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  1. @PK beat me to it. This really is Succession the thread for me. Probably my favourite title sequence ever. Thanks for the Vanity Fair video link. Really interesting. More recently I've been annoying the wife by insisting we don't skip the opening credits for For All Mankind. Really like the theme to that.
  2. Adam Wingard has just confirmed on his Instagram that this is not a reboot but a direct sequel. I am officially intrigued.
  3. Links


    What sweet, innocent times they were. Also 17 FUCKING YEARS.
  4. £745. Yeah if I get a FE then that sounds good. Although the next XC3 drop is 4th Dec and I'm likely to get one from that so it's unlikely I'll get an FE now.
  5. Going by comments on the Telegram alert the 3080's were gone in literally seconds. No surprise I guess. I'm down to 38 in the queue for my XC3 Ultra so fingers crossed I should have one by Christmas which was what I was hoping for. Those Founder's Editions look so good though...(as does the price)
  6. 3080 FE just went up on Scan. I was literally at my PC when the Telegram alert came through. Went through the checkout and by the end it was out of stock.
  7. Wow disregard my last posts. Very have just confirmed my order I've just received a confirmation text. This is a fucking emotional rollercoaster.
  8. I got one of those Very orders in but I think it's going to be cancelled. It shows up in My Orders but no confirmation text or e-mail. Apparently people have spoke to them and if that's the case the order won't go through. Seems to be anyone who ordered the PSN card bundle.
  9. GOT ONE. Ordered confirmed with Very. Nice one guys.
  10. Mine has said delayed all day on the tracking. It's just turned up.
  11. Got my DHL tracking number from Argos. No time slot and it's just changed to Delayed on the status. In all honesty if I'd known it was them delivering it I would have gone elsewhere. Assumed it was going to be Argos' own guys.
  12. Releasing on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on December 15th. Looking forward to sticking this on Boxing Day evening when I'm lightly oiled and every single plot development makes me go cross eyed.
  13. I vote whoever decides to release it on my telly on Christmas Day and making me relive ITV vibes circa 1985 onwards.
  14. Just got my e-mail. 317 in the queue. It does say they hope to have all orders fulfilled by the end of November. A saucy lie.
  15. Currys queue went down faster than I expected. Got to the payment page, Chrome crashed and its gone. Fuck this. I'm off for a Cornish pasty and a cry.
  16. Been in the Currys Queue-It since 10am. There are 8209 people ahead of me. Think I'll leave it.
  17. Think it was just Argos from what I can tell. You've still got GAME late morning with Currys and Smyths at lunchtime. Hopefully you can pick one up then. Does anyone know if you can use vouchers bought through employee benefits sites on pre-orders at Currys?
  18. In my basket at Argos but now its crashed.
  19. Scan must have literally changed the hamster on the wheel. My order just flew through. Fuck knows when (if?) it'll turn up.
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