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  1. femax

    Rock Band!

    or £105 from EBgames, but some people would rather rip themselves off and buy it instead from a forum member. Yes you might have to pay customs fees (which has never happened to me before at xmas time, due to the large amount of post passing customs), and yes there is a small chance it might take slightly longer, but it's up to you if its worth £63 (at least) to chance it. I'll laugh and boast if i get my set before you lot!.
  2. Hours? For one small, easy track and two vehicles! The full game only lasted about 3 hours, before i had enough of it.
  3. I am the opposite, i used to download, but buy them now. I'm a collector first, gamer second. I would have downloaded games illegally for years now otherwise.
  4. Yeah i totally agree. I should have added that I go on the official USA servers at day, and official European servers after 12am.
  5. I usually go for around 16/32 servers, and it soon fills up with other players a few mins after you join. That way i never have that annoying wait, to be told you can't join the server.
  6. Damn, that's nice. Does anyone know how big LocoRoco is?
  7. It sounds crazy, and it is, but i like my games in physical format. Not something on my hard drive (and a small 20gb hard drive at that). If this was released in the shops, i'd pay as much as £15 for it. I'm sure my opinion will change when more great PSN games are released, but give me a bloody disc, box, and instructions, just like i've been used to for the last two decades. As you can tell, I don't like modernization.
  8. Slightly updated.... Jet Set Radio Pachislo Metal Slug Pachislo You can view larger images at these links.... Set-Up Jet Set Radio Metal Slug Video demonstration of the Metal Slug Machine in action.... Youtube Link
  9. Wave Race for Gamecube, and Excite Truck for Wii.
  10. femax

    Ratchet and Clank

    The demo is available now at 1.6 Gb in size. I was happy that it only took 15 minutes to download, since some people had complained that it was taking hours on Neogaf. I've never played a Rachet game before, so played it without much knowledge of the series, and without hype. I never thought I'd be interested in it, but it's a must buy now!. The demo only lasted me about 7 minutes, but it was 7 minutes of fun. You grind rails (like Jet Set Radio), glide through a Fifth Element type air traffic using the motion controller (which works well, and isn't flimsy like most motion controlled PS3 games). The graphics are probally the best I've seen on the PS3, you have to see it for yourself. While you are grinding rails, you have trains coming towards you, and a big ship shooting lazers, so you must keep changing rail to avoid them. The combat with enemies is mediocre, but some of the power ups are fun. The gameplay was very easy, and there was limited interaction with what you do (there are many jumping pods, but all you can do is jump on them. You can't stear your landing). The demo is perfectly timed, as you are getting sucked in, but it abruptly finishes. I think the demo will convince many PS3 owners to purchase it straight away!, especially kids, old school games, and graphic whores. Dolby Digital sound, crisp animation, a busy futuristic city, and many enemies are all there to impress.
  11. Thats up to a mod to do, not you. I've noticed that a lot and you are 1. wasting peoples time, and 2. going against forum rules.
  12. A densha game will be released in 2008 B), and no one will care I also agree that it might be possible that those who have played Metal Gear Solid 3, will be let down by 4, but hope not! The recently announced PS3 Katamari Damacy game will take a new direction for the worst. Either PS3 or Xbox 360 will get most of the CAVE shooters via download, and my collection will be near worthless
  13. Cheers. I can only hope then. Otherwise i'll be buying a sdtv, just for the Wii.
  14. Totally agree. 2008 should be very interesting. I'm not knowledgeable with hardware, but would the Wii be capable to upscale games to HD, with a firmware update? similar to the PS3 with PS2 games? If so, i predict that! (and hope)
  15. femax

    Sealed Games

    But that should only really matter for games that have a production of say 500 or less. Anything else is available eventually, if persistent. Radiant Silvergun, and Panzer Dragoon Saga don't go for high prices because of sealed collectors, they go for high prices because of gamers wanting to play them.
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