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  1. Been in the Currys Queue-It since 10am. There are 8209 people ahead of me. Think I'll leave it.
  2. Think it was just Argos from what I can tell. You've still got GAME late morning with Currys and Smyths at lunchtime. Hopefully you can pick one up then. Does anyone know if you can use vouchers bought through employee benefits sites on pre-orders at Currys?
  3. In my basket at Argos but now its crashed.
  4. Scan must have literally changed the hamster on the wheel. My order just flew through. Fuck knows when (if?) it'll turn up.
  5. Oooh thought my Scan order had gone through via Paypal Credit. It hasn't. Now I'm sad again.
  6. 10 minutes until crushing disappointment and I rage-buy an Oculus Quest 2 and the Mos Eisley LEGO set.
  7. When the Discussion topic preview says "SEGA announces Sega Rally R..." and you lose your shit. Revo is amazing though.
  8. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/09/robert-pattinson-the-batman-coronavirus It's Pattinson.
  9. Yeah that was my take on it. Far too much poor CGI. Maybe I'm being harsh, I watched Licence to Kill last night and the truck finale still holds up. As in they're actually throwing trucks about. It just looks impressive. Here they can't even be bothered to flip a real 4x4 in some woods. Or fly a real seaplane over some water.
  10. Been playing for the last two hours. It's jaw dropping. I can't believe they've pulled it off. It detected my Thrustmaster Airbus stick straight away and assigned all the buttons to reasonable functions which saved a bit of time. Still going to need to go in depth tomorrow and reconfigure some bits. First flight was live time and weather Biggin Hill to London City as that covers pretty much where I've lived all my life. Could do VFR all the way using the road layout and it looked beautiful at night. Second flight I took off from Orlando International (huge FPS dip) and then flew over all the attractions and places I was familiar with. This is what has truly blown me away. The detail down to the individual restaurants, hotels, parks is beyond what I imagined. I did a quick third trip out of Fuerteventura airport over Caleta De Fuste which is another place I'm familiar with and is a good comparison to Orlando as this clearly suffers from poor imaging. The AI buildings are wrong and out of place and the ground textures are poor. However it is still leagues ahead of FSX and pretty recognisable. I can see the third party market exploding with destinations like this. Main takeaway from all three flights is how smoooooth it is. If you're like me and spent hours tinkering with FSX.cfg in the past just to reduce the stutters you can rest easy. It defaulted to High with my 1070, I7 8700k and 16GB and it seems to be performing great although I'll get a better idea over the next few days trying out different locations.
  11. Holy shit Flub that looks so smooth. Great video.
  12. I put four hours straight into Fall Guys on Saturday night. It is utterly brilliant.
  13. I was debating whether to get that Logitech setup or the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle and stick. I've pre-ordered the latter as I've always been more interested in commercial flying in MSFS rather than general aviation but I can see myself using something like the Cessna this time around. I wasted away an hour looking at videos of MSFS 5.1 which was the first edition I owned. Must have spent hundreds of hours on it. Pretty much all on doing shuttle runs between Meigs Field (RIP) and O'Hare. It was an absolute slideshow on my 486 but I loved it. Still think it's remarkable we're getting another version that looks so good. Also Orbx who make ridiculously good scenery for FSX and P3D have confirmed today that they are going to start creating content for MSFS2020.
  14. Not at launch. They have spoken about possibly adding at a later date.
  15. Sounds like a good premise if they take the nuclear war aspect out. Not sure anyone would give a shit who was in control of the ISS if the whole planet was being ravaged by a nuclear winter. Set it during a USA/Russia stand off and make it Crimson Tide In Spaaaaaaaace.
  16. That shot of 1 World Trade Center. Just bonkers.
  17. Always thought having Tenet as the first major film back in cinemas was a bit risky. By all accounts it sounds like even the cast had trouble following the plot so I can't imagine what it would be like in a screening when all it would take is someone to clear their throat, everyone's arse falls out in panic and before they know it they've all lost track and are wondering why Robert Pattinson is walking backwards talking to a time-travelling flying mermaid.
  18. Links


    It's incredible. Someone living and breathing in the world right now actually genuinely pitched this. Then got it funded! Hats off. I would have had them shot out of a cannon.
  19. This has made my wife and two year old girl's day. They are loving it. The value is crazy. I remember having to dig out each Disney VHS tape!
  20. They need to throw an ASMR tag on this video because I feel like I've just done 300mg of codeine.
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