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  1. If anyone is looking for a ps5 for a standard price. Check your local Argos store. I've just snagged a gow bundle from my local for £539. Did the same with the switch on release day.
  2. Not fake meat based but Sainsbury's do a frozen vegetable pie with a cheesy sauce that's quite nice considering they're only £2.50 ish for 4. It's located by the normal meat pies. Much nicer than all the other veggie pies. Not vegan though, if that's what you're after. The best part of all these pies is the lid though, isn't it?
  3. If you knew my life, sleeping pattern and family, you'd never suggest this... FML lol...
  4. Is it more violent than Dragon Ball Z? Oh I've seen Yakumos response re sex. He's only 10. Might need to wait a little while to watch them? Bah! Bloody kids!
  5. I cook my plain rice in the microwave. I've cooked for 2 and 4 people using the same method. Put rice in tall sided tub. Add enough water to cover plus about 2cm over the top. Place lid loosely on top. Cook for 9 minutes. My microwave is 800 watts. Then leave for 4 minutes. Usually have some starchy water boil over onto the plate That works out at about 4p per cook. Perfect rice.
  6. Don't know why but I just had to listen to Roy Orbisons 'I drove all night' and 'you got it'. Reading the comments on YouTube made me tear up. Wtf is up with me?
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I guess I should try some fresh sheets and cut them. Maybe I can find a use for those bits in a rough and ready chunky sauce. I don't know. I'm not the most adventurous cook even though I trained for a couple of years. My family aren't always that willing to try new things so I cook a lot of the old favourites most days. I should make an attempt to do something new once in a while. This week will be fresh pasta sheets. Baby steps.
  8. Has anyone got a lasagne dish that actually fits lasagne sheets correctly? Their either too short and you have loads of space around the edge and you have a sloppy mess or the dish is too small and you have to surgically alter each sheet hoping it doesn't shatter into a million shards. I'm only talking about dry sheets. Should I be looking at fresh lasagne or are their similar issues there too?
  9. Thanks for this. I guess we won't bother then. Sake Nintendo.
  10. Probably been asked a million times in this thread but how long and how much of an effort is the island transfer. My wife wants to put our island on the switch lite so my son can play on the main console. But she might also want to move it back to the main console sometimes? Is this possible? Does it take a long time?
  11. Foxworth

    Eat Soup

    Yeah, it's not the dislike of parsnip. More a dislike of the dominance of parsnip in a mixed item soup. A parsnip soup is fine.
  12. Foxworth

    Eat Soup

    Yeah, this is a really easy way to get some real flavour out of some very basic and very cheap foods. Even better if you can chuck a tray of veg in the oven when you're already cooking something else. I'm with you on the no sweet vegetables in soup though. Parsnips and sweet potatoes just overpower everything else in there. We have been making a hearty meatball and pasta soup lately which my son really likes served with a buttered dinner roll. Nothing fancy, just used mini meatballs instead of big ones with some chopped veg, a can of tomatoes with stock and soup pasta.
  13. @Questthanks. That seems to be a similar experience to what I have had. Disconnecting when in handheld etc. Guess we'll have to carry on without it for now. Can't really afford another set of joycons atm. We have a switch lite to go outside as I don't trust my son not to break my delicate launch switch so it won't be too much of an issue.
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