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  1. Can I join in? So far this year I've completed Mario and Luigi, Prince of Persia, SWAT: Global Strike . My five are: 1. KotOR 2. PGR2 3. Mario Sunshine 4. LotR: Return of the King 5. Beyond Good and Evil Ta!
  2. 1992. Florida. Me and my holiday buddies would round off the days in the apartment arcade pumping quarters into Streetfighter 2. 8 or 9 of us would play winner stays on for hours until one evening my 8 year old sister wandered in and asked if she could have a go. So we humoured her, and she roundly destroyed every single one of us. Including the mouthiest American kid I'd ever known (who I swear to this day had tears in his eyes from the humiliation). My sister still occasionally reminds me of it. The cow.
  3. Pro Evo. For the love of God thats all I ask.
  4. Wow thats the first time I've seen in game footage. Amazing stuff. As mentioned above its the small details that stand out. The way the units lower their weapons when a friendly is in the way. Just seen its not out till May though.
  5. This is what I posted on the PC Gamer forums earlier:-
  6. Can't see it as anything more than a gimmick. Love to be proved wrong though. Can't see how they can say it won't compete with the GBA though. Battleships would work well on it.
  7. I lost all my progress through Turok 2 a few years back thanks to Joytech and the unrivalled shitness that was their memory pak. Of course because I was naive and stupid, I restarted again using the same pak. A cookie to whoever can guess what comes next...
  8. Links

    Game Rage

    Thats the thing mate, in the end I just stopped, restarted the puzzle, examined it and quickly solved it. But when I first stumbled onto it I was like "Wha...?". I just wanted to jump off stuff. The other thing that frustrates me is the majority of times its your fault that you've died. Either through recklessness or just not taking the time to stop and work your route through. Shows what a class game it is though. Not like Mario Sunshine, where I scared my mate so much he turned the Gamecube off while I was playing through fear of my random spasms of rage.
  9. Links

    Game Rage

    Christ I've just come off PoP having ripped the CD from the PS2 tray and hurled it across the room. I'm literally shaking from frustration. Seeing as it's been sitting there unopened since Christmas I thought I'd give PoP a try earlier today. Loved it. Went to play it tonight expecting some nice relaxing platforming when all of a sudden up pops this fucking twatty moon puzzle which on any other day I probably would have taken my time and worked out quickly and easily. But tonight I wanted to jump on stuff so I tried to rush through the puzzle. Cue 30 minutes of me pushing the levers the wrong direction making the platform raise/rotate the wrong way working out what the hell I was doing. Anyhoo did it eventually which led to some tasty platforming sections until....the big fight where you protect Farah (sp?). To cut a long story short - me dying, reversing time, it stopping exactly when I get hit THREE TIMES in a row. Game Over. Raaaaarrrgghgggghghhhh. Thing is, in half an hour, I'll want to play it again. Any other tales of game rage out there?
  10. Links

    PSP Specs

    Would this be similar to DVD region's?
  11. 10 quid isn't really 'buying' is it? I prefer to call it 'getting'. Not the money that bothers me. Its the stack of unfinished games I've got in my living room.
  12. So much for my "No games-buying till March" pact.
  13. Links

    Psp Delayed?

    Mmmm. But imagine if you were watching a film on the move. It'd be like Home Cinema! On a train! Or something...
  14. Ordered. Not that I really needed another game having bought... Prince of Persia Billy Hatcher Eyetoy: Play Eyetoy: Groove BG&E ...in the sales already. Good job theres a bit of a games drought for the next few months.
  15. Just been to Blockuster and got Prince of Persia and Billy Hatcher. Both £19.99. Oh and Beyond Good & Evil from Amazon for £14.99.
  16. Links

    Chrimbo Games

    Mario and Luigi Only got a chance to play it after dinner round my mum's but seems to be superb. Like the little passport photo bit. The Return of The King (Xbox) Just got off this. Seem to have the same problem as the first game - trying to pull of combo's. I keep getting a "Fair" rating. Didn't bother me as much this time as I was too busy gaping at the graphics. Viewtiful Joe Not played this yet. Having heard many tales of how hard this is I don't want to ruin Christmas evening by putting my Wavebird through the window.
  17. After buying this on the strength of this thread alone I can safely say this is one of the best surprises of the year. The singleplayer mode is great, controls are very satisfying (more so than R6 imo) and it does a good job of covering up its linearity. Graphics are nice, surpassing R6, with levels neatly designed (particularly impressed with the London Underground one and its *Train Approaching!* signs just like real-life). Me and a mate have played the first few co-operative levels just now, brilliant fun just blasting through the level then re-trying and playing seriously. Also neat is the way you can split up and provide covering fire from varying positions and elevations (Bank level with the rooftop/alleyway split comes to mind). Thanks to Clive, without this thread this little beauty would have passed me by.
  18. Links


    I've played every edition since the early PS1 ones and every time I hate it at first then grow to love it. PES3 is amazing in my eyes, the control you have is second to none. Although I have literally played a game of PES every day for the last three or four years so its like second nature to me. I'm just waiting fo the day PES Online is announced - then my life will be complete.
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