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  1. Just started shovel knight. Only three levels in, but already everything from the level design, gradual introduction of new ideas, to proper old school pattern learning boss fights just screams good design:) Also manages to convey more emotion with NES sprites than most games can do with modern cgi.
  2. same:) play so much stuff every month, but at some point I'll always go back to Mario kart and Mario u, nothing else comes close for simple, immediate fun.
  3. blipwoo


    Ok, so it looks amazing onscreen, but every time i try to play online matchmaking, it says "0 players". Please tell me online isn't broken:(
  4. blipwoo


  5. I'd take "nearly impossible to one shot anything" as a good thing though. Dancing around an enemy that previously killed you in seconds is one of the best things about the series.
  6. I'm amazed anyone uses magic in this. Every magic build I've seen seems to involve getting far enough away from an enemy, fire spell, enemy dies. Am I missing something or is it just easy mode?
  7. 2 should be easier, surely? The enemies stop spawning if you go through them too many times, and there's no mandatory giant boss right at the start a la asylum demon? Plus the warps mean you'll never get "stuck" anywhere.
  8. Is it wrong that I think 2 is better? It lacks the coherence and atmosphere of 1, but having warps available from the off makes it so much easier to pick and choose when I feel like playing a certain area. Going through ds2 again in ng+, it just seems to have more legs than 1.
  9. Quoted for truth:) buy it!
  10. Back to my Ng+ run of dark souls 2, just downloaded all the dlc and I'm loving not knowing what's around the next corner again:) The only downside to this game is it ruins all the others by comparison.
  11. Gone back to nsmb u to mop up star coins, some of the later levels are works of videogaming art. "run for it!" is possibly one of my favourite levels of anything ever:)
  12. Noo:) the multiple characters are great, it makes me play a little differently each time. My last guy was a general, he was thorough and methodical, and would use guns whenever possible. He died under the palace:( My current guy's a pimp with a creepy laugh, so he just rushes in swinging the bat. Kind of hope he dies soon... Just got to the nursery:) I've finished it in the demo, is the in game version different in any way?
  13. Proteus. Wandered between the statues at night, and some part of my brain got as freaked out by what happened as it would in real life.
  14. London in zombi u. Coming out of the sewers by the Thames, seeing tower bridge to the left and city hall across the water. Properly creepy.
  15. Got there at last! many thanks:) the ps plus stuff is now in my "download list", is it safe there or does it need to go to "download queue"?
  16. I was on the pc store:( Can somebody please post an idiot-proof list to doing this?
  17. vagrant story!! If ever a game deserved a hd remake...
  18. Just bought a vita and ps plus, spent a soul-destroying twenty minutes on the psn website:( How on earth do I queue ps plus games so I don't lose stuff? can I still do it with ps3 and 4 games, even if I don't own one yet?
  19. Definitely:) Looks like I'm spoiled for choice, I'll probably buy a few and end up just replaying ff7 again.
  20. I'll give it a look, cheers:) does't TO have one of those permadeath mechanics?
  21. I just bought a vita! getting rogue legacy, spelunky and hotline Miami, but I'd also like a nice big rpg to sink my teeth into. Any recommendations for someone who's played persona 3 & 4, is tired of disgaia and hates ff10? (AHA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!)
  22. blipwoo


    Slapped together a fast deck by taking some paladin cards and adding every creature with "charge" I had. So much fun dropping a 2/1 and buffing it to a 6/5
  23. Mario was the first platformer I ever played, and I spent half an hour stuck at the first platform on the right side of the screen, pressing "jump" and "up" on the dpad, and wondering why he didn't "jump up" there:/ Eventually my brother took pity on me.
  24. Started this a few days ago. The environments are just beautiful, and there's a real sense of discovery to it all, though mostly I'm discovering all the different things that eat pikmin:( The multiple characters are a real jump forward mechanics-wise, but I do miss Olimar. Also, the fruit in this looks so damn good I've found myself eating more of the real stuff! Maybe this is nintendo's new "healthy living" strategy?
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