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  1. Well, this just finished. Really enjoyed the final episode. Was anyone else keeping up with it?
  2. Random fact: I was in a band with Jessica when I was at school. It was a surprise to see her on TV, but I really enjoyed Drifters as well
  3. I hear you on this. Bloodstained on the Switch was going to be a purchase for me but just found out the cart version is broken with a bug that doesn’t let you progress further than half way. Maybe a reprint fixes it. What happens when they turn the patch servers off??
  4. Finally did the first boss on hard mode. You really have to learn the mechanics. Even with grinding extra levels I needed to use every trick in the book and then get lucky with status effects. A feeling of triumph!
  5. I remember you buying the crash bandicoots, what happened with them?
  6. Sorry, I meant the first Persona Q, there hasn’t been a new copy of it on sale for years and suddenly loads start appearing https://www.amazon.co.uk/Persona-Shadow-Labyrinth-Standard-Nintendo/dp/B00Q6ATK72?ref_=mw_olp_product_details
  7. Did Persona Q just get a stealth reprint off the back of this? There are loads of brand new copies showing up on Amazon and Ebay. Any info on this?
  8. Aaaand it’s gone, no stock seemingly anywhere. Reprint?
  9. This seems to already be out of stock at a lot of places, not sure if they are doing a reprint. It could be worth sourcing a copy now if you were planning on getting it.
  10. Mine is a pspgo so not sure with the 1000s, always had a dedicated power unit with that
  11. Try a different USB port, mine doesn’t charge from ones with fast charge just in case that is occurring
  12. I collect sealed Shin Megami Tensei games, it’s more the thrill of the chase and trying to find games that might come up once or twice a year for a decent price. I also always get an unsealed copy to play as well as it’s my favourite game series.
  13. I had fun and managed to get some nice Persona stuff from Strider. I also picked up a lovely modded neo geo stick for £50 which was a steal. I couldn’t believe it had sat there for an hour before I got to it! As has already been said, some prices are quite high and it’s 95% traders. I was disappointed by the lack of anything ‘rare’ such as neo geo or limited editions but overall it had a good spread
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