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  1. Sort of. To recap: I use my Philips 20PF4121 as follows: Wii > Component or HDMI adapter > VGA DC > VGA 360 > VGA These all offer 480p equivalent as standard. But PS2 is mostly 480i with some 240p (PS1) and some higher resolutions. So you really want a good deinterlacer. The one in the TV is OK, but the one in the GBS is better. So: PS2 > Component > GBS > VGA Of course VGA > DVI final stage for all these.
  2. It's still as great today as it always has been.
  3. Necrobump! Just to say that this is playable again online via the Wiimmfi service. Races happen daily. Right now there's an organised event happening.
  4. Here's a thread of a bunch of work-in-progress games by Playdate developer preview folks (disclaimer: including me) https://twitter.com/playdate/status/1293636186045480960
  5. !?! No, I can safely say that was not me. But I'm intrigued. How many years ago @deKay?
  6. Thanks! Steering: yes, I think you got it. No end in sight for me. Still lots I want to put in. I'd be overjoyed if it could make it into season 2 of games.
  7. Hey! I'm lucky enough to have a Playdate Developer Preview unit. It's a lovely little thing. I can answer select questions. So I'm making a game for it, provisionally titled "Daily Driver". Here's a Twitter moment collection of my work-in-progress, with lots of footage, oldest content first:
  8. I've been playing a handful of Wii games online. - ExciteBots - GTI Club - Mario Kart Wii - GoldenEye 007 - TrackMania Any takers?
  9. This isn't fan theory. Nintendo have acknowledged this in the Nintendo Land Iwata Asks, where they explain how the mini games came to be. Specifically Donkey Kong Crash Course started life as physics shapes and then was skinned to 1080 Snowboarding and finally Donkey Kong.
  10. Told you it was worth it! Looks great What TV did you end up with in the end? What does the menu look like?
  11. Once you see how Wii games were designed to look, you'll be playing more! I've spent hours booting my favourite games to marvel at how good they look.
  12. It's powered by the GBS8200. In my photo the black and white wires are power and ground.
  13. Woo! You're all set. Yes, the most difficult thing about the Arduino thing for me was finding a micro usb cable that worked with the device! Most of my charging cables didn't carry data at all, or not well enough for the device to show up on my computer. And soldering a wire to the debug pin on the scaler chip was tricky. I used Dupont wires to make everything "clip on". Everything else was relatively painless. I recommend watching YouTube videos of people doing the mod and some soldering tutorials as a refresher. And I had to try a few power options to find
  14. How are we all doing? I recently bought a GBS8200 scaler and am now using my Wii over component to VGA and it's the most lag free solution I've found: 1 frame. Plus it has great 240p scanline support for certain (Wii/arcade/VC) games.
  15. That looks like a good choice! Looks like 4121 in a different style cabinet. When you get it let's do some tests.
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