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  1. This isn't fan theory. Nintendo have acknowledged this in the Nintendo Land Iwata Asks, where they explain how the mini games came to be. Specifically Donkey Kong Crash Course started life as physics shapes and then was skinned to 1080 Snowboarding and finally Donkey Kong.
  2. Told you it was worth it! Looks great What TV did you end up with in the end? What does the menu look like?
  3. Once you see how Wii games were designed to look, you'll be playing more! I've spent hours booting my favourite games to marvel at how good they look.
  4. It's powered by the GBS8200. In my photo the black and white wires are power and ground.
  5. Woo! You're all set. Yes, the most difficult thing about the Arduino thing for me was finding a micro usb cable that worked with the device! Most of my charging cables didn't carry data at all, or not well enough for the device to show up on my computer. And soldering a wire to the debug pin on the scaler chip was tricky. I used Dupont wires to make everything "clip on". Everything else was relatively painless. I recommend watching YouTube videos of people doing the mod and some soldering tutorials as a refresher. And I had to try a few power options to find one that limited noise in GBS image. Eventually I arrived at: - switchable wall plug - official iPhone USB adapter - USB to barrel connector power cable Video connections - Wii > GBS = Component YPbPr cable (I use a multi cable that connects Wii/PS2/Xbox in one) - GBS > Philips = VGA cable + VGA-DVI adapter
  6. How are we all doing? I recently bought a GBS8200 scaler and am now using my Wii over component to VGA and it's the most lag free solution I've found: 1 frame. Plus it has great 240p scanline support for certain (Wii/arcade/VC) games.
  7. That looks like a good choice! Looks like 4121 in a different style cabinet. When you get it let's do some tests.
  8. Which model TV did you buy? The only 20PF4121 on eBay is still for sale.
  9. That TV is 1366 x 768 resolution so whatever connection you use the image will be scaled, with uneven pixels, and the result will be bad. I would avoid it. For the best 480p video you need a 480p panel! I've bought many TVs - Sharp, Samsung, Sony, Philips - and in my experience and expense the only one worth bothering with is the Philips 20PF4121. Save yourself some time and hassle and just buy one of those. There is one Philips 20PF4121 on eBay right now, I just got a notification about it. There's another on gumtree (spelled Phillips, with two Ls) And one on Shpock.
  10. Thanks for that, but not in this case as we're using DVI-A (analog) as you'll see if you read this page of the thread.
  11. Not mine, but there's a 20PF4121 for sale on Shpock right now https://www.shpock.com/en-gb/i/XkHM_Sx2BkiLYMIA/tv-philips-lcd-20-inch this is my preferred model but you'll need 3 adapters: Wii to HDMI, HDMI to VGA, VGA to DVI. Worth it though! They're not very difficult to find. But 20" only!
  12. OH! the 15" model is 1024x768. So things won't look very good. Sorry. :'( Only the 20" model is 640x480. Very rare to find smaller LCD TVs at the right resolution. GameCube (via Wii) looks great. You can force progressive through Nintendont. I've tested Wii (480p games), DC (VGA games), PS2 (games that have proper 480p support) all looks great.
  13. Here's a photo of the boss enemy bar in Wii Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz to show 1:1 pixel perfection.
  14. Good question! I have two similar Philips, each of which cost me £20 (plus delivery). One from Gumtree UK and one imported from Germany's equivalent, eBay Kleinanzeigen. If you're using VGA there's not much between them. I'm currently using the 4122, cos I have two devices connected. But waiting on a switch box, adapters, extra cables and then I will use the 4121. 20PF4121 https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/20PF4121_05/4000-series-20-inch-lcd From UK Pros IPS 640x480 240p support better sound separation and quality DVI-I (accepts VGA and Component over VGA, but see below) RGB SCART, S-Video, Composite remembers last input after standby Cons excessive overscan on any signal input other than pure VGA (so Component over VGA is affected) sluggish OSD/menu no indication of input signal type (in non-VGA modes) 20PFL4122 https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/20PFL4122_10/flat-tv-with-crystal-clear-iii From Germany Pros IPS 640x480 VGA (but not Component over VGA) HDMI, Component (but see below) RGB SCART, S-Video, Composite very good OSD/menu displays input signal type (in non-VGA modes) Cons no 240p support worse sound separation and quality excessive image processing ("Crystal Clear III") on any signal input other than pure VGA does not remember PC input after standby
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