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  1. I've had a few good finds recently. A mint Gregory Horror Show with memory card in the box from Oxfam for £2, a lovely battery powered Sony condenser microphone from a car boot sale for £1, and today a PS3 slim from a skip that works fine!
  2. I’ve got really into minidisc recently. What a wonderful music format! I had a junked up MZR55 turn up today sold as faulty for a few quid, but brought back to life with some isopropyl and vinegar and a new battery. I’ve bought some new minidiscs being released as vaporwave which are fun and hunted down some original releases like Bat out of Hell. I adore the look of the MZE10 but they are hard to find, does anyone have one?
  3. NES Classic if you can find one. Hard to go wrong with two buttons!
  4. Thanks! I thought I had but it hadn’t worked!
  5. Edit: I can’t seem to get spoilers on my phone!
  6. I see this get asked a lot and you will get a lot of different answers. It seems to be based rather upon the individual’s own exposure to games during formative years, normally to early twenties. For me this was PS2/Xbox/GC
  7. Pockets are a lot harder to backlight, you are right, and you will probably break a few before you succeed. You used to be able to front light game boy colors before the ips screens were available but tbh they look terrible, really washed out. The kits seemed to have disappeared now. I have a front lit GBC that I was going to pull the screen out of as it’s blasphemous. You can get parts cheap on Ali Express or other similar sites but delivery times are going to be months unless you find fast postage options. There are UK options such as deadpan robot but you will pay more for the convenience of faster postage. Finally, GBP is a battery arsehole and barely scrapes by without any mods in the first place. If you plan to play with a flash card then you will need another battery solution such as changing it to a rechargeable lipo battery, but now we are into shell modifications and we get further down the rabbithole. Even with this, you will get at best 1-2 hours with a lit screen on a GBP. If you want the smaller form factor then the Color is far better for this. Personally, I prefer the original GB. It’s a beast battery wise.
  8. It would be interesting to see how it works but the reflective layer and polariser come off as one bit during the mod. The classic green screen associated with the gameboy comes from the reflector/polariser, so not sure if it is green for a reason.
  9. A few of the mods I have performed, all original screens with backlights. Pictures don’t do them justice, they look great, although white LCDs give better contrast than the green ones. Bizarrely the bivert mod makes the contrast much better. It inverts the pixels, and then you just change the orientation of the polarising filter. This is something Nintendo could have done themselves initially in the design process but for some reason didn’t.
  10. I’ve got both IPS screen and original backlit screens, the IPS is clearly better, but as you say loses authenticity. I personally prefer the dot matrix screen as it feels right and the mid is far far cheaper. You can pick the bivert chips up for £1 and the backlight for about the same, making the mod close to free. IPS screens are now pushing £50
  11. They will be making their way back into the community! Most of them needed fixing and were on the verge of death I have kept some of the best examples of original hardware original, without mods
  12. You can pick them up for about £50, so I didn’t consider them too expensive. I thought they would be the next big boom in retro for the given reasons, and they are still very accessible and playable, but the original screen is terrible. I have about 30 in various states of modding with about 10 finished ones with the original screen biverted and backlit. I considered packaging them up as Xmas bundles with Tetris/Mario as thought they would make excellent gifts. Maybe next year!
  13. Castlevania Rondo of Blood is one of the best platformers ever released
  14. Group B, with order 101XXX It seems that even as low as 91XXX is group B, so maybe they had only 5000 units or so for A.
  15. I’m curious to see if they split the groups up by order number or order total. Given the long wait time for groups B and C, if I were analogue, I’d fulfil larger orders with all the extras to secure that income. I’d bet, just due to time to put stuff in the basket, the first 10,000 orders are just for the pocket, anyone who added the extra stuff will have delayed their position slightly. So analogue will have a choice of fulfilling all the console only orders and have all the additional stock sat in the warehouse for another year, or get it shifted now and secure that income before people cancel. Thoughts?
  16. 3 is the best one! The first four missions are quite short with mission 5 being the bulk of the game, it’s incredible! 4 and 5 were by different teams and it shows. 3 was the high point
  17. Isn’t this all basically tax evasion? Company X buys NFT for £100,000 and sells it to linked company for £1,000,000, if it goes up in value then profit, if it crashes then tax write off?
  18. Why would someone tip them off to thousands of pounds potentially to be made. It sounds pretty fake to me. The games are clean surrounded by utter filth, it’s almost as if they have just been placed there…
  19. I stumbled upon this band starting out and was mightily impressed. That singer has pretty good control and the guitarist looks like he’s 13. Some good potential here! https://youtu.be/7j0oE6RiWng
  20. There should be options to buy the screen on its own or with a pre cut shell. You can modify an original shell with a craft knife but it can be fiddly and it’s difficult to get straight lines
  21. Sorry, it’s this one https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005001836773840.html it’s sometimes referred to as the Q5 as it’s the screen out of a BlackBerry Q5 The shells are pretty good, not quite as good as the originals. The aftermarket buttons are a step down in quality though. Try and use official ones if possible.
  22. If you are prepared to do some shell modification the a Q5 is great. You can normally get them with a precut replacement shell
  23. I just finished this and enjoyed it but it felt a bit Uncharted 3 where they designed the set pieces first and then tied it all together. Everything felt so separate. The individual characters/villains were good but it really blew its load on the first castle, I really enjoyed that part. It then became a bit derivative and whilst the 2nd and 3rd parts were good first time round, they are really one shots that don’t hold up much to repeat play throughs. I also thought the graphical quality varied wildly, as if the design had been done by different teams, the castle was again great and the characters within lifelike. But Some such as Ethan’s wife were poorly drawn and looked PS3 era. I enjoyed it overall but all it did was make me want to play RE4 again
  24. They have digital in stock
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