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  1. I managed to get one but it was a struggle to navigate the constantly crashing pages. A few of my friends were not so lucky and got to payment but then told zero stock. Hopefully there is a second batch on the way.
  2. He’s tiny! Did you make him? I really want to try some of the custom stuff in the same vein as what you are posting. I’m too scared to venture away from the box art colour schemes at the moment!
  3. Been a bit delayed these last few weeks. But worked my way through these. A lot of new concepts. Focused on learning how to do faces, power swords and banners. Finished the Ultramarine segment of Dark Imperium and 4 more models to go on the Death Guard side.
  4. I’ve found I need to get the light very close to the tops of the models, facing forward towards them. I then get the camera in directly below the light and will play about with brightness/contrast etc in post. Great looking squad, I really want to do a yellow paint scheme but always hear about how difficult it is. How did you find the yellow? Something like this just using iPhone photo options
  5. I let my 2 year old daughter loose on a Stormvermin, she loved it!
  6. Lucky! I’ve been on the lookout for that. What price did you get it for?
  7. Those are so crisp! How long does each one take you? Do you use an air brush at all?
  8. I had another go at my second set of poxwalkers. Was using different and more varied paints and washes this time. I tried rusting for the first time, it was great fun
  9. Wow! That looks real. The corrosion is amazing. I need to try and do some weathering effects.
  10. Loving the weathering on the metal. What’s the secret? Also, the base from the previous post with him in, is that custom? Is it stirland mud mixed with skulls? Looks great!
  11. I was reading through the 40k rule book yesterday and came across these. Is someone taking the piss?
  12. I can feel the wave of a plastic splurge coming. Have another 40 models or so on the way :S
  13. These took a lot longer than the Hellblasters. Tried slate on the bases and had a go at decals and sergeant markings
  14. They took a lot longer than the marines, they are so detailed and all very unique. I think in all probably 20 hours. The gold base coat on each one took 30 mins alone, it was quite fiddly, but I love the detail on them. I kept missing bits like tiny tentacles or fly emblems. I also experimented with wet blending for the first time which I did on the smoke (left one) and the fly’s wings.
  15. Argh can’t stop painting!
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