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  1. I want to be able to use all the characters. I like 'em all. Best pick the 3 I want most.
  2. So which agent is everyone tearing things up as? I'm the biker looking dude, think hes the 3rd one along. Lifting cars up and slamming them into bad guys NEVER gets old.
  3. Yeah I know. But im on about the wealth of games around and upcoming. Kind of makes it hard to warrent a ps3. I havent even bought a wii yet due to the distinct lack of games on that.
  4. Really torn on this. The 360 is kicking ass at the moment games wise and the ps2 still has some great games out and upcoming. Hmmm.
  5. 200+ hours with my main guy, all loose ends tied up. Eagerly awaiting SI
  6. Shopto are shipping the game out today and if anyone fancies getting it tomorrow order it now. if you wish to do a good deed for the day allow me to recommed it to you and earn a pound. stick the email you shop with shopto with
  7. Trading in around 60 ps1 games at a swap shop (including suikoden 1 and 2, vandal hearts, castlevania SOTN etc) for 3 Dreamcast joypads, nba jam and worms armageddon. Looking back at it now I was seriously raped. Glad the days of being a skint student are over.
  8. yeah order it today 99% get it monday. pm your email and ill recommend it to you.
  9. anyone buying from shopto want to give me there email? I can recommend it you and earn a massive quid.....
  10. Shopto have just sent my order out.
  11. Ps2: Suikoden V: almost finished. Okami: Just begun this gem. Pc: (thought it about time I used the pc fo something other than the net and world of warcraft) Sacred: Just started with the Gladiator Titan Quest: Just installing. wow:novelty of expansion worn off at lvl 65. 360: Oblivion: tying up loose ends in time for expansion. gears of war: live matches with mates.
  12. Amazon must hate me. Caught them out on a few misprices before and they always change it to the full price at some point. Keep an eye on orders.
  13. As long as they keep the humor and art direction Im happy. Confident Bethesda will satisfy.
  14. Also now officially announced over on elderscrolls.com. Cant wait.
  15. Challenging? maybe. Pointless? Oh so very this.
  16. Gotta say the amount of people on my server racing to be the first to 70 is enough to make me take pity on them. Then I realise they probably dont have a whole lot going on outside of the game. Im taking my time. I quit when I hit 60 as raiding instances was the very definition of pointless. And I will retire again when I hit 70. So im taking my time.
  17. My friend lost his girlfriend of 8 years due to a WoW addiction. He still puts in 6-7 hours most days but as well as his 9-5 job hes also joined the TA to get himself out more.
  18. You wont get it from play for tuesday. seeing as they take 3-5 days for delivery and will probably send them out tomorrw or tuesday.
  19. As I said a page or so back the 5th 360 they sent me had a fucked disc tray. was making horrific grinding sounds and clicking and whiring when a disc was in. MS assured me this was the norm to which I laughed. It went back jan 03 so im waiting n my replacment.
  20. Just completed mission one and found all the targets. So far its rather good.
  21. gOT A ds LITE OFF THE GIRLFRIEND FOR cHRISTMAS. Yoshi's Island DS New Super Mario Bros. DS Catlvania: DOS DS Gears of War Live 360 Call of Duty 3 360 And just activated my World of Warcraft account after 6 months ready for The Burning Crusade. Oh and of course a few visits to Cyrodil every now and then, gotta get me a regular fix of Oblivion.
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