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  1. The skill level in rllmuk tourney is way out of my league, but that just makes it all the sweeter when I manage to claw my way to a non last place finish:) Awesome games tonight.

  2. Who's jimmydmook? I'm going to have nightmares about that mii :/

    rllmuk tourney is great (if way above my skill level), but I regularly seem to end up in a lobby on my own, even when others are on. Any way to fix this?

  3. Loving the quick start option now, whenever the 360 gets turned on for dark souls, I start the wii u too and quickstart into mighty switch force. I've usually done a level by the time all the loading screens and updates are done on the 360:)

  4. So all the hype over bloodborne has got me craving this again, now trying ng+ with no shield and a katana two-handed.

    Did heide's first; I was so scared of everything in there first time round, but now I'm dancing around them:)

    Dragonrider went down like a sack of armoured potatoes, and I'm now running through the wharf benny hill style, being chased by six angry Viking zombies. Dark souls!

  5. I triple dipped on the PS3 version, just rang the first bell. First three bosses all down first try with a naked pyro build. Feels good!

    Not sure where to take my build, I usually go for a nimble mage or pyro. Has anyone got any character suggestions, please? Never really played as one of those crazy looking Knights that you see in PvP as they always look a bit slow for my playstyle, but am tempted to try just for the different experience.

    Get a rapier, a spear for long range, a decent light shield, and throw all your magic away:) If you're a real masochist swap the shield for the parrying dagger.

  6. So what DS games would everyone buy again on the Wii U eShop? I'd have all the Castlevanias in a heartbeat, but probably not a lot else I don't think...

    Astro boy hd remake please:)

  7. This really is superb online, just had some good races in the tourney, i only went on for 5m to try out my pro controller and ended up staying nearly an hour, controller is fantastic, I prefer it to the bigger touchscreen pad.

    Earlier today I spent an hour having "one more go":)

    Today I 'ave been mostly:

    a) been battered around like housefly in a blender. I'm now considering using a heavier character than shyguy. Bloody fat koopas

    b) learning to boost start properly:D

    c) learning that boost starts make you the automatic target of the ten guys behind you:(

  8. I'm usually about early afternoon. Be warned, I'm terrible:)

    I keep meaning to go through singleplayer with this and unlock things, but every time I power it on online is just too tempting. Even when I come last, it's still enormous fun:)

  9. Just bought this on impulse, it's like being ten years old again:) Can't remember the last time a game made me literally laugh out loud. The online system is really neat too, where it sticks you in a little party that persists across races, really good for creating rivalries and settling scores.

    NNID is blipwoo, add me please. You WILL believe a man can hit the walls at every corner:)

  10. Stick it to the man is just lovely, getting a real psychonauts vibe from it :) (minus all the lovely platforming goodness, but you can't have everything. Also there's not enough delicious milk...)

    Well Cave Story is up and I've bought it, again, and now I will probably never play it beyond the first hour, again. I'm an idiot.

    When CS first came out, I downloaded and played an hour.

    Six months later, I bought another version and played about four hours.

    Looking forward to seeing how far I get with the Wii U version. Expect to finally finish it in 2030 on the playstation 12:)

  11. Just finished my first ever constructed game night! And my noob red white deck didn't lose every game:) I've learned that I like tokens+ barrage, so I'll be focusing more on that. So much potential for messing with an opponent when you can damage anything they own at instant speed.

    I also got my arse kicked by a proper control deck for the first time; demoralising but educational:

  12. Where are you located? I'm interested in getting into pauper, I figure it'll be just as much fun without the eyebleedingly high prices.

    Been going to dark sphere in Lambeth for games, there's some kind of trading outfit there at weekends now, offering 25 crap/marked/common cards for £2, it's a lovely way to browse if you're a noob like me:) now i just need a coherent plan instead of my usual "ooh, that looks nice!" approach.

    In other news, I've just realised that 'barrage of expendables' and 'traitorous instinct' can be combined to reach whole new levels of dickishness:) (next week: I discover 'mana' can pay for 'creatures'!)

  13. 6 awesome games for the price of a sandwich:) PC gaming is amazing. I wonder how long it'll be before this kind of stuff is easily available to casual living room players? Surely at some point the bottom's going to drop out of the £40 console game market?

  14. Cheers:) I'll jump on at some point today and add you. I've grabbed a load of free cards and built my first pauper deck! It has literally no synergy and mostly consists of cards I liked the look of:)

    Also, did anyone else do born of the gods prerelease? Green has a "ferocious badger" card now:) definitely building a badger deck at some point.

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