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  1. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    Haha. Wait til you get to the golf one. There's no escaping that
  2. Foxworth

    Nintendo Switch

    'Pends what kind of Mario you like and if you've played the 2d one on Wii before. I personally think NSMBwiiUDX is a more enjoyable experience cos I love 2d Mario and found Odyssey a bit all over the place and much less fun than other 3d Mario games and was nowhere near as good as Galaxy 1 or 2. Either way youll probably have a great time which ever Mario game you pick.
  3. I don't mean to bang on about it but coulr you eat my carrot soup upthread? It's mostly carrots, a bit of garlic and stock. No other thickener in it and just blitzed into a smooth soup. Don't need to put the cream in it and doesn't necessarily have to have the onion in either.
  4. @Adrock what things are you allowed? I had to make a lot of soup for when my father in law came out of hospital. Also just a small amount of rice would be ok to thicken up. Just let it break down properly in around 30 mins and it should thicken. Just think how much water rice absorbs if you were to cook just plain rice. Today I made my roast carrot soup again as i was cooking a sausage casserole in the oven and just thought I might as well use the time the oven is on to cook that. It's my favourite soup and so simple.
  5. @Stanley my 7 year old has made some pretty good levels that some guys from here have kindly played. He's well impressed with some of the times people have done his courses in. I reckon she'd be fine if she's used to playing other things on the switch. There's plenty of Nintendo intuition throughout which can be relied on to make most things easy to use. Be expected to play lots of works in progress if she's anything like my son and come up with some really unusual concepts.
  6. @PK Thanks pal. Can't remember where I found the recipe but it was during a time i was cooking some enriching soups for my father in law after he had a big operation. Thankfully he is ok now. I always prefer a smoother soup than one with chunks. I find that chunky soups are just not chunky enough and I'd rather have a stew or casserole instead.
  7. Just a couple of cloves, sorry my error. I guess if you really like your garlic then maybe a whole bulb might be ok. But for me, I think it might be a bit much. I just chuck a couple of cloves in the tray with the carrots. To be honest, I don't really measure anything for this recipe. Just some carrots, garlic, a bit of sage. Cook. Blend with stock and a bit of cream. Honestly, it's really really nice.
  8. I rarely make soup but when I do I make a roasted carrot and garlic soup. So simple. 750g carrots peeled and sliced in half. 3 or 4 decent sized garlic cloves. Peel and quarter an onion. Put all on an oiled oven tray with some sage and roast for 45 mins at gas 6 or 200c. Take out of oven and let cool slightly. Peel the garlic bulbs out of their skins. Make a pint of veg stock and blend it all together. Add a few table spoons of double cream once it's cooled. Really flippin nice and dead simple.
  9. Thanks a lot. He is well impressed that you beat the clear check time. He's refined his levels to dole out punishment for all but the best super marios.
  10. I'd be most grateful if a couple of you could have a go at a couple of my 7 year olds courses. His style is generally speed run and hard. His maker name is 1pop and I've uploaded a couple of courses onto the forum doc. He'd just like a few more plays. As we all know getting plays is really tough
  11. Unbelievable. This is what makes 2d Super Mario so great. Just tiny changes in playstyle can do so much. Thank you @joffocakes and @DCHAMPX for making both mine and my son's day. He'll be overjoyed in the morning seeing his creation getting this kind of attention. It really shows just how intuitive both the Mario physics and the 'making' aspect are. Thank you!
  12. Thanks a lot @DCHAMPX. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll do my best to upload some more in future. I do quite enjoy levels like these myself and finding that rhythm to the course to make a run like you just have. Shame there is no way of viewing the world record time. I'd love to see how you shaved so much time off this.
  13. Thanks for playing. I've managed to make it through in just over 20 seconds so there's quite a bit of time that can be made up using various baddies and jumps. Unfortunately I don't think you can claim your own world record time on your own course sadly. Just seen @joffocakes has managed to best me. 19 and a bit seconds. How did you manage that?
  14. Sorry guys. Made a bit of a tough one. This is mostly designed by my 7 year old child who likes to challenge me with brutal courses. So enjoy... Or don't. Ninja speed run: GY8-12N-KFF
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