AAAAGH! Run down corridor, exit stage left. Pure classic movie magic, perfectly translated into game form. Love it.
  10. Just buy a copy of MGS2 Original Version (preowned, natch), pull the bonus disc and the disc holder out of it, then return and complain that it hasn't got the bonus DVD. Sort-ED.
  11. I have to say, the only bit in a game that's ever gotten close to Alien: Ressurection's 'can't play, too scared, must curl up in feotal ball and rock-back-and-forth' scariness was SH2's Prison section. They spend the entire first part of the game connecting the sort of noises you get when monsters (especially Pyramid Head) are around, then they pile screech upon bang upon scrape upon clang onto you for however long it takes you to finish it... Fucking torture.
  12. You spend the game trapped in your own apartment, and get to do sections on first-person... I hope it doesn't have any end-of-game irritating hell demons tho. The boss in the first game was forgivable compared to it's contempories, the one in the 2nd was tied to your character's coming to terms with his own inner demon regarding his wife, but the third? Cheese McShit-Monster? Ta very much, Konami!
  13. My five: Vagrant Story Baldur's Gate I and II and expansions Final Fantasy 8 & 9. Whill I clear them? NEVER!
  14. - 26: You write a big list of things you do when you play too many videogames?
  15. (Covers ears) Bah, quit saying how good it is! I can't afford new games! I've got several zillion other things to clear! Exams! Oh, fine then, Blockbusters it is at the weekend... I take it it won't take more than a day or two's solid play to clear?
  16. SH3 certainly was the most "literal" of the series- I loved the idea that the events of the first two were just the paranoid dellusions of two guys suffering from some sort of trauma-induced schizophrenia; it puts a whole dark dimension on Harry's pipe-wielding wandering through the school... In SH3, it seemed more like "yes, this is happening exactly as it seems to be".
  17. Don't blame me, I was talking to my g/f *and* reviewing at once...
  18. Even I don't trust my reviewing skills... when you're given something to rate, you tend to look at it very differently from how you would normally as a gamer. Over-generosity is pretty easy (I think)... For example, I gave the Harry Potter film 9/10 when I was reviewing it for Gamestyle aaaages ago, but I bloody hate the thing now...
  19. Bah, I might have to rent the thing now... Still think the demo was spaz-tactular. Couldn't tell if I was coming or going.
  20. Ape Escape 2, AND Ico?! at £17 each? They're getting a better launch than the Japanese did!
  21. Too true. And you can beat it without getting touched once if you know how. Bah. "I'll mace you good!" Unintentionally funny moment that. Wish you could get the chainsaw and go on a bender with it instead... Speaking of bonus weapons, has anyone actually got the Sexy Beam weapon yet? I've got the lightsabre, but that's all...
  22. Too true. And you can beat it without getting touched once if you know how. Bah.
  23. I still get goosebumps about the bit in SH1 where you enter a room, and all you here are occassional random sounds of shattering glass, with no source... that freaked me out properly. I was hoping they'd kill the series at the end of SH3 (which, due to my ruined sleeping patterns, I played entirely at 3am on my own... that was scary), but maybe 4 will finish things off nicely.
  24. MGS2 was good, and had a lot of excellent bits but, I dunno, it seemed all a bit stacatto. Loved when you got into Aresenal tho.
  25. OI! That was my £20, and you never played it until I found the co-op patch!
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