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  1. Could probably be romhacked to keep it constantly on/off. Don't ask me how though.
  2. I'll consider it. But if there's an all-in-one that suits me I'd rather just get it over and done with and get playing.
  3. Thanks. That seems a lot? I'm going for bare minimum right now, as I intend to buy one of the many all-in-one solutions soon. Basically I just want to test the setup with MegaDrive before I go all-in-one. I should have said that in my previous post.
  4. Ordered my DE10-NANO. I want to get setup minimal at first to play only Mega Drive games. What do I need? I have nothing so far. After that I'll add little by little as I try other cores.
  5. So I got this working quite easily. My own dumbness meant I didn’t think it was working when in fact it was. I’m playing the T&E SOFT golf games and there are no problems, and no lag. No need to resort to overclock. Stopping the shot meter would be a nightmare with lag. I played 18 holes of Waialae no Kiseki and got a respectable score. Impressive emulator performance on Switch!
  6. Let us know if you feel the same next week.
  7. Speed Devils got two releases on Dreamcast. One without online, and the following year another one with online.
  8. matt!

    Tiny games

    Indeed. One a week on average at the moment!
  9. Yes, though at certain points it temporarily reverts to behind car view. Frequently enough to annoy.
  10. I found it a crushing disappointment. No feel of driving at all. You're just controlling the speed of an animation timeline. I was hoping for something like Excite Truck, but this is more akin to a rails shmup. My expectations were misguided. The only good thing about it is 60fps, which is great to see.
  11. matt!

    Tiny games

    ABA Games (Kenta Cho) is cranking out tiny games at a phenomenal rate. http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/browser.html
  12. This one has TV out, of sorts. "Playdate Mirror" app running on your PC will allow receiving and streaming of the video and audio.
  13. Wait... you would put it in a drawer before all the games have arrived? (they arrive 2 every week)
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