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  1. I hope they spend all day bitching at each other about the worst game forums they've been in
  2. "I think revolution will be pretty good." That's all you had to say. You took ten minutes of my life and I want them back!
  3. I once started the first level of halo, and after the battle in the canteen found that I was carrying three (yes, three) weapons; a pistol, a machine gun, and a plasma rifle. They all worked fine until the plasma ran out of ammo and picking up something new made my pistol vanish. Anyone else got this? Oh, and doesn't "bug" look like jonathon king? It's the lips.
  4. I'm not quite as ancient as you lot( ), but I can't see myself getting tired of gaming, not that I get much time for it nowadays(stupid real world ). I implore you all to keep playing, as gaming will only become mainstream when children everywhere have parents who themselves grew up on gaming and still play. Indoctrinate your children, boys and girls alike, and one day sad occurences of female related gaming cessation will cease entirely, to be replaced by mass gaming related criminal neglect because both parents are too busy playing monkey ball to raise the kids. Truly, it will be a golden age. Seriously though, my niece beat me at sonic rush last week If it happens again, I'm giving up.
  5. The giant evil head speaks the truth! Heed his words!!
  6. Quiet, you. oooh, can't wait! Only ever played this in oneplayer on the kof cart, and even with a bunch of characters i'd never heard of it was card based crack.
  7. The only time I've ever seen a good deal in WW is when I went in and they had heaps of Astro Boy:Omega Factor on the shelves for a tenner each! Imagine my elation, until I remembered that I had actually purchased the same game a month before for £25 in some secondhand place, after an exhaustive search. Bastards
  8. Awwwwwww! If you've got a 'cube, try "gotcha force" too. It's like £6 secondhand now.
  9. Oh god no. 2d sonic has you holding right on the dpad for five minutes, occasionaly hitting A. 3d sonic has you holding up on the analog stick, occasionaly pressing A. No comparison. I do like sonic, though. What about "armed & dangerous" on the xbox? Yes the characters look like they've been carved from termite infested wood by a blind carpenter with one arm and parkinsons, but it was genuinely funny and also contained the best portrayal of a carnivorous fish projectile launcher ever seen in a game.
  10. Astro boy: Omega factor. Every character gives you a little speech, a slight power up, another potrait in the gallery type thing and a lovely warm feeling inside Apart from that invisible bugger in the reactor room. Cheap trick
  11. Right, nobody has any real info so lets start lobbing random conjecture about; what's the big twist going to be this time( a la "play as the arbiter in halo 2")? Personally i'm going for fighting off hordes of evil flash-cloned spartan III's (read the books; it's in there). Also the prophet of truth is master chiefs dad. Let's hear your ideas; if we all do it, one of us is bound to be right, and then we can say "you heard it here first!" in smug voices to everyone.
  12. blipwoo


    Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday; the giant cage, the stunning outdoor bits, the time i got stuck on a chain for an hour and a half because i'd bought a copy with no manual and didn't know you could swing on them, but still I kept playing, just to see what happened next. Wonderful!
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