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  1. My biggest problem with O+S was finding space to heal, and think about what to do next. lacking any ability to "Git Gud", i tried the following:

    What really helped me was running "circuits" of the room; so run down one side of the room, between the pillars and the wall, then cross the room and go the other way down the other side. Most importantly, don't lock on to O+S while doing this, but keep the camera pointed at them. You won't be able to see where you're going, but the room layout is simple enough that it won't be a problem.

    With luck and a little practice, you'll find that you'll start gaining distance on fatty, as the two of them follow you in a loop around the room, dramatically flailing at where you used to be. Skinny will of course regularly leap the length of the room to try and hit you, but a well timed roll will dodge him, and as he'll now be far away from his pal, you can get a hit or two in if you're feeling brave/suicidal. This also gives you space to chug estus when necessary, and makes it much easier to keep both of them in view at once.

    Once Ornstein is down, keep a pillar between Smough and you at all times. Good luck:)

  2. Bought this on pS4 purely on the back of Gerbik's excellent write up. It's so, so good:) Buy it!

    Only other thing I would recommend for any first time players, try turning off the objective markers. It forces you to use the map to navigate, which doesn't have a big flashing "you are here" mark, but does show certain memorable landmarks, forcing you to map read to reach your objective.

  3. Spent the day on this in co-op, it just gets better and better:) Some games I'm the green recruit being shepherded along by someone double my level, other times I'm frantically prodding a couple of low level maggots to KEEP MOVING! This game is rapidly moving up from " really really good" to " required buy for a ps4 owner". If anyone's still on the fence, you won't regret it.

  4. This feels really nice. Just done the one mission but the friendly fire really makes a difference, even without voice comms you all start thinking about lines of fire and taking good positions:) I'm jealous of my superior officers though, I can call a drop ship for a slightly bigger gun or two ammo clips (ooooh!), while the higher levels get giant mechs:O More importantly, they have nicer capes!

    psn id is blipwoo, add me if you tend to play during the day:)

  5. Been totally dark on this, but couldn't resist. Had a quick peek at that video, it's all so shiny! :D Got two minutes in, saw the newly added


    at tower of flame :omg: Watching nothing else now, and bloodborne better be amazing or it's getting replaced six days after release.

    Gonna start with a Simon Belmont run; whips, axes and throwing knives!

  6. I broke into one of the enemy bases last night. sneaked in and hid in the back of a van then chucked firecrackers outside to draw the zombies in to take out the enemy humans. Cue lots of muzzle flashes and screams in the dark :)

    Right, that just sold me the game:)

  7. My partner and I played it together. Made it really simple, but the story and atmosphere are the main reason you're playing anyway. Also much funnier when your partner "accidentally" drops you to your death:)

  8. As others have said, dodge right then attack once, unless he's doing "slash, slash, leaping overhead", in which case get ready to roll forward under him after your first roll.

    Wear light armour, use a weapon that's not too slow. Stay close, give him a hug;) It also really helps that after every attack, he will back away before attacking again. Get the timing down and soon you'll be killing him without taking a single hit:)

  9. No idea if it's a decent price or not, but I spotted a basic machine with smash bros in sainsburys for £180 earlier.

    Talking of smash, is there a guide for dummies out there as I put it on the other day, died a lot and came away utterly confused.

    Search for a beginners guide on smashboards, there's heaps of theory there to dig through, as well as stuff for each character.

    And I die a lot too, send a friend request and we can hone our incompetence together.

  10. Well this is just beautiful, just started act 2, favourite level so far has to be

    The train, kinda reminded me of goldeneye:)

    It was also great to see the return of

    the American football guy from super Mario world! I hated him then, I hate him now:)

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