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  1. I really did choose a shit year to resolve not to buy any more games until I'd cleared some of my back log. Was doing well until yesterday when I bought Horizon. It's going to completely fall apart in two weeks when I get paid and I pick up a Switch. I haven't even fucking cleared anything. Just been playing BF1 for two months.
  2. Holy fucking shit out of nowhere I've just had a dispatch from Tesco for my PSVR to be delivered tomorrow. I'd resigned myself to not getting it till next year!
  3. Links

    PS4 Pro

    Hmmm, it seems that Amazon have decided to simply not deliver it. An interesting consumer tactic.
  4. Links

    PS4 Pro

    Ditto. Except replace Indian with Dominos. How late do Amazon Logistics deliver?
  5. I've got five codes and no friends so if anyone wants them then quote this and I'll PM them to you. edit: for ps4
  6. While it seems pointless spoiling it seeing as it's in Goose's opening post are they now pitching the fact as a twist?
  7. That's my Christmas game sorted. CHRISTMAS2017LOL
  8. No UHD drive is fucking ridiculous.
  9. " I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed? "
  10. Watched the first season last week. That final episode made any Game of Thrones episode look like Paw Patrol. Tis quite good though.
  11. Just did this and it came in 90 minutes. Mind blowing.
  12. Skipping CoD for a year to play Battlefield 4 and Hardline has properly done my legs - I can't stop trying to 'spot' enemies. Really getting pissed off with myself.
  13. I got the same reply from Daniel F. I hope he doesn't wear out his CTRL and V keys. Anyway I managed to get in a Paypal dispute so we'll see how that goes but I think I'm going to have to chalk this one up as a loss.
  14. I'm hoping this actually finishes downloading before the beta is over. Jesus fuck it's slow.
  15. Took the first one. You're a legend. Thank you.
  16. Has Phil been punched in the face? He looks...bruised?
  17. Jesus this guy on the left is fucking BUILT.
  18. "I was able to drop £2000 on this designer sweater thanks to you guys"
  19. Isn't this what all the gaming channels have been doing all day...but in front of an audience.
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