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  1. I use a GBS-Control to convert my PS2 component to VGA. It has decent deinterlacing, much better than my display's native deinterlacing.
  2. You could do away with discs and load your games over the network. This is what I did, even though my drive is fine.
  3. If you can provide a screenshot, or a link to the video with it in, I will add it to the site. Cheers
  4. This is looking quite astonishing.
  5. Are you sure this wasn't the FreeMcBoot data? Could your PS2 slim already be chipped?
  6. Yep we got it. Nintendo are strong in the Moai stakes! 2nd only to Konami.
  7. there will be a prize as we reach 600. for one random person out of the last 6 submissions. 2 places left in the lucky draw. Submit your Moai now!
  8. - Playdate hashtag on itch then - community wiki - weekly summary topics on Reddit
  9. Much appreciated! Mine are at: https://gingerbeardman.itch.io/
  10. I don't, really. To flog the horse: selling a game for $1 will only line the pockets of itch, the payment processor, and the tax man. There would be nothing left for the developer. Hopefully that provides a little elucidation.
  11. Not defensive, just interested and slightly puzzled. None of my games are in this bundle so I have no skin in the game, so to speak. You're quite right that it might make sense to buy them individually, especially if you already have some of them. Which games do you consider too expensive?
  12. It's 52% saving!? But I'd be interested to know how you would do it differently. Less price for less games? If the money split was any less than it it is now, after fees and tax, each Dev would be left with pretty much nothing.
  13. Community bundle/season https://itch.io/b/1531/playdate-community-bundle $29 for 13 games (52% saving) (My games not included due to a f-up at itch with their tax scheme for the last two months. Got sorted too late for me to be in this.)
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